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The Kaze Kaze no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into wind at will, making the user a Wind Human (風人間, Kaze Ningen). It was eaten by Vento Caelus.


Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Logia, the fruit's power allows its user to become wind itself, that is: to create, control, and transform their body into wind. Giving Caelus an abundance of versatility in the usage of the fruit. Capable if commanding already existing wind or "air" gives Caelus a seemingly unlimited amount of battle potential seeing as the abundance and almost omnipresence wind has in the world.

Caelus has been seen allowing simple attacks such as punches, kicks to swords and bullets to phase through his body by simply turn this body part or just his entire body into the element of win. Not just that but other uses have been seen as Caelus can gather the winds themselves around a part of his body, condensing it, building pressure to increase the power of his strikes to immense levels. Going from a simple extra push to allowing him send a punch of his from one side of a city to another. Though he can go a step further and use this same ability to rapidly increase his speed, making his attacks more and strike at monstrous levels, making most foes struggle as not only does it help him set the tempo of a fight through sheer speed, but by altering between speed and strength and his years of martial artistry it becomes as though one were fighting the force of nature and wind itself. These bursts can even be expanded by him turning his arms into a powerful eruption of air capable of going from able to push a few groups of people off their feet to even causing a large Marine base to collapse in on itself. Its even been mentioned that this fruit is considered to hazardous to fight against in a closed space, as it creates a vacuum like effect, making it difficult to breathe as the fight prolongs.

Thanks to his years of ownership of his d evil fruit, his control over the wind has become masterful in many regards. One being his ability to manifest potent tornados at the drop of a dime, his most scene being when be releases on to surround his body. This can be to block on coming projectiles such as spears, bullets, even roaring flames. A more controlled and sharpened form which shreds anything or anyone trying to get close to him such as trees, rubble, human flesh and bone as well, creating a devastating defense. A method Caelus has to further enhance this defense by condensing it down to a small personal sphere.

A case to further show his control and the combat capabilities of the fruit, Caelus creates a large crescent-shaped wind blade to cut his opponent or just general targets in half. With a swat of his hand or any general gesture can release a powerful gale with countless sickles to deliver a long range of attacks, cutting targets up. Though for more control he can create and shape winds to take the forms of arrows or miniature birds to fly and chase down foes so long as he can either keep sight of them or detect their general location with his haki. While he can fly without it, he tends to prefer to do so by riding on top of wind created platforms such as tornados or a large white wind fezant.


An elemental weakness of the Kaze Kaze no mi are the likes of extreme cold it causes air to move slower than it normally should. This is due to the fact of the natural gases in the air become slower and lack movement. While it doesn't shut the fruit down, it does hinder it's abilities and cause Caelus to exert a higher level of control and force.

The fruit does share a special weakness with the likes of flames, most notably, the Mera Mera no Mi. Acting as both a catalyst to the fruit as the flames can eat at the air, easily doubling its size or more.

Outside of these two the universal devil fruit weaknesses affect the user just as well.



Twister Bombardment: this technique was developed by Caelus. He of concentrates highly power tornado in the shape of arrows. Once these arrows land they break and create the violent tornado they once were. This can happen once they're out of his immediate range hence why he launches them as as an arrow. When completed they act on their own and don't need Caelus to constantly keep focus on them.