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This article, James D. Every, is an article only to be used by Tylerelman.


"I'd rather run forwards, not backwards in any context." Every to Rein

James D. Every is the Captain of the Null Pirates. He holds the Epithet "Admiral Slayer Every", referring to his Devil Fruit and how he likes to kill admirals, particularly Vice Admirals. He was considered for The Worst Generation, but he was deemed "too powerful". His Devil Fruit is the Nashi Nashi no Mi, or the None None Fruit.


Every is a handsome fellow with blonde hair, earrings, red eyes, a jacket, black pants, and metallic gloves. He got all of this fancy equipment from people he killed.


Every is over confident, and believes he is very strong, which is true. He likes to taunt the weak, and believes he shall not be challenged. However, this later does lead to his death.

The D.

Every, as we later find out in the story, is a D. Before this, he's just called James Every. In turns out he's cousins with Portgas D. Ace, as he is Ace's mom's sister's son.

Devil Fruit

The Nashi Nashi no Mi, also known as the None None Fruit, is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to completely erase anything (Except for people covered in Armament Haki) hit by certain type of energy that Every can produce, often called "Zero Energy". Every can conjure this energy on any part of his body, and he can use it in two forms. Concentrated annihilation or wild annihilation. Concentrated annihilation allows him to precisely choose which parts of a thing to erase, while wild annihilation just allows him to erase the entire thing instantly. However, using both (especially wild annihilation) can drain stamina, which may render Every to fight. He likes to put the energy on the sword to make his slices erase the part of the slice.


Every can use the 3 types of Haki. Observation, Armament, an Conqueror's. However, he is not very good with Conqueror's and can only use the basic kind that Luffy can use.


Chūkū Tokki (English: Hollow Protrusion)

Using his sword, he creates a blade beam that slices in half anything in comes in contact.

Shin no Shōmetsu (English: True Annihilation)

Every goes up to his opponent, touches them with Zero Energy, and makes them disappear.

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