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Personality and Relationships



Keaton, overall, has a very laidback and playful personality. He is often found napping when not doing anything and messing around with others when he is. His behavior has been often described as "childish" which he often replies by saying that he isn't a child being a Mink. He also has a unique taste in food often mixing different foods together (such as adding ice cream to a burger). He also has a sweet tooth which is a contributor to this as he usually eats his food with a type of sweet on it and only drinks sugar water.

Keaton usually has three ways he reacts to opponents: Either messing around with them when he's in a good mood, fighting them seriously if he is feeling for a fight, or transforms them into a toy if he's annoyed. However, most times, Keaton will indeed turn that person into a toy and force them into a contract to do his bidding.

Keaton is also often very lazy. He is used to just laying around sleeping and eating and, when in a fight he knows it's pointless for himself to fight, will have his toy army do the work for him. He also often taunts opponents this way often luring them closer in order to turn them into a toy.

However, when it comes in time to make a deal with someone, Keaton will always keep a stoic composure. Even if it's against someone very threatening, Keaton will remain relaxed despite knowing inside he may be unnerved.

He also has a unique laugh: "Keheeheeheeshh!" similar to a fox's snicker.

Prankster demeanor

"Foxes are pranksters by nature! So of course it's in my blood to do so as well! Especially when I turn into ya and turn ya into a toy when you least expect it!"
—Keaton describing his prankster side.

Keaton takes great joy in playing pranks on others especially those he fights. Thanks to being a Shifter cyborg, Keaton can take the appearance of any other person or creature and trick others into thinking they are that person.


"I'm a powerful Mink with cybernetic enhancements that allows me to transform into any person or animal alongside a Devil Fruit that can turn others into toys and obey my every whim! I think I DESERVE the right to be arrogant!"
—Keaton explaining his high ego.

Keaton takes great pride in what he is often proclaiming that he is the strongest Mink in the world. If someone denies his claims, he is quick to go in for the attack. Keaton also thinks that the Minks in general are the superior species since they can use Electro and have their Shulong forms.

During his time as a spy in the World Government, Keaton picked up the Six Powers technique and renamed it to his own fighting style. As such, he is quick to claim his new fighting style is superior to that of the Six Powers despite it being the same. He even dubbed it the 9 Powers though often calls it by the Kyuubi Secret Arts and added three more techniques to the mix.


Sadistic Side

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