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Age 21
Name Kami Washi
Nicknames Paper Hawk
Birth Date
Origin ???????????
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Bounty Hunter
Affiliation 5 swords of the oceans
Bounty NONE
Devil Fruit Kami Kami no mi

A man of few words who hates Luffy and has a hawk as a pet. Not much else to say.


At the age of 13 his parent were killed by a murderer named Anastasia who escaped from Impel Down 2 weeks after Luffy's break in. He thus blames him for her escape and decides to go find him. He then buys a ship and head for the Grand Line in hopes of finding the cursed man.


His best friend is Hobo his hawk whom he earned while gambling at Water 7 in hopes that someone might give him a clue to where Luffy is. He and Hobo seem to get along just fine and they are always seen together.


Kami Washi ate the Kami Kami no Mi making him a paper paper man. He has great gymnastic skills and is able to make falls painless due to his very light weight (Much like Brook). He also is resistant to hits.

Current Story

He is currently searching for Luffy since he believes that he was responsible for the liberation of Anastasia from Impel Down which resulted in the death of his parents. He is currently in Sabaody archipelago hoping to find some clue as to where he is now.


  1. His name literally means Paper Hawk, a clear reference to the fact that he ate the Kami Kami no mi and that he has a pet hawk with him at all times.