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The Kami Kami no Mi is a Special Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create, become, and manipulate paper, making the user a Paper Human (紙人間, Kami Ningen). The current user is Benjamin Tabart.


  • When written as (紙), Kami means Paper.


The Kami Kami no Mi has an unusual appearance not typical with a devil fruit. Its appearance is that of a long beanstalk-like white rod with paper-like leaves attached to it. The leaves have the typical swirl pattern draw onto them.



The main strength of the fruit's many powers is the ability to turn one's body into paper, similar to logia type devil fruit users. When turning into pieces of paper, the user can control each piece as if it was an extension of themself. Each piece of the paper is a part of the user's body, and any interaction with the pieces can be felt by the user, like if it was a limb. Unlike a body part, the user does not take damage or get hurt if the pieces of paper get damaged in any way.

The fruit doesn't just allow you to turn your body into paper but also allows its user to create pieces of paper out of one's own body. The user can create paper with different lengths, and heights depending on their needs, and can also stack multiple pieces to form a thicker sheet. Unlike the Pasa Pasa no Mi, this fruit cannot create paper such as cards, money, and books but only a normal sheet. Even with this, the user is capable of creating pieces of paper with different colors.



Kami Kami no Mi (Single Piece of Paper).png





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