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Kuragara Island
English Name: Kuragara Island
Locations or Places: Cacaon Town
Pirates: *Marie Reid
Pirate Crews: Helix Pirates
Peoples: Kuragaran(extinct)
Governments: World Government
Bounty: {{{Bounty}}}
Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze no Mi

Kuragara Island is an Island situated in North Blue. The capital is Cacaon Town, a large port city on the southern side. The terrain is flat towards the coasts and hilly to mountainous in the center of the island. A few hundred years ago the island was populated by a tribal race known as the Kuragarans, they they have since become extinct. Kuragara Island has a total of 41 settlements, having 1 capital, 8 large towns, 12 small towns and 20 mostly isolated villages.

Location and Climate

Kuragara Island is in the southern quarter of North Blue, north of the Calm Belt and not too far from the Red Line and Reverse Mountain. The capital, Cacaon Town is a large port town, seeing plentiful trade and visitors from all around the world, due to its accessability and location near Reverse Mountain. The climate is similar to that of a spring island, having mild temperatures, with frequent rains during the autumn and warm breezes in spring.


  • Cacaon Town - The capital of Kuragara Island, a large port city located to the south of the island. It's renowned for its rich market and bazaars. It is thought that if you can't buy it in Cacaon, it doesnt exist.
  • Palba - A small town to the north, it is famous on the island for producing extremly high quality wine. It is produced by a family with a storied past, and use a secret technique to get superb taste in thier product.
  • Alysc town - A town located on the northern coast. It has a large clock tower standing in the center which serves as a tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest known pieces of clockwork mechanics. It requires contant repairs and maintenance due to its old design and rusted parts. Though to have been contructed by the ancient Kuragarans.
  • Multiple other settlements.
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