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Lactose Intolerance
Date Started: June 27th, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2021

Setting: Grand Line Lactose

Notable Characters Involved:


MorellaVoltaireSamuelGreenawaltFelosr231ZeoSparkStairface OgrePhoenix Red


A Few Days Before

The events of A Good Day for Tea,Moonshine,and Chaos have just happened and are now in the newspapers of Lactose. People grabbing the Bsymbol.gif6 newspaper and seeing their mayor, Big Boss Hogg on the front page, who was laying on a hospital bed nearby. Of course, the newspaper won't speak of where it happened, which was the Underworld City below Lactose called the PigPen. The fact that their Big Boss Hogg is also an underworld city king and broker shall not be known to the people on the surface of Lactose.

Besides the front page news of the island, there were rumors spreading about a different event. A week before Hogg's hospitalization, Brutus Angus McBeef the Eighth was killed in what seemed to have been a minor revolt from his slaves. Though what actually happened was the work of the Yin Pirates of the Yin-Yang Pirates and Nathanael Greene of the Murican Revolutionary Army there and they together killed off Brutus Angus McBeef the Eighth and released all of his slaves. Now the rumor was spreading that the Murican Revolutionary Army was in fact there. And it was making quite a talk, as the Murican Revolutionary Army is led by one of the most famous, Washington George.

All this buzz that has been going on has definitely made people think about their situation. Some people were worried as they feared they would lose their economic status without Big Boss Hogg. Some slave owners feared this would inspire the slaves to make a massive breakout, so some tightened up their whips and lashed out more on their slaves to attempt to prevent such rebellion. There were some civilians that just ignored the issue and hoped it would get better on its own.

Welp some of those fears might be about to come true or not so true. As it is late afternoon in the wheat fields, and a goat mink is seen cutting wheat with a sickle as many others around him are. These people here working on the wheat harvest are slaves that are owned by Jacob Gluten, a man known for selling the wheat and bread around town so that Lactose can get their fresh bread to put on their juicy burgers. There are slave watchers all over the field as they watch the slaves hard at work. These slaves don't get any rest until the sun comes down, and then they're thrown into a barn for rest before forcing them up to work early in the morning.

The goat mink we're watching is named Spike Churner, 31 years of age and has been a slave since birth. He has been whipped countless times for anything random that he was either too tired or it wasn't his fault. Despite working since birth, he has been able to teach himself to read and write despite the law of slaves were to not read and write. Thus making him intelligent and strong. And reading the newspapers secretly this morning made him think more and more as he had nothing else to think of as he was cutting the wheat with his sickle.

Suddenly, a fishman slave right next to him fell from heat exhaustion. The sun only still high in the sky, and the fishman was suffering from lack of hydration in his system. Spike looks over in worry and then looks around his area, the slave watchers having their backs toward Spike and watching the other slaves. Spike then sneakily walks over to the fishman to try to tend him.

"Are you ok?" Spike would ask the fishman as it lied on the ground, hidden by the tall wheat grass.

"I....need....water...." The fishman pants as he looked up at the bright sun above.

Spike only tried to look around and see if there was water nearby. In fact, there was a small watering hole used for cattle that was about 100 yards from the two. Spike would look back over to the fishman and would decide to drag him slowly through the wheat fields to get him to the watering hole. Would it be by luck or God's will that allowed Spike to drag this large fishman to the watering hole and not be caught? Well that can't be answered for sure as Spike eventually took the fishman to the watering hole in a matter of 10 minutes. Stopping every now and then to make sure slave watchers aren't seeing him do this, as he could get severely whipped for this action.

Spike dragged the fishman to the watering hole and stopped dragging him as he left him at the water. "Drink." Spike would then whisper to the fishman, "I didn't drag all this way for you to pass out on me." The fishman would start cupping his fishy hands and put them down into the water to give himself a drink. The gratifying face from the fishman gave Spike a content smile but it instantly turned into a face of worry as a slave watcher has finally caught the two.

"Hey! What are you two doing here!?" The human slave watcher would state, "You two are to be cutting wheat!" He then sees the fishman, "Hey! No drinking while on duty!" He then starts whipping the fishman mercilessly as Spike watched. After a few seconds of whipping, the fishman was seen knocked out cold from the heat exhaustion and the merciless whipping.

"And you! You are not to be giving yourself a break!" The slave watcher states as he prepares to whip Spike mercilessly as well.

