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Kirigaya "Orange Bear" Kawakami is the current fleet admiral in the marines.  After the defection of Akainu Sakazuki Aokiji Kuzan took over, but after his death Kirigaya Kawakami became the Fleet Admiral.  His first order of business as Fleet Admiral was dismissing the two of the three remaining Admirals, Kizaru "Yellow-Monkey" Borsalino and Issho "Purple-Tiger" Fujitora, and hiring two new ones, marines that he knew personally before becoming Fleet Admiral, those being Green Bull and Brown Snake.  This decision was approved by Commander-in-Chief Kong and the Gorosei.  Kirigaya Kawakami ate the Taiyou Taiyou no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create, manipulate, and transform into solar energy, making it strongest Logia-type Devil Fruits that's knwon to exist.  Becuase of his Devil Fruit, Kirigaya Kawakami is known as the Essence of the Sun, as well as the one member of the Mariens that could actually pose a threat to the Goko as an organization.  





Powers and Abilities

Natural Abilities


Devil Fruit

Kirigaya Kawakami possesses the Taiyou Taiyou no Mi, or the Solar Solar Fruit, a Devil Fruit which allows him to create, manipulate, and transform into Solar Energy.  Akainu essentially explains it that it allows him to harness the power of the sun.  It's very similar to the Mera Mera no Mi used formally by Portgas D. Ace, and now Sabo, but is naturally more powerful and dangerous than it.  In fact, according to the Devil Fruit encyclopedia, the Taiyou Taiyou no Mi is the most powerful Logia type Devil Fruit known to exist, which also means that it's one of the strongest Devil Fruits in general.  Kirigaya has possessed his Devil Fruit for 103 years, and during that extremely long amount of time has awakened it.  

  1. Solar Flight:  
  2. Solar Flare:  
  3. Solare Wind:  
    1. Coronal Mass Ejection:  
  4. Sun Spot:  
  5. Solar Irradiance:  
  6. Solar Proton Event:  
  7. Solar Prominence:  
  8. Solar Diameter:  
  9. Solar Storm:  
  10. Auora:  
  11. Geomagnetic Storm:  
  12. Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance:  
  13. Geomagnetically Induced Currents:  
  14. Solar Cycle:  
  15. Surface of the Sun:  




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