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Joel is the doctor and swordsman of the Windfall Pirates. When the crew was violently ill and stranded on Dodge Island, Patches flew to find a doctor and retrieved Joel. He single handedly defeated Mr. Pi & Ms. Halloween, the cause of the disease, and saved the island and crew.


He is taller than the average person, 7 foot 2 inches. His face is obscured by a surgical mask, thick glasses, and head mirror. He appears always ready to operate and treat people, wearing a surgical apron and rubber gloves. He carries a seemingly bottomless medical bag which carries everything he needs including his sword.


He is a compassionate man concerned about others wellbeing, and is willing to treat anyone who needs it including the enemies he has just defeated. He is a germ-a-phobe and compulsive and always takes extra precaution to keep things clean. Prior to joining the crew, he was a shut in but is now excited in rejoining society.

Powers & Abilities

He has superior medical knowledge that keeps his crew healthy, and since joining the crew has made them stronger than they ever were before.

His medical bag seems to be bottomless and contains a limitless supply of medicines and surgical tools, including his sword which by all accounts shouldn’t fit in it. Some of the medicines in his bag are powerful drugs that can boost a crew members abilities, but some have some terrible side effects.

His sword resembles that of an oversized surgical tool which Joel uses with just as much precision. His expertise is being able to pierce his opponent without causing internal injury. While this sounds counterintuitive, Joel is too concerned about others wellbeing, but the attacks are still debilitating enough to defeat an enemy.

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