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A newly found Commander in the Marines, Kowalski Jakub is a marksman specialist coming from a blacksmith background. Earning the name "Lock-on" and "Silent Berserker" early on in the academy, Jakub has one of the most accurate shot from a pistol which allowed him to join the Marines at the early age of sixteen.


Jakub has dirty blonde hair that he tries to keep slicked back and also has a clean cut beard to look older.  He wears a back suit with a JUSTICE coat over his shoulders, and also stays armed. He carries dual pistols, each inside its own belt holster. He also keeps extra magazines hidden underneath his clothes.


Jakub believes in his sense of Judicial Justice. He believes that criminals who commit acts of treason, terrorism, or espionage should be sent to court and be given a proper punishment. At the same time though, Jakub believes and eye for an eye. Watching his father's murderer be put to death, he finally received the peace he longed for. Believing that, he vowed to protect those innocent lives that are tortured by the actions of criminals. Thus, he believes that justice for a murderer is murder itself. Upon leaving the academy, Jakub kept a strict code of protecting the innocent first, never forgetting his reason for joining the Marines.

Jakub has a soft heart and this is considered a weakness to him. Jakub is the type of guy who won’t leave someone stranded on an island when he has the free will to do something. He believes unnecessary deaths should be avoided at all cost. Jakub wants to be a helping hand to the public and to those in need, making it hard for him to say no to things that people need assistance with. When Jakub tries to deny a request, he tends to get flustered when speaking and his mind will go blank and subconsciously agree or disagree based on his ability to complete the task asked.

Although his goal is to not to not kill, Jakub is not afraid to make that decision to do so. Jakub has a ruthless side that he tries to keep hidden and controlled. Upon seeing the death of an innocent, (especially women or children) Jakub loses a majority of his sense of reasoning. He turns into a berserker, a wild revenge seeking beast, slaughtering those who he claims as "evil" for their atrocious actions. Even ordering the death of those wounded on the floor without any hesitation.

Battle Prowess


Jakub has earned levels of master when it comes to his marksmanship. Being well versed in firearms such as: snipers, assault rifles, machine guns and handguns, Jakub has taken a liking to the most agile firearm of all, the handgun. Carrying a dual set on a belt, Jakub has fine tuned these weapons to fit his shooting style, Curve Style Shooting. This style that Jakub has created and developed allows him to curve the bullet fired. He has created and mastered a number of curved style shooting moves.


Jakub has the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki. Jakub started to train his  Kenbunshoku Haki when he was enrolled into the academy, he had awakened it at an early age. It wasn't until his first voyage out to sea as an apprentice seaman where he acknowledged the use of Kenbunshoku Haki and used it to advance his fighting style. Jakub uses Kenbunshoku haki to detect the presence of other people, sensing their emotions and feeling the strength of others. Jakub mostly uses Kenbunshoku Haki to sense another person’s intent to act in the immediate future, mostly intent to kill or movement. This makes Jakub able to predict enemy attacks to dodge or counter them. Although this is not seeing the future, Jakub still has extremely fast senses that he also includes when battling with his devil fruit.

Early on in his training of Busoshoku Haki, Jakub struggled with it immensely. It wasn't until a tragic incident that caused him to fully use and control his Busoshoku Haki. Jakub then learned how to control the most basic ability of haki that grants an enhancement of power and durability to bypass the powers of devil fruit users, especially logia users. Jakub can also use Busoshoku Haki to harden up his arms and legs, making them solid black, to further increase his power and endurance. Jakub can also use it to impede his weapons for sudden close combat attacks, making his weapons more durable to intense attacks.

