Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Coyote
Japanese Name: 雑種犬雑種犬果物(モデル): コヨーテ
English Name: Mutt Mutt Fruit: Coyote
Meaning: Dog
First Appearance: Bluestone Isle arc
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: Argashe

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Coyote is that it gives the eater the power to turn into a coyote or coyote-human hybrid. It has no unusual weakness when compared to other Devil Fruits.



Desert Razor: He makes a series of kicks so strong they tear through anything in the direction he aims them. This gives off a yellow energy trail.

           Desert Razor: Coyote Pack: Same as Desert Razor, but he uses both legs, alternating sides and spinning toward his target.

Canyon Lunge: Argashe uses a powerful kick to launch his foe into the air, then jumps up after them and holds them with a clamp from his jaws. He finishes them off with a few punches to the stomach.

Aspen Rush: Argashe begins to move his arms super fast, making it seem as if he has six of them. He then rushes his opponent as speeds so fast he is practically invisible. He can keep this up for about two minutes before he needs to stop.

Hound Shield: Focusing inward, he makes his entire body iron hard. He can’t move for the first seconds of this attack, but after concentrating, he runs normally.

          Hound Shield: Canine Saw: Holding his hands across his chest in an X shape, he swipes them strong enough to send a shockwave out that can turn stone to rubble.

Rabid Maul: Argashe charges his enemy in a full power, reckless tackle that makes use of his teeth and claws.


Full Man: Argashe's normal, human appearance.

Coyote-Man Hybrid: Argashe grows taller, more muscular, and becomes covered in sand colored fur. He grows claws and grows a long tail, as well.

Full Coyote: Argashe transforms into a real coyote, and becomes unable to stand on two legs.