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Firstmate of the Draco's Crew


Karai have greyish green eyes, short, black hair with silver highlights, and lighten tan skin. She normal wears a pink tanktop, black skirt, sandles, a black holster, that she keep her tools, on her left leg, a crest moon necklace, and a lotus in her hair. She sometimes wears a white robe with a pink lotus print on her back, black baggie pants, a black headband with a crest moon on the front and black bands with a pink lotus painted on them.


Karai was born blind and her mother pass away after giving birth to her. She was left alone in the world, and no one really notice her, and those who does notice her, pick on her or try to take advantage of her. However, a man name, Sifu Komadori, took her in and trained her in to listen around herself to find her way around. He decded to keep her as a daughter and trained her in the basics of Kung Fu, but it's also teach her how to be more independent and how to be stronger.

Later on, she decided to go out and fight someone in town, too bad she met a group of bodyguards, who was guard the moyar and she punch the mayor, when she was aiming for the bodyguard. The group pull out there swords and was about to slash her, but then a dark figure run toward the group and messed them up, then he pick her up and rush toward her home, and later he told her his name, "Malchior" and stay for a few weeks, claiming that he's was one of Sifu's student from the past.

A few years later, she became a strong fighter and enter many matches, showing she was the strongest martial artist on the island and later becaming a person that's protact the weak. Some people call her "Lotus of Martial Arts", because she have lotus all over her her clothes and body, and others call her the "Luner Warrior" for the fact, she always love walking on the beach at night, listening to the sounds of the waves as they crush into each other.