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"You've pissed me off for the last time.."

- Kurenai Yuki

Kurenai Yuki (バ・ブ Kurenai Yuki?) is a the current Shipwright of the Raging Dragon Pirates. She was formerly a test subject for the Marine science corps, to become the perfect cyborg, but when they went overboard, she left and fixed herself with the substances she stole from the marines.

She now sail's the Grand Line , New World and the Four Blues with her new family.


"Human? No.. Machine? No... I'm not either, I'm a Cyborg."

- Kurenai Yuki Kurenai has long blonde hair, dark red eyes, and a child-like figure. Although it should be noted that she can change her appearance to look older with her transformation ability, her choosing to remain in her child-like form is most likely due to the fact that it is comfortable when in combat. Characters have made several notes about the shape of her thighs.--Most notably the Zeiren, who makes the remark during their first meeting. Of course, this was all before they were pummeled by none other than Kurenai herself. She is additionally famous for her all-black Gothic-style signature outfit. Her outfit has a star shaped gap at the chest of her clothing. It also features two waist belts, five leg belts on both of her legs, and two sleeves that attach to her upper arm via belt.

After the Timeskip Kurenai's petite form and beautiful face hides her massive strength. After the Timeskip, She has shoulder- length blonde hair, (which doesnt effect her hair control abilities.) and her eyecolor has changed to blue, and hoop earrings in both ears. She keeps the left side of her hair behind her ear. She wears different outfits, most notability, she wears a blue denim vest and skirt with dark blue stockings, brown boots, and a black undershirt that has white and black striped sleeves. Later, she wears a black vest, a white undershirt, blue jeans with a golden chain, black gloves with a gold bracelet on the left one, and black flats with orange socks.


As the Shipwright of the crew, Kurenai has been recognized by the World Government as the one of the most dangerous members of the Raging Dragons. Due to her past with Vegapunk and the marines, they gave her a high bounty.
  • First bounty: Bsymbol.gif32,000,000 For escaping the marines along with destroying their base in the process.
  • Second bounty: Bsymbol.gif302,000,000 Destroying a majority of the Pacifista army in the battle of Taiko island.
Female Cyborg
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