Spike would suddenly reply as he quickly defends himself with his sickle, the whip going around the sickle and leaving the slave watcher surprised. Was it the inspiration from the news? Was it a sudden new wind from Spike? Or was it just natural instinct? Whatever it was, Spike now didn't want to listen. Spike then charges in anger and strikes the heart of the slave watcher with his sickle. The life now leaving the body of the slave watcher.

"I'm done listening to you humans." Spike then states as he withdrew the bloody sickle from the slave watcher. The slave watcher falls down and lies on the bloodied grass around him. Spike would then look at himself and realize what he has just done. The adrenaline rush still flowing in him, he then screams and charges right at the other slave watchers and mercilessly kills them as well within minutes. The slaves watching him as he does this, and feeling inspired as well as they too join Spike in the now called rebellion on the Gluten Fields. Slaves killing their watchers and stomping them onto the ground mercilessly, what has this bloodthirst rage from Spike have spread to these slaves?

Spike then looks around as he sees about 200 slaves surrounding him as they looked at him as if Spike became the leader of this rebellion. Spike looks around the bloodied wheat field and smiles, perhaps indeed he was inspired from recent actions from pirates and revolutionaries and perhaps believes he can make a difference. He then raises his sickle and then shouts, "Go to every plantation and kill every human in sight!!!" The slaves would shout and cheer as the little army charged right for the nearest plantation.

Inside the Lactose Hospital, Big Boss Hogg was seen on the hospital bed drinking beer and eating raw liver and hamburgers. It is probably the most expensive form of hospital care as his room looked more like an extravagant 5 star hotel room. There were nurses coming in and out of the door to feed him with many plates of food that came from pork to beef to chicken to any meat available on Lactose. Some cow humink slaves were seen right next to him that were used as a drinking source for the Big Boss Hogg.

"Keep them coming girls!" The Big Boss Hogg laughed as he saw all of these beautiful girls deliver him large plates of food.

And as they did, a big man with a buttoned down blue shirt and black pants walked into the room. He was wearing sunglasses and had a goatee and a mustache on his face. He had a pair of handcuffs and a nightstick on his belt as he entered. Some girls would look over their shoulders as they passed the big man, who looked WAY better than the Big Boss Hogg. This man is the son of Big Boss Hogg, and the local sheriff of the island. Some people like to call him the Big Boss Man, while the man likes to be known by his actual name, Bran. Bran here is about to tell the news of Spike Churner's Rebellion to his father.

"Hey father." Bran says as he approached the hospital bed of his father. Looking disgusted as he saw his father get himself feeded by the slaved cow huminks.

"Mmmmm, that chocolate milk always is the best milk!" Big Boss Hogg says as he lets go of a breast and has chocolate milk all over his face, his big fat tongue licking his face around disgustingly, "Oh Hey son! How is patrolling the streets today?" He then starts eating a giant slice of pulled pork.

"Not bad....." Bran states, "But not good either..."

"How so son?" Boss Hogg asks as he ate.

"We have more trouble." Bran answers, "This time it's worse. Mister Gluten's whole wheat plantation decided to rebel and kill many humans on their route."

It looked like for a second Hogg had choked on his food, but it was a worried look on Hogg. Even though it has been coincidence this chain of events have happened to him, Hogg was not liking how it is looking on him. The island's election is later this month and he wants to win again of course. So he was thinking in his head the politics of what this could mean. If this continues to get out of hand, he'd fear the people would think he's not an enough reliable leader to rule this humble island. Despite it already being a rigged election that'll go to him, Hogg wants to make sure he gets majority support from his people.

"sigh Call in the marines..." Hogg answers to Bran, "We can't let this go any further. Especially with an election that is arriving within the months. If I can get support from the marines, the people will support me!"

"Understood." Bran nods and walks away as Hogg instantly turned back to being breastfed by the slaves. Bran leaves the room and walks to his sheriff office within the hour. He sits down onto the seat in front of his desk and looks over to the den den mushi. He grabs the den den mushi and dials it onto the marine emergency hotline.

"This is the Marine Emergency Response Hotline." A lady across from the den den mushi answers, "Is there an emergency."

"Yes..." Bran states calmly and seriously, "We have a big problem here......"

Justice Responds on the Double

Four Days Later

3 ships of justice were on the seas, sailing to Lactose as their justice flag was waving through the sea breeze. The ships travelling quickly to the shores of Lactose that was only now a half hour away. The World Famous Admiral Edo Shishio called this mission to be a mission for Scabbard so he sent two groups to go do the mission as well as Vice Admiral Iceberg and Alarie Maëlys. There was a marine ship at the harbor already that was calming the peace of the town.

