Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Hyena

Japanese Name:
English Name: Inu Inu no mi, Model: Hyena
Meaning: Dog Dog Fruit Model Hyena
First Appearance:
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: Alexander Graham

Strengths and Weaknesses

It's main strength is the fact that the user has now a very good hearing, an excellent agility and jumping skills and also posseses very sharp claws. Its weaknesses, apart from sea water, are that it´s so high hearing make the user vulnerable to high pitched noises. Also, its good smell makes it very vulnerable to bad smells. The user can easily be defeated if he is pulled by the tail.



Spike Rolling: After entering Spike point, the user starts rolling around the ground hitting the enemies with the spikes around his body. The speed sometimes make some spikes fall since they are actually hair and end up on the ground not very visible which makes an enemy step on it and be in pain.

-Poison Rolling: A variation of the Spike Rolling only Alexander baths himself in poison prior to rolling around, the spikes are now poisonous and have a much higher risk.

-Scorching Rolling: Another variation in which another crew member sets the user on fire and as he hits enemies they now have a burning feeling. Afterwards, the user is soaked in water

Laughing Barrage: Using his canine speed the user starts running in circles around the enemy/ies and when enough speed so that it appears as there are multiple attackers is attained starts jumping towards him/them at a speed so high that nothing can be seen. The only clue as to where the user is by following the laughing sound made when the user advances.

Mega Bite: After the user enters Fang Point the user just launches himself at the enemy and since he is not able to see anything just goes to the smellier part, the armpit. A bite on the armpit can cause severe blood loss.


After eating the DR.CHOPPER Patented RUMBLE BALLS the form has other 2 variations other than the usual three forms. These are:

Spike point: The user's hairs become as sharp as needles giving the user a much higher chance against swords and also leaves cuts after hits.

Fang point: The user's fangs become gigantic, the disadvantage of this is that the eyes of the user become bloodfilled.

Monster point: The user becomes enourmous and loses all memory or consciousness rampaging everything in it's way. This form is an excuse since