Devil Fruit

Vector Vector Fruit

Bekuta Bekuta no Mi

Allows the user to create or dismantle arrow shape vector plates. These plates control the magnitude and direction of a person or object coming in contact with. These plates also allow whatever touching it accelerate up to imaginable speeds, making the devil fruit user durable to extremely godlike speed. Although Jakub has not achieved the full potential of this devil fruit, he can still utilize his simultaneously create up to ten two dimensional vector plates, all being able to push whatever lands on it in the direction it's pointed and accelerated by the person ten times their body. Jakub utilizes this with his Kenbunshoku haki to battle his opponents, giving himself  distance to fight comfortably.

The only real downside is that both opponents can use vector plates if not properly dismantled.



Living the peaceful life near the Red Line and North Blue, Jakub grew up in a famous family of craftsmen. The Kowalaki family was known for creating weapons and machines like none other. The Kowalski family had a business aimed to help aid and protect islands from the new era of piracy. At the age of eight, Jakub’s home was attacked by a group of pirates in search of the Kowalski Family research, an automatic stealth island defense mechanism. Unable to find it, Jakub’s father was asked the whereabouts of this weapon. After claiming to not know, the group of pirates murdered Jakubs mother and decided to burn down the home while Jakub was still inside. Jakub inside of the burning home could hear the screams and cries of his father calling for him, telling him he needed to live. These words gave Jakub courage and he dislocated his hands to slip out of the chains that tied him down. Barely escaping the collapsed home, Jakub went outside to the sight of his father being decapitated. In shock of what he witnessed, he gave out a cry that let the pirates know he was there. The captain approached him, father’s head in hand, and placed his sword on his neck. Right before the thrust that was gonna end his life, a Marine Captain intercepted the attack, and before his very eyes witnessed the pirate captain fall to his knees with his head right beside him. Jakub then and there asked to join the Marines corp and was taken to a Navy Academy In the North Blue


Noticing a very sharp sense in Jakub, he was given different shooting training courses from the others. These courses consisted of moving and hidden targets throughout a battlefield 120m long. This is where Jakub trained his marksman skills and even developed a different style of shooting, Curve Style, which allowed Jakub to curve the bullet based on the angle of his hand and rotation of his body. This is how he earned the name “Lock-On”, or Lock for short, by seeing his targets and locking on with his shots. His shooting courses were actually training his extra sharp sense which was his Kenbunshoku Haki. Being able to detect threats and predicting disasters, Jakub has one of the sharpest senses in the Marines. Towards the end of the Academy semester, Jakub took part in a martial arts tournament and won a devil fruit. He won the Bukuta Bukuta no Mi, which allowed him to create arrow shaped vector plates to move ten times faster than his own weight. He learned to practice this out on the sea.

On the Sea

At the age of sixteen, Jakub was sent off to work with Marine captains as a seaman apprentice. On his first expedition his unit was attacked by a group of pirates where he single handedly defeated every pirate on that ship before they crossed onto their vessel. He showed off his remarkable marksmanship to his captain and even captured a bounty that day. Pirates then heard of a tale of a young marine who defeats entire ships before they even see them, calling him the “Silent Berserker” being so young but also so deadly. Jakub earned enough recognition to earn a spot as a Lieutenant at the age of twenty-one. From here Jakub started to  learn how to control the use of Busoshoku Haki from his Captain. Despite his gifted talent in kenbunshoku he struggled with busoshoku, thus he was allowed to carry a limited amount of Seastone bullets for the right opponents. Jakub eventually learned how to use Busoshoku haki efficiently at the cost of his crew's life. Coming back from Paradise, Jakubs unit was ambushed by a group of 10 pirate ships waiting for them. They fought off the pirates who were boarding the deck, ship by ship. Jakub’s captain, whom he grew to know and love, was killed by a pirate that pretended to be wounded in front of Jakub. Jakub’s life was saved by his captain after he pushed him away from the fakeness in the pirate. Seeing his death made Jakub feel rage for the first time in his life. He unleashed his Busoshoku Haki, which covered his arms and legs with black like armor, and went on a rampage. He killed every single pirate that went on the deck and didn’t allow any pirate ship to leave intact. He then gained the title of Commander and was sent out to sea.


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