"Iceberg, how are we so far on ze citizens in town," Maëlys asked looking to Iceberg, "zink zey are ready for what's to come on zis mission?"

"We still got about a half hour." Iceberg states as he looked to Lactose in his binoculars, "And I don't know if those kids are ready to deal with a mission like this." He then turns around and looks to Maelys, "Make sure your men are prepared, and I'll check if my boys are ready. Then we'll brief the kids in about 15 minutes."

"Oui," Maëlys responded as she turned and walked off to meet with two of the Scabbard members who were teamed with her.

Inside, Rodion was on his back looking up at the ceiling with his arms behind his head with a bored expression on his face. He looked over to Salvatore Vladimir as he got himself up. "Any idea when we're going in yet? I'm bored outta my frickin' mind here" Rodion groaned in annoyance.

Vlad was fixing the laces on his boots before looking over to Rodion, "hm, can't say really. But given the time we've spent traveling and if I remember from my studies about the island, we should be arriving within the hour. But this just a broad guess really." He then finished fixing his laces before kicking himself up. "Either way, they're sending us, two vice Admirals, and a lot of infantry. Whatever it is, it'll be big. I bet you'll have plenty of fun Ro."

"Hope so, because I'm ready to beat up some asses by the time we land!" Rodion smirked as he punched his fist into his palm.

"You will do no such zing," Maëlys snapped as she entered into the cabin where Rodion and Vladimir were.

Rodion jumped a bit as he looked over towards Maëlys with a shocked expression on his face. "Shit...she heard that," Rodion thought to himself.

Vladimir chuckled and then smiled, looking over at the Vice Admiral. "I'm sure Ro here is just excited for what's to come. I apologize on behalf of my partner, Lady Vice Admiral." He then bowed forward and stood back up.

"At least one of you is more well behaved I will give you zat," Maëlys commented, "but in any case, it won't be long until we're give instructions on what our next plan of action is."

"How much longer though," Rodion asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"It shouldn't be much longer," Maëlys replied then thought to herself, "zis child is someone I really question on."

"I hope Boss and Arthur are doing okay. I heard there was a change of plans once they arrived. But knowing those two, well Shishio would be drunk on the ship and Arthur will be doing something crazy again." Vladimir said before looking out the window. "I can't let him show me up, I need to be an admiral first! I won't lose to Arthur."

"Oi! If anyone is gonna be admiral first, it's gonna be ME!" Rodion shouted as he kicked himself up, "and NOTHING will get in my way! Not you! Not Mr. Show Off! NOT EVEN THAT DRUNK BA-"

WHACK! Rodion collapsed onto the ground as Maëlys stood above him after knocking him out. "Ugh...finally some peace and quiet," Maëlys sighed to herself then looked to Vladimir, "don't worry, he'll be up and screaming again before Vice Admiral Iceberg arrives."

"Hm." Vladimir mumbles to himself before thinking, "Boss did say she can be aggressive. Well his exact words was "bitch" but he also said she meant well. I can see what he meant." Vladimir then replied to the Vice Admiral, "sorry, Ro is just very energetic so sometimes he can get carried away with what he says." He then looked over in the direction of another. "Hm? Someone there."

"IF YOU SMELLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCKHORN IS COOKING!!!" A slamming of the door opens and flies across the room as the 9 foot tall Justice's Champion known as Koortus Rockhorn walks into the room. He walks into the room and gives a deep inhale, showing off his sculpted body as his marine justice coat caped behind him. On his waist was a big gold plated belt that said on the center of the belt, "Justice".

Casper nearly trips over himself before catching himself in midair thanks to his powers before he makes a quick salute toward everyone. "C-Captain Casper reporting for duty sirs! O-Or maybe just Casper! Whatever is fine with you guys!" shouted Casper nervously.

Maëlys looked over to Casper and Rockhorn with a confused expression on her face but at the same time she sighed to herself looking to the other two Scabbard members. "At least ze two are a bit more a way," Maëlys thought to herself.

Vladimir walked over to the dynamic duo and began, "haven't seen ya two in a minute. How have you guys been?" He asked with his honest voice, showing among the scabbards he's one of the more down to earth.

"O-Oh! It has! Thank you for asking I've been doing well! I was forced to do over 100 laps earlier...Kinda got tired after the 30 mark...But doing fine now!" said Casper as he saluted.

