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The Kaijū Pirates is one of the most infamous and powerful pirate crews in the entire world, led by Rocks D. Drakar.

Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger is depicted as a skull with tentacles, resembling a kraken.

Crew Members

Kaijū Pirates
Supreme Commander
Rocks D. Drakar.jpg
Rocks D. Drakar
Heavenly Kings
Surtr.jpg Rackham.jpg Pontus.jpg
Jack Rackham Kaito Pontus
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The Kaijū Pirates is a large pirate crew; roughly containing two thousand members that are organised along simple yet strict hierarchical lines, effectively able to operate as a mighty fleet. Rocks D. Drakar acts as the Supreme Commander (総司令官, Sōshireikan) of the fleet, holding complete dominance over everyone in the crew. Directly below him rank his executive officers and trusted advisors (Heavenly Kings) to whom a large number of second-ranking officers (Demons) answer. From this there are a selected 5 demons who together with the Heavenly Kings form Maelstrom. Maelstrom acts as the council of the crew, helping with the direction, organisation and decisions of the crew, and all fall into the Drakar's inner circle. The crew is further grouped into two additional divisions: the roughly 400 "elite" Ogres, and the lowest-level soldiers called Zombies who number approximately 1500.

To bolster his and the crew's forces, Tatsu is always on the lookout for strong new fighters to recruit, most notably to target distinguished New World pirate captains, whose crews will see themselves fully subsumed into the Kaijū Pirates over time. The Kaijū Pirates follow a strength-based system of meritocracy wherein crew members will rank higher the greater their fighting ability, with the exception of members of Maelstrom and the Heavenly Kings. It is possible, even encouraged, among them to challenge those holding a higher post than theirs in order to take it from them. However, challenges may only be issued with the permission of Maelstrom. Most of the crew, befitting its "beastly" theme, tend to be aggressive in demeanour, with Drakar himself feared by most of his men. Ironically though, respect and moral attitude is heavily enforced and innocent people are never involved in their pirating activities. The crew does not involve innocent people and operates its conquered territories through peaceful rule. Behaving ill-accordingly will result in the expulsion of the member and results in their imprisonment or even death.

Otherwise noteworthy, compared to other large pirate crews, is that there is a fairly more evenly balanced ratio of male-to-female in the lower ranks of the Kaijū Pirates, whereas most other large pirate groups typically see women only in the upper echelons, if at all. The gender ratio remains somewhat close to even in the higher ranks as well.

Crew Structure

Heavenly Kings

The Heavenly Kings (天王, Ten'nō) are the crew's top executives, second only to Drakar himself in rank, authority, and battle prowess, who serve as his handpicked, close confidants and protectors. Currently the Heavenly Kings consist of: Jack Rackham, Kaito and Pontus who each govern their three given territories. Kaito also serves as Drakar's First Mate.


Maelstrom is the executive council of the crew and is made up of the Drakar, the Heavenly Kings and a selected five Demons. The council act as the Supreme Commander's decision making body and assist him with establishing moral, controlling territory, issuing challenges, performing executive decisions such as targets and strategies as well as acting as the elite battle unit.


The Demons are well-reputed for their strength and stand out significantly in the crew. They make up approximately 50 members of the crew, with their might and ability being held in high regard by Drakar. Their bounties are noted to be quite high as well: ranging from 320 million to 846 million Belly.


The Ogres are the crew's elite soldiers, comprised of circa 400 members. Approximately 40% of them are devil fruit users and they are all regarded as being very formidable pirates, especially in cumulative numbers.


The Zombies are the lowest-ranking members of the crew and its foot soldiers.


The Kaijū Pirates are known to have the following territories under their control:

  • Hachinosu, the official base of operations for the Kaijū Pirates.
  • Unnamed island in West Blue, the residence of the Supreme Commander, Drakar.
  • Foodvalten
  • Majiatsuka Kingdom
  • New Ohara, built as per the request of Rocks D. Drakar in order to re-establish the former island of Ohara.
  • Kano Country
  • Toroa


The Kaijū Pirates control an unnamed island in the West Blue and acts as their hideout and also serves as the residence of the Supremer Commander, Drakar. The island is a small mountainous spring island with a beach and forest. At the base of the largest mountain lies a large castle.

Crew Strength

The Kaijū Pirates are led by Rocks D. Drakar, the grandson of the infamous Rocks D. Xebec, and are one of the most powerful pirate crews in the world. Donquixote Doflamingo, a former Warlord of the Sea and the former leader of an incredibly powerful pirate crew of his own who usually maintains a fearless attitude, was deeply scared of the crew. The Kaijū Pirates have also defeated several other big-name pirates. Its pirates are known for having amazing potential and are regarded as a threat to the entire world. The Kaijū Pirates' goal for world domination in addition to the crew's phenomenal strength has made them the most threatening organisation to the World Government.


The Kraken


The Kraken is the personal ship of the crew's Supreme Commander, Rocks D. Drakar, and acts as the flagship for the Kaijū Pirates' fleet. It is made from wood hewn from the treasure tree "Adam" and, like all ships in the Kaijū Pirates' fleet, its bottom is layered with seastone. It is a titanic warship being 435 meters in length from its stern to the tip of its bowsprit, 390 meters high, with a width of 60 meters, and holding twenty-six black canvas sails. Accompanying this, the Kraken is armed with 46 broadside cannons, four chaser cannons, and two swivel guns. Furthermore, it possesses iron-plating reinforcement across its hull, providing greater protection in combat against a number of pirate ships. The ship also holds two specialised air cannons— one in the figurehead and one in the astern. The ship is known to be one of the fastest and most manoeuvrable vessels in the New World, easily outpacing and outsteering smaller vessels, despite its large size. The figurehead of the ship is based on the mouth of a Kraken - being able to open up and reveal its specialised air cannon. The ship's figurehead and dark sails, displaying the Kaijū Pirates' symbol, has garnered it notoriety all over the world and legends are told about the deadly fate of those who encounter the ship.

Saber of Xebec

The Saber of Xebec is a large ship belonging to the Kaijū Grand Fleet. It was previously the signature ship of the Blackbeard pirates but was captured after its demise at the hands of Rocks D. Drakar and is operated by Jack Rackham.




  • Drakar founded the pirate crew as a continuation of his grandfather's infamous Rocks Pirates.