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Tinker is the captain of the Gear Head Pirates, a crew entirely of cyborgs. Their ship resembles a garbage barge. He is from the South Blue and has a bounty of 12,000,000 beri.


Tinker is a cyborg, with a much more steam punk design than that of other cyborgs. He is a very tall and broad individual due in part to his body modifications. His most prominent cyborg features are his large gauntlet like hands; and a gear that protrudes from his bald head like a Mohawk, which is the basis of the crews jolly roger.


He is loud and obnoxious, and constantly showing off his latest cybernetic upgrades. He believes cyborgs are the way of the future and idolizes other famous cyborgs and scientists like: Franky, Kuma, and Vegapunk.

Powers & Abilities

He has increased strength over that of normal humans. He has a unique ability unlike other cyborgs, which is he can assimilate other technology into his hardware. But most of these added features are random, useless in combat, and results in mechanical failures. In battle he is able to over load his mechanics, increasing his speed and strength, but this frequently causes him to stall out.


While preparing to enter the grandline, Tinker is trying to recruit Kaleigh Bolt into his crew and pushing for her to attempt cybernetic enhancement. He then butts heads with Cujo Durante and Kraden, the latter tries to solve things diplomatically. Cujo on the other hand is convinced by Kaleigh to fight Tinker over whose crew she will join. Cujo wins due to Tinker’s mechanical failure and the two resolve their differences.

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