"The Rockhorn is well!" Rockhorn shouts as he then looks down at the unconscious Rodion, "What's with Ro Ro rolling all over like a little boy playing red rover!?"

"The Vice Admiral knocked him out." Vladimir replied bluntly before placing his hand on Casper's head and ruffles his hair, "come on Casp, at this point take it easy when talking to me. No need to salute."

"O-Oh right!" said Casper with a light blush as he dropped his salute then notices the downed Rodion. "Gah! H-He's already beaten up?!"

"I wouldn't worry too much, he won't be out for too long," Maëlys replied then looked down at Rodion, "though I might have went too far with my strength again..."

"Uuuugh, what head," Rodion groaned placing his hand on the back of his head slowly getting up.

"Huh, nevermind zen," Maëlys said with a cocked eyebrow.

"Get up Roro!" Rockhorn would give a kick at Rodion's back with his powerful minotaur hooves, "Roro ain't a dog is he!?"

"OWWW! Fuck was that for cow head?!" Rodion yelled at Rockhorn, "keep it up and I'll give ya a reason not to mess with me!"

"You wanna mess with the horns RoRo?" Rockhorn shouts back as suddenly a cold sensation comes from his back. It was iceberg touching Rockhorn's back and chilling it.

"No need to say but, "chill out"." Iceberg gave a humble smile and patted Rockhorn in the back before walking toward Maelys.

"Wow...Everyone is so intense here..." said Casper to himself before he snapped back into reality and salutes for Iceberg. "V-Vice Admiral Iceberg sir! Sorry for not greeting you earlier!"

"Man this twerp is such a suck up..." Rodion thought to himself looking towards Casper.

"Ah, Iceberg, just in time, any updates," Maëlys asked.

"Not yet, Stewart hadn't answered my calls yet. He's probably showing off the cavalry to the townspeople." Iceberg states, "At ease Casper." He would say to Casper.

"Y-Yes sir!" said Casper as he does so before sighing with relief. "But I'm sure we will get some updates soon!"

"Indeed Captain." Iceberg smiles and nods to Casper, "Now, I'm betting you kids are wondering why we are going to an island with four ships deployed. That would be about 800 marines and 240 cannons if you are interested in the numbers. Well kids, if you may follow me to the briefing room." Iceberg then walks out of the room and starts heading to the briefing room.

"The Rockhorn's back is still cold!" Rockhorn says as the little patch of ice on his back was still on him.

"Oooh I am definitely interested to see what Mr. Iceberg has in store for us! Let's go Rockhorn!" said a suddenly excited Casper as he followed behind Iceberg.

"You two, to ze briefing with ze others," Maëlys ordered as she walked out of the room.

"Y-yes ma'am," Rodion replied following behind as he thought to himself, "and I can understand why they call her an Ice Bitch..."

"Hm, and the "Ice Bitch" strikes again." Vladimir said after the vice admiral left. "But hey, if she can gain the respect of the old man, how bad can she really be?"

Iceberg leads Maelys and Scabbard to a strategic map room that had tons of maps in the ship. Iceberg was seen walking to the center table which had the layout map of Lactose.

"Alright, as far as some of you know. There is some rebellion going on in Lactose. A goat mink known as Spike Churner, according to our information, is leading a bloody rebellion of over 200 slaves against the humans here in Lactose." Iceberg states, "With each time he gains more and more, our sources say he can be getting close to 300 men if there is no interference. The most unfortunate part too is that he killed over 50 humans, including women and children." He then sighs, "And Lactose is known for its number of slaves, especially of the bovinae traits. Which this rebellion is a rather large one." He looks over to Rockhorn, who only snorts like a minotaur he is. "Son, would you know how much a minotaur would cost in the market?"

"The Rockhorn believes the average minotaur can go about....500 to 700 thousand belly." Rockhorn answers.

"How unfortunate that a life is measured in currency than by a man's heart in the dark world." Iceberg shakes his head, "Anyway we are to eliminate this Spike Churner and bring peace back to Lactose. Any questions or comments so far? You are free to speak your mind."

"So in other words, we're stopping this rebellion that the cow people have started," Rodion asked.

"Sometimes zere are days I wonder what color his mind is," Maëlys thought to herself.

"Well actually this was started by a billy goat mink." Iceberg replies as he handed out a picture of the billy goat mink to Rodion, "That is Spike Churner, our target."

