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Rinako is a very beautiful woman with long snow-white hair, dark tan skin and blue eyes. She usually seen wearing a black tank top with black leather jeans but she also wore other clothes that attracts attention to a lot of men.


Rinako's personality could be describe as a seductive woman who uses her beauty to seduce her opponents but it doesn't work on all men (Kyler for example). Despite her lustful personality, she is a good person at heart and willing to save others from harm. Rinako is a bit of a scatterbrain as she usually forgets the people she meets recently (She constantly forget Kyler's name and always refers to him as "The guy who's ass she kicked").




Abilities and Powers

Rinako is a very skillful martial artist which she was trained at a very young age, she was shown during her fight with Kyler that she can easily block even the most strongest blows with one finger without any damage (with the exception of her nails which can break). Rinako is also capable of lifting heavy objects with ease despite her appearance, her strength was a result of years of training with weights strapped on her body.

When she puts on the ancient Ryuujin Hachimaki, her fighting abilities are not only enhanced but it's magical powers prevents her from falling into water, she can walk on water with a time limit of only 15 minutes. Despite this Rinako still cannot swim due to the side effects of her devil fruit powers.

Palm of a Thousand Cries - Rinako's most powerful technique, she concentrates all of her energy into her palm and unleashes a strong force once she strikes her opponent. It is said that the force of the attack is the equivalent of a hundred fists hitting simultaneously, this technique is even more destructive in her panther form. So far there was no one who has manage to get back up and continue fighting after being hit by this technique (according to Rinako, Kyler was the first person that manage to continue fighting for a few minutes after being hit by the Palm of a Thousand Cries before finally passing out.)

Devil Fruit

Rinako ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: White Panther which allows her to transform into a white panther-human hybrid or a full panther. Though she's not as huge in her hybrid form like Rob Lucci's leopard form but she still towers over people around Franky's height, her strength and speed are increased in ten fold. There are no specific weaknesses outside the standard devil fruit weaknesses.





  • Her Seiyu would be Kotono Mitsuishi (Voice of Usagi Tsukino from Sailor moon and Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion). Her English Voice would be Wendee Lee (Voice of Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop and Yoruichi from Bleach)