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Dust Release

Klause creating a mystical gift box

He was a high ranking subordinate of Adrian Faust who was betrayed, and is now an ally of the Windfall Pirates and Marines. He lives on a winter island in the new world and is a devil fruit user.


He is 7.5 feet tall, morbidly obese, and has disproportionate scrawny, stubby arms and legs. He has a large wide head with a gray curly pointed beard, a large bald spot, rosy complexion, and is usually seen smoking a cigar. He wears velvet pants with a large belt buckle and suspenders, black boots, and an open cloak with fur trim that despite his already tremendous size, is too big and usually drags behind him.


He comes off as a very jolly individual, but he can at times be very ruthless. He has a black and white perspective of the world, and uses his powers to either punishing those he deems wicked or rewarding those he sees as kind hearted.

Strengths & weaknesses

Klause ate the Okuri Okuri no Mi, a paramecia type devil fruit that allows him to take any object and place it into magical gift boxes that he creates. These boxes are many times smaller and weigh much less than the original object, and Klause can carry hundreds of these gifts at a time that he can use as either traps or rewards. The traps could contain anything from explosives, infernos, lightning, etc. And while Klause is very slow he is capable of throwing a gift great distances. More often than not, he will throw the wrong gift which could provide something beneficial to the opponent. For those he considers the most wicked he will use his Gift-Gift powers on that person to trap them indefinitely.


A hundred years prior, Klause was Faust’s right hand man in trading his powers well suited for smuggling, but Faust could no longer stand Klause’s generosity. Klause was tricked to use his own Gift-Gift powers on himself and was trapped, and Faust shelved him with the rest of his collection. When Captain Cujo of the Windfall Pirates sought help from the Goshin, he was double-crossed. But as fate would have it Cujo came upon the gift box containing Klause and released him. After being defeating by Cujo, Klause agreed to assist the captain.


Klause’s character design and powers were made to reflect that of Adrian Faust, a rather cruel and covetous character. As such Klause has very obvious similarities to the character Santa Claus.

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