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“We'll burn and bring down any wall that stands in our way! Nothing will stop us from seeing the world, from realizing our dreams!"
— Leonardo

The Inferno Pirates is a break out rookie pirate crew coming from the North Blue who have been quickly making a name for itself all over Paradise. In fact while not originally planning on being a pirate crew the two original members were given the title of pirates as they stole a marine ship. Many islands have been taught to fear their name despite their naturally friendly nature.

Jolly Roger

Currently the crew lacks an official Jolly Roger so instead they hoist black sails on their stolen Marine ship.

Crew Members

Inferno Pirates
Leonardo Elio.png
"Walking Inferno"
Elio Leonardo
Merlin Avalon Face.png Marisol Face.jpg Joël Face.jpg Tesla Face.png
"Sakura Sword"
Merlin Avalon
"Emerald Princess"
León Margherita Marisol
"Pink Bubble"
Bocuse Joël
"Blue Sun"
Shinku Tsuki Face.png Sofia Face.png NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png
"Red Moon"
Shinku Tsuki
"Healing Reaper"
Nakahara Sofia



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