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Although Haruka may wear different styles, there's one thing she never goes without: her black and green lined hat. It's unclear how she got it, or who she got it from, but she's almost always got it on. Only once has anyone else worn her hat (Yuka, at Baratie). Haruka's hair is jet black, and she has a light green highlight in the front. Whether it's natural or died is a mystery.


Haruka is basically like a female Luffy. She's always happy and cheerful. Whenever one of her crewmates is depressed or angry or upset, Haruka's always the one to cheer them up.


Gold Roger - Father (unclear)

Abilities and Powers

Haruka ate the Iru Iru no Mi (or Fry Fry Fruit) at an early age. She occasionally uses a bow and arrow too.

Devil Fruit

The fruit's powers allow the user to preduce a ton of heat, scorching things around them. This gives Haruka the power to pop popcorn in her hand at any given time.


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Haruka is traveling East Blue with her two crewmates, Yuka (her swordswoman), and Tsunami Mizu (her "financial assistant")


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