"Get me into land and I'll help you guys as much as I can. I'll make my way to there and back, I'll get us an idea for the lay of the land. That way we don't walk blind." Vladimir adds as he smiles with pride, knowing his fruit is perfect for the task he offered, pointing the thumbs up at himself.

"Thank you Vladimir." Iceberg smiles, "Your confidence and thinking will be complimented."

"Ooh...I went on a mission before with Admiral Midorinari to help quell a pirate raid of an island! I...Uh almost died but it was a learning experience for me!" said Casper as he tried to make good of that awkward situation.

"Well each mission is a learning experience for you kids." Iceberg replies, "Alright folks, time to learn the true plan." He then points over to where they're going to land on the map. "There are going to be a few parts of this mission, So that is why we brought 2 pairs of Scabbard groups. 1 of you groups will help out with the search for Churner, while another will stay within the main town and keep the peace. We'll be receiving information from Marine Jeff Stewart when we land, and he'll tell us what has gone on so far and what his reconnaissance has to show. I will be leading an army toward the direction of Spike Churner while Maelys will have an army in the main town as well to help you Scabbard out."

"Maelys, you may assign which scabbard group will do what." Iceberg then says to Maelys.

"Oui," Maëlys nodded as she tuned her attention to Rodion and Vladimir, "you two, your task will be to search for Spike Churner." Maëlys then turned her attention to Casper and Rockhorn, "As for you two, you will remain in town keeping ze peace however way you can. Do I may myself clear?"

"Crystal," Rodion replied without hesitation.

"Sound like a plan sir... ma'am...sorry vice admiral." Vladimir replied while saluting.

"Yikes...Pretty scary..." said Casper.

"The Rockhorn hears loud and clear." Rockhorn replies with a nod.

"Good then." Iceberg says and looking at his watch, "We shall be landing in 10 minutes, get prepared for this mission if you haven't already. Oh, and do you boys want horses? I brought my stable with me for this beautiful scenery, especially my great horse Titanic." He smiles as he mentioned his horses.

"The Rockhorn carries the fox like a horse anyway so no need." Rockhorn states as he leaves the room immediately, "Let's go fox!"

"Huh? O-Oh sure!" said Casper as he quickly followed behind.

Vladimir jumped off the ship using his Geppo to hurry on out. "Let's get going Ro!" He called out, ready for the coming mission.

Rodion used Geppo to follow after Vladimir jumping off the ship, "Hey wait up!," Rodion shouted out.

Iceberg sighs before saying, "They didn't even want my horses.... Would you want one Maelys? I have a nice white horse, besides mine, that could look good with you!"

Maëlys shrugged as she didn't want to decline Iceberg's offer. "Sure, I guess it wouldn't hurt," Maëlys replied.

"Good! I won't mind showing some of my fine horses to ya!" Iceberg says leading Maelys to the stable at the bottom of the ship.

Pirates Love Milk Too!

Wars don't always have 2 different sides whenever it came to battles, sometimes there was that hidden third side that became a pain later in the war. Now of course there are marines here to go and beat some rogue slaves, but of course comes a third factor that can either do their own thing....or of course become a more annoying pest for the marines.

Not far from the island of Lactose was the Golgotha ship belonging to the Umbra Pirates. The captain of the crew Caedmon was sitting on the spirit bow watching the scenery before him with a bored expression on his face. His doll that was usually nestled on his shoulder was now resting on top of his head.

"Sigh, I'm getting bored of sailing on the seas," Caedmon sighed as he picked up his doll messing with it making the doll dance, "and to think I was excited to go on a thrilling adventure."

"Welcome to the life of a pirate," Embla cynically replied to Caedmon looking through her telescope.

"I did not ask for your two beris," Caedmon snapped back sitting up.

"You are someone who lives for adventure," Hecate added.

"Well it is true, but come on, we'll encounter one sooner or later," Gethen said with a somewhat optimistic tone.

"Doesn't sound like you're optimistic about it," Caedmon sneered.

"Well soooorry," Gethen shrugged in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey, I see an island up ahead," Embla called out.

"Oh grand! Where is it," Caedmon asked.

"Up ahead just north by northwest," Embla answered.

"You heard the lass, let's set out for the island ahead," Caedmon smiled.

"And like that our captain is in high spirits," Walden sighed.

"Long as he's involved with anything that has adventures or fighting, then he'll get ecstatic," Rio answered standing next to Walden.

"Kinda like me," Walden smirked.

"You can say that," Rio replied as a small smile formed on his face but kept it to himself.

"Give me back my sandwich!" A red-haired Musashi yelled as he chased after a running Soji. "Come oooooh, Elke made it for me for lunch, now give it back!"

The both of them jumped upward, calling the mass of the shit. The both of them were laughing and smiling, even Musashi, despite wanting his food back. This was one of their happier times, one of the more relaxing moments among the crew.

Down on the deck, Flamma Coneja was seen laying out in a two-piece bikini getting her tan alongside a shirtless Elio Alessandro. The two looked up at their leaders.

"You ever wonder how this crew has done all it has?" She asked Alessandro before stretching her body.

"I've come to realize you can't really factor in anything when it comes to The captain or Soji. At this point just going with it makes more sense." Alessandro replied without looking at Coneja.

Another person worth notice in the island bustling with activity was a pup named Scooby Doo, pirate going by the alias Agni, a super-rookie Pirate Captain who recently made himself a noteworthy name in Paradise, yet liked to go low, just like another Blood Relative of his. "Lactose Island, so named because its earliest inhabitants drank milk and lacked toes, What bullshit rumour is that, who drinks milk when you got Sake available". He smirked to himself, walking in the city streets. He likely kept a low profile, since he was alone, having sent his crew on another mission.

Not far off shore on a dial ship hidden in the clouds a man with a crimson flame patterned cloak and V-shaped sunglass was looking down on the island below him. "So your client wants us to help support a revolution on this island and in return he'll give us details for our next big score" Crookes D. Mal questioned his navigator. "And a nice chunk of beri for our trouble so keep that hot-headed nature of yours under control" Yavanna shot back annoyed at having to repeat herself "I've know the captain a long time that's gonna be a challenge" Kureiji commented meditating from a perch on the upper deck. "Alright crew lets go do some good, Erasmus bring us down so that we're not spotted" Mal ordered.

Justice has Landed

And so the marines have ported onto the port of Lactose, there were civilians on the docks cheering for the marines as they docked and anchored in. Most of the people looked like regular farmers, while there were a lot of people wearing black on this very hot and sunny day. The men were mostly wearing black suits, while the women had a black dress and even some women had a white bonnet on their head. While there were other folks, cowboys and cowgirls that stood out against the dark clothed group. But it seemed no matter what group they belonged to, there was an equal appreciation for the marines to come save them from a rebelling slave.

"And here we are! Right at the island known as Lactose." Iceberg states, "The land of the amish, cowboys, farmers, and many other greats!"

"I heard that the milk here is very delicious! I always wanted to try it for myself!" Casper said excitingly and couldn't help wagging his tail to show that.

"Should've expected much though, island seems...quaint," Maëlys thought to herself.

"Time to get to work..." Vladimir said as his body slowly submerged and fused into the ground, the earth below him. Using his devil fruit he was quickly gaining a lay of the land.

"Hmm well looks like Mr. Salvatore is getting busy already." Iceberg nods seeing Vlad.

"IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCKHORN IS COOKING!!!" Rockhorn jumps out of the ship and leaps onto the crowd to show himself off! The people gasp as they see the 9 foot tall "beast" in front of them. Some of them had angry faces and stern looks as they saw the minotaur. And suddenly a loud rush of boos were heard from the crowd toward the minotaur.

"What? What's wrong with the Rockhorn?" Rockhorn asks as suddenly comically a bunch of lettuce and tomatoes were thrown at him. Rockhorn gets splattered before he decides to jump back at the marine ship, "Why aren't you folks cheering for your champion!? I'M JUSTICE'S CHAMPION!!!!" Rockhorn shouted at the folks.

"WHY YOU BRING A COW TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS?!" The crowd was shouting at the marines.

"sigh I expected this to be the case." Vice Admiral Iceberg states, "Like I said Rockhorn, they don't take kindly to cowfolk, or any folk other than human." He then sadly looks at Casper as well.

"T-That is true...B-But Admiral Midorinari always told me to look past the racism and try to prove to ourselves that we are strong!" said Casper as he tried to cheer himself up. "T-Then again no one dare try to anger a living nuclear reactor..."

"Maelys." Iceberg says to Maelys, "I hope that you see that Captain Casper and Commodore Rockhorn are kept safe from these folks in town. Hopefully them keeping the peace as best as they can. And if you folks have info that could be useful or vital to the mission with me, Vladimir or Rodion, you have my den den Maelys." He says with a