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Kidd D. Jax is a Commodre of the Navy. He is currently the youngest member to have join the marines at 11 by demonstrating a great and unbreakable will. He is also the youngest Marine to hold the rank of Commodre and one day dreams of becoming an Admiral.


Kidd D. Jax is the son of the famous pirate Kidd D. Willis and of Roseline, the only daughter of Commander-in-Chief Kong and the foster son of Admiral Issho.

Jax was born to Kidd D. Willis and his lover Rose. Before Jax was born, his father was arrested and was to be executed for the crimes he commited as a pirate. But only hours prior his death, Willis asked RoselineMs father, Kong to take care of his son and protect him. To which Kong did end up doing and made sure Jax was raised on the right and noble path.

Jax was fostered into the hands Issho from time to time. issho became a sort of mentor and father-figure to him. Under both his and Kong's influence, Jax grew up wanting to join the Navy.




Issho: Jax and Issho have a very strong, deep yet uncontrollable relationship, where Issho is Jax's mentor and his hero. Issho took interest in Jax when he defended one of his captain superiors against a commodore and was ready to risk his own life and take a beating in the name of his superior who he did not even know. Issho witnessed the whole thing and took interest in the 11-year old chore boy at the time and told him that what he did was a gamble because he didnt know what whould happen. After a year of joining the marines, Jax was given the Wood-Wood fruit by Issho himself which he won in a gamble game and made Jax promised to raise in the marine ranks and become stronger.




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