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Kamaitaichi is the member of the Imperial Dragon Pirates, 3rd division. Goes by the name Wind Scythe of his weapon that produces wind-type attacks.


Kamaitaichi is tall and strong built with long light dark hair in a pony tail. Wears a mask with black lines run down the left eye-hole and a row of sharp teeth.


With a fiery attitude, Kamaitaichi would wear a grin in battle but knoiwng his duties as a member of the Imperial Dragons he would protect his fellow crewmembers. Despite his distrust for the World Goverment for their devious actions for the sake of so-called justice, he has some respect to marine officers who put their believes aside for the lives of civilians.

In hs youth he to join a pirate crew or form one of his own to go on adventures

Powers and Abilities

Like his nickname, Kamaitaichi is very skilled with his large glaive, using his incredible speed and reflexes to create wind attacks with his weapon at his targets at great distance.


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