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Kira Gilgamesh is the 2nd division commander of The Black Heart Pirates. Kira was once a vice admiral in the marines but after his meeting with his current captain, Barry D. Brick he changed sides after realizing the World Government is corrupt.


Exceptionally tall, Kira is a middle-aged man in his mid-forties with his hair now beginning to whiten, keeping it uncut along to the point of reaching across his shoulders in length. Keeping it tied back in the form of topknot, with several strands standing out of place across the back, Kira has a bristly beard that connects across his sideburns, stretching across his jawline down to the upper region of his chin. Given his line of work, Kira is always performing strenuous activities, and as a result, has given him a rather muscular physique given his age. With a robust build and his choice in profession, Kira typically wears clothes that do not draw too much attention, focusing on discretion to hide behind. This noticeably translates to Kira wearing a specially crafted metallic mask, it covers the top half of his face, concealing most of his features from sight. On top of it, he wears a black hooded robe with maroon lining on the inside, contrasting the dark hue on the outside, held in place with silver metal pin on the front with a rhombus design on the front.

Beneath it, his personal choice of clothes personally reflects his profession, comprised of the same colored maroon coat with a row of buttons on the right side, with numerous pockets and pouches adorning the front, used to store a number of vials and supplies on his person. In addition, the vest has numerous buttons and straps, being fastened in place while wearing a belt over it. Coinciding alongside this trend, Kira dons a shorter maroon jacket with black lining and straps with buckles, as well as a brown tactical belt and armor on his upper right leg and a pouch on his left hip.


Kira may usually come across as cold-hearted and very serious at first glance, but then, later on, he is secretly known to be quite humorous, laid-back, sarcastic, very kind, mature beyond his years and incredibly smart. He is also the type of person who can get along with pretty much anyone. Although he mostly keeps to himself and likes to spend most of his time alone yet he still likes the company of his crew. Throughout the years, Kira had proved to have very strong leadership skills and can take on countless responsibilities effortlessly, making him a very promising division commander if not the best.

Powers and Abilities

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