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Keaton, on his own, is a very powerful individual who is also known for his deception. Thanks to being a Mink, Keaton is stronger and faster than an average human being able to move a lightning speed.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities


Devil Fruit

Main article: Hobi Hobi no Mi

Keaton at the Hobi Hobi no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform other living beings into toys. Keaton often does this with animals to make them more "playful" in his eyes, but he will do it to humans in order to have them serve him. Also, thanks to his Devil Fruit's side effect, Keaton's age has been locked at 25.

Keaton often likes to use his powers to trick people into shaking his hand/paws and turn them into a toy afterwards.

Fighting Styles

Shulong Form

Shifter abilities

After agreeing to a special modification project, Keaton is now a being known as a Shifter. As a Shifter, Keaton is able to shape-shift into any other creature or even person by using a special scanning feature in his eyes. After scanning the person, Keaton is able to shape-shift into a perfect copy of them. Keaton also has a more "human" form that he can take willingly but often does shapeshift into other people. He can also scan simple animals such as birds and shapeshift into those. This power allows him to easily masquerade as other people and lure them to a false sense of security in order to either take them down or turn them into a toy.

However, it should be noted that a Shifter's powers are limited. For starters, this power can only copy the appearance of other people, not any special abilities. Of course, this means he cannot copy Devil Fruit powers or powers that could be unique to a person (like Haoshoku Haki or special fighting styles). As Keaton himself states, these powers are purely for spying and not really fighting. As for transforming into animals, he can only use features that the animal naturally has but any kind of "power" the animal has cannot be copied. For example, when transforming into a bird, Keaton can still fly or transforming into a frog will gain access to a long tongue. However, transformation into a skunk, he cannot use the skunk spray feature or camouflage as a chameleon.

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