Background & Devil Fruit Powers

Kori Atama (Japanese: Atama Kori) is the user of the Ketsujo Ketsujo no Mi, making him a Devil Fruit User. With his Devil Fruit, he can manipulate someone's personality quality, making them vulnerable to Conqueror's Haki and also making them unable to use their Devil Fruit until the bad quality stops after 1 day. He is also an alone pirate and member of the Ten Sacred Generals of The New World.

He is 6'05, weighs 176 pounds, and has purple eyes.


He can only use Conqueror's Haki. He uses this Haki with his Devil Fruit.


Hai (English: Yes)

Kori makes his opponent get trapped in a boring state. He uses this before all his other attacks.

Hanasu! (English: Speak!)

Kori's signature move, where he makes his opponent not stop talking until they pass out or die from exhaustion. They also can't move when in this state.

Aki (English: Fall)

Kori's most powerful attack, where he makes his opponent attempt to murder themselves by falling from a great height.


Kori Atama vs. Magellan: Win

Kori Atama vs. Akainu: Almost Killed

Kori Atama vs. 500,000 men: Win

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