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Jutsu Jutsu no Mi
Japanese Name
Jutsu Jutsu no Mi
English Equivalent
Technique Technique Fruit
Reactionary understanding at high speeds.
Eaten By

The Jutsu Jutsu no Mi is a little strange even among the Paramecia Devil Fruits. When one eat's it their body will go into a hyper insensitive mode for several weeks and render them helpness.

During that time frame every technical motion the user has seen performed before their eyes that does not rely on elemental ability will be replayed within the brain and slowly encoded into the muscles along the entire form.

When it finishes up a terrible ache is left behind as though the user had overstrained every muscle in their body-- a result of muscle memory trying to physically re-enact every one of the techniques demonstrated before it as they were learned.


Any time someone performs a new technique before the user that skill can be picked up over the course of a day, and far less if directly engaged in battle against them. With years of practice it becomes possible to stratatize a counter to a blow and parry it, especially when combined with a Kan Kanwa specialist, who are only found within the depths of San Zen Island in the New World. Haki specific moves can be replicated after entering into a unique state of mind and body known as Sanno Hikaru.


The user can not learn certain Devil Fruit abilities such as the Zoan transformation-restrictive powers, or any elemental ability from the Logia powers, but a fair degree of other Paramecia abilities are within it's range of repetition.

Like any Devil Fruit, the user forever more loses the ability to swim, though unlike many others the user is not restricted unduly from Seastone exposure since the techniques has become ingrained within the muscles. It only requires the knowledge to perform each move as it was meant to be done, making a martial artist a perfect user.

San`no Hikaru, San'no Hikari

Literally, Saint of Light. By blocking out all external senses the users' body is able to sense a blow a second prior to fully connecting and adjusts to absorb the impact and the kinetic motion behind said blow. That energy is gathered toward their core and may be utilized in a number of ways, however this is a destructive action as the body would usually begin to deteriorate without exceptional stamina to endure.

It is only practical to use with Kan Kanwa which is specifically designed to negate kinetic energy strikes across the body in order to lessen the damage.

After enough energy has been gathered the user distribute's it to various locations of their body to enhance their muscle ingrained techniques, gathering up to thrice the impact they could previously deliver. The name differential between Hikaru/Hikari is assigned purely by gender.

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