Translator of the Draco's Crew, and ex-pet of the Niji(Mutinied)


Jack is a 16 year old(3 in human years), scarlet macaw with with dark eyes, and sometimes wears a black, light weight vest, that's bullet-proof and red sunglasses.


Jack is a parrot with a very high IQ, but he is a perv, and hit on any and all young women that he could find, as well as trying to take their clothes off. He's mostly hang around his captain, Malchior, incase he hit on the wrong person, but this doesn't really help much, cause the bird get Malchior in trouble, who throw the macaw in a cage. Beside being ero, the bird can be caring, but he doesn't want people to know about this, so right after he does something nice, he'll cover it up, saying something about himself.

(explain from Crew of the Hawk): Great, I finally find someone like me, and he’s completely useless.’ Draco sighed. “Cheer up buddy, you’ve still got me,” Jack said to him, using his wing to give him a reassuring tap on the head.


“Of course that’s until I find a beautiful parrot enthusiast, when I do you’re on your own,” the parrot laughed flying away. “Come back here Ero-Bird!” Draco said making chase. ‘Thanks for trying to cheer me up Jack,’






Abilities and Powers

Jack abilities to talk to humans and animals, making him the prefect translator of the crew. He also can fly at the speed 35 miles an hour, and can travel pretty far and high(this happen when he slowly grown). He also can minic people voice and throw his voice, tricking people to let their graud down, for a quick surprise attack, and he also can put people to sleep with his singing voice, which some say sound like a mother voice, singing her child to sleep.

He also train himself in Macaw Kempo, which is basically him, using his flying skill to attack opponents, by dive bombing them, or just scratch his opponent's skin at high speed. He also have drop white paint on people who he can't stay.


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  • Jack is basic on the crater's real parrot, Jack, who sometimes sound like everyone favorite pirate captain, Jack Sparrow.
  • Jack personality is basic off three pervy people in the fic world, which are Jack Sparrow, Jiraiya, and Miroku, but he also put in Yahiko and Alucard, so the bird doesn't act like a full Ero-bird.
  • Jack call himself The true ero-bird, which everyone agree with.
  • Jack favorite food is fresh fruit.