Katai Katai no Mi or also known as Stiff Stiff fruit allows the user to stiffen him/herself and others like a plank.

Katai Katai no Mi
Japanese Name: Katai Katai no Mi
English Name: stiff stiff fruit
Meaning: Being stiff/unable to move
First Appearance: n/a
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: N/A


The devil fruit itself is like a lemon. A yellow with purple clockwise swirls. It's twice the size of a normal lemon though.  Once the skin is peeled of the clear colorless fruit is shown. The peel is edible just like most devil fruits.


The consumer of the Katai Katai no Mi is able to stiffen his/her or someone else's body partialy or completely. This fruit allows you to apprehend nearly anyone. Though some people with strong haki could break their stiffness.

For the user to stiffen someone else the user has to touch him/her. The devil fruit only seems to work on organisms. The stiffness is gona when the user cancels it or the timelimit runsout. The time limit on a stiffened one is 3 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • The user can easily immobilise other by just touching them.
  • You could make arrows by using the devil fruits power on plants or something like that?
  • Water does not cancel the stiffness placed on an individual.


  • It's quite an useless power when fighting someone who isn't using any close quarter skills.
  • Can be overcome by haki.
  • Has standard DF weaknessess. 
  • Does not work on logias when they are in their elemental form.


No real trivia

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