Kaimen Kaimen no Mi
Japanese Name: Kaimen Kaimen no mi
English Name: Sponge Sponge Fruit
Meaning: Sponge
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Yamashita Ibuki

The Kaimen Kaimen no mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that turns the user into an absorbing man. It was eaten by Yamashita Ibuki.


  • Energy Absorption
  • Self-Healing(by use of absorbed energy)
  • Self-Strengthening(by use of absorbed energy)
  • Self-Reverse Aging(by use of absorbed energy)

The Kaimen Kaimen no mi doesn't turn its user into a literal sponge, just as the gomu gomu no mi doesn't turn Luffy into gum. The user is able to absorb attacks that hit him/her. Cannon balls, bullets, punches, kicks, sword slashes, and other projectile or physical attacks are absorbed by the user and can be returned to the attacker, another person or another object in the same way it was sent(such as slashing your arm like a sword or making a finger pistol). This fruit would be similar to Blackbeard's yami yami no mi's ability of absorbing attacks, except that the user of this fruit is able to redirect the same attack. Examples of this usage would be like if Zoro were to attack Yamashita with a sword slash or Luffy were to use a non-busoshoku haki gatling attack, Yamashita would be able to absorb those hits and redirect them to the senders, another person or another object. The user could actually use absorbed energy to heal him/her-self, strengthen his/her own body, or reverse his/her own age to look younger than the age that he/she really is.


Besides the standard devil fruit weakness (kairoseki, busoshoku haki, and sea water), the user of the Kaimen Kaimen no mi is able to be harmed by elemental attacks. Examples of this would be as if Ace were to hit Ibuki with a flame punch, Ibuki would be able to absorb the combustion, but would be burned from the flames. Or if Kuzan were to blast a ray of ice or Sakazuki sent a fist of magma, Ibuki would be able to absorb the pressure that was used to hit him, but would freeze or burn. The only exception of this weakness is Kizaru's Pika Pika no mi, as it is technically light being shot or hit at Ibuki, not cause any other significant damage.


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