Kira Kira no Mi (Glitter Glitter Fruit) is a Special Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate iron particles, or glitter. It was eaten by Enihs (En-NEECE). The user can produce glitter particles smaller than a grain of sand. These particles are a greyish color and move faster than sound. The user can also adjust the density of these glitter particles (GP for short). The user can also fly and turn intangible. There are two counters to this fruit, the first being the Mera Mera no Mi because it can just burn the GP. The same goes with the second counter, the Magu Magu no Mi. It strength is against fruits such as the Hei Hei no Mi and Yuki Yuki no Mi because the GP just destroys the ice or snow on impact. Enihs has used it in a list of ways, ranging from creating glitter ropes that are tougher than steel and spears that can cut through skin and bones. A strong fruit.

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