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This article, Izumi Kairi, is non-canon and does not affect the storyline in anyway.

Izumi Kairi, also known as "Red Witch Kairi" is a Pirate and the Musician of the Tempest Pirates. She is the eighth member of the crew, and the seventh to join overall.

Kairi ate the Noizu Noizu no Mi at a young age, giving her the power to generate and manipulate sound. As a child, Kairi was sold to the Celestial Dragon Maribou Gandrake; who force fed her the Devil Fruit so she could entertain him. She was a slave for most of her life until managing to escape from Gandrake and joining the Tempest Pirates. She ended up leaving the crew in order to protect them, but after Hellsing D. Nero defeated Maribou Gandrake she re-joined the crew. She currently has a bounty of Bsymbol.gif190,000,000.


Kairi is a beautiful young woman with fair skin and a slim, athletic build. She has short black gray that is cut into a bob, with part of it framing he face from the front, and a part on her hairline revealing her forehead and green eyes. Kairi wears a red witch hat that has a skull face on it. Her black leather choker with a gold ring around the neck is connected to her shoulderless red jacket that she can easily take off and put on. She has a red mini-skirt and thigh high heel boots, and black fingerless gloves.


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