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The Kyoku Kyoku no Miis a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate the sound waves, that is created from music.


  • means tune in Japanese

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit uses allows the user to manipulate soundwaves of different pitches to do various things. Because it uses soundwaves, it is capable of being used through solid objects. This means that he is capable of using many of his techniques through solid objects, liquids, or through the air. In order to use it, the opponent must actually hear the music. It is also possible to be reflected off of many things, allowing it to reach many areas.

Many of the sounds that affect the mind can be escaped from an outside force, or with very strong will power. External stimulation such as injuring yourself is a way to escape for example. It is possible to fly using this, as the user can use the soundwaves to reflect off a surface, propelling the user. But to achieve this, the user has to play non-stop music, which can be very tiring.



  • Symphony of Death, By playing this symphony, the sound waves will be projected towards the enemies, then exploding, causing massive amounts of damage. To the opponents hit by the explosion, they will experience a disorienting ringing in their ears is they survive the explosion. This can cause ruptures in the eardrums if the user survives.
  • Fire Gods lullaby, when playing this song, it's possible to extinguish fires. Although this isn't used much, it can be useful when needing to extinguish any fires without water.
  • Gaia's Wrath, by releasing sound waves into the ground, Paganini can cause vibrations or even mini-earthquakes to appear. Although earthquakes are very hard to generate, it is possible to cause smaller quakes or shaking on the ground.
  • Sirens charm, by playing a sweet melody, opponents who hear this will be dazed, and drowsy. Unconsciously, they will walk closer and closer towards the user.
  • Devils Charm. When using this, he can temporarily control people who have a very weak mind. This can also happen to those who are charmed by the user. Those who are charmed easily are very susceptible to this move.
  • Apollo's

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