Koka Koka no Mi
Japanese Name: コカコーカのミー
English Name: Effect Effect Fruit
Meaning: Action Figure
First Appearance: Episode 464; Chapter 557
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Raifu Rein


The Koka Koka no Mi (Directly translating to the Effect Effect Fruit or Play Play Fruit) is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit.


This Devil Fruit shares one or two similarities to Sugar's Hobi Hobi no Mi. The difference between these two is quite noticable, because the Koka Koka no Mi has alot more of the controlling aspect and the Hobi Hobi no Mi can't turn liquid into a figurine.

User & Powers

This fruit was eaten by Vice Admiral Raifu Rein. The user can turn objects and beings into action figures by creating a substance around the user's hand that will turn the target into a figurine on contact, making the user a Collectible Human. When the user turns a person or object into a figure, they have complete control over their mind and size. Furthermore, the user will not turn a person into an action figure if they want to. If the user wants to turn the target back, they can simply do it by will. They can also turn portions of the target into a figure, decapitating them. Figurines also can die from unnatural means, such as when Suro was killed from blood loss by Luffy.


The weaknesses of this fruit are that the user can turn themselves into a figure, but for a short time. 5 minutes to be exact. They also can't turn strings into a figure, meaning that if the user touches a string, it won't turn into a figure. The same thing goes with Donquixote Doflamingo's Ito Ito no Mi. This Devil Fruit is represented by the color white because as the target becomes a figurine, their body with glow white first. It's good to know that if the figurine is in water for 10 seconds, they will be free from Rein's control for a short while, and longer will make them be by themselves forever. Overall, a useful fruit.

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