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James Del Corsa
Japanese Name: ジェームズ·デル·コルサ
Romanized Name: Jēmuzu Deru korusa
English Name: James Del Corsa
First Appearance: Setting Sail Arc
Affiliations: Del Corsa Pirates
Occupations: Pirate
Epithet: "Grinning Swordmaster"
Age: 22 (Pre-timeskip)

24 (Post-timeskip)

Height: 178cm
Weight: 99kg
Bounty: 30000
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James Del Corsa is the captain of the Del Corsa Pirates and the first antagonist fought by Kona. Since his initial defeat at the rookie captain's hands, James has come to view Kona as his rival.


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Setting Sail Arc

James and his Del Corsa pirates sailed into the harbour of Needleweeve Island. He came into conflict with the marines present almost immediately. Though he innitially had trouble, he and his crew forced their way onto the island proper. Afterwards, they fell into a stalemate with the marines. Shortly after this, one of the local villagers named Amy attempted to fight James but was beaten and captured.

A week into the stand-off, several members of the Del Corsa Pirates reported being attacked by some "no-name rookie with strange powers" near the eastern coast. Intrigued, James ordered his first mate, Liam the Marksman, to deal with this nuisance while he prepared for his final assault on the Marine Headquaters. When Kona returned, dragging the injured Liam behind him, James attempted to slice Kona in two only for Kona to use his Hai Hai no Mi to transform into Ash, causing Jame's sword to pass harmlessly through him. James was shocked initially, panicing as he realised that his opponent possessed a devil fruit power, before regaining his composure.

James pulled forth a second sword, this one edged with Seastone, to attack Kona, cutting the Logia-user to Kona's surprise. However, Kona dodged the follow-up attack before punching James in the face, sending him flying into a nearby building. As James comically reacted to Kona's strength, the rookie pirate notice Amy, who he had freed earlier, struggling to fight off Jame's crew. When Kona easily defeated the entire crew, James was stunned, thinking his situation hopeless until he realised Kona was distracted by Amy's wellbeing. Seizing the opportunity, the swordsman tried to attack Kona by surprise, only to be hit in the face again by a cross-counter.

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