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Kraden is the first mate to Cujo Durante and the oldest member of the Windfall Pirates. He is a gardener and farmer, making him the most qualified chef among the crew.


Kraden is an old man in his sixties yet quite strong. He has gray hair, a goatee, and deep wrinkles. He wears glasses that rest low on his large nose. He wears simple clothes compared to his captain, generally dirty work clothes like that of a gardener, including work gloves and boots.

After drinking an elixir, made from the bones of a sennenryu, Kraden’s youth is starting to be restored. He has fewer wrinkles, tanner skin, and color is returning to his hair and goatee; as well as he has little use for his glasses.


Kraden is a cheerful person who is often grinning and tries to avoid confrontation when he can. He believes that working hard will always pay off with great reward. He never asked much out of life, but after meeting Cujo he began to think his life didn’t have enough adventure and invites himself on Cujo’s adventure.

Powers & Abilities

Kraden has worked hard all his life, and has an incredible amount of strength for a man his age. He is easily the strongest member of the Windfall Pirates but at the beginning of his journey he was none to skilled at fighting. He has improved his ability to fight having trained with Patches, his scarecrow, and with equipment provided by Kaleigh Bolt. After drinking the elixir it appears that his overall strength will continue to increase as aging reverses.

Other skills include making incredible vegetable stew, and talking Captain Cujo into anything.


  • The elixir was obtained by Cujo from Kaiser Klause after Kraden became deathly ill after entering the New World.
  • The elixir of sennenryu bones is taken from the non-canon story arc, Warship Island Arc.