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Julian is easy going yet powerful fighter who worked for Adrian Faust's New World Trading Co.  He possesses his own air ship, The Dragoon, used for smuggling that is powered by his own devil fruit powers. He met the Windfall Pirates in the first half of the Grandline and helped them reach the sky islands and New World. The Dragoon became the Windfall Pirates second ship and Julian became the crews quartermaster.


He is a cheerful and accommodating person.  He has a very lackadaisy attitude, often getting lost in the clouds both figuratively and literally. While he was loyal to Faust, he set that aside when he saw how he tricked Cujo Durante and Windfall Pirates and has been helping them ever since.


He's average height, has blonde hair with sideburns, lean but muscular.  He has a crescent shaped smile with a noticeable gap in his teeth.  He wears an indigo sequined tuxedo, ascot, and star shaped sunglasses.

Powers & Abilities

Julian practices his own fighting style that resembles boxing techniques and martial arts.  When in combination with his devil fruit abilities his fighting style can prove quite devastating. 

Julian ate the Roketto Roketto no Mi, making him a Rocket Man.  This power produces rocket propulsion from his hands and feet that allow him to fly through the air, accelerate to tremedous speeds instantaneously, and survive impacts as a result of his speed.  Julian can produce punches and kicks that break the sound barrier.  He can also produce projectile attacks that resemble fireworks. In addition to standard devil fruit weaknesses, Julian's rocket power needs to either refuel or recharge after extensive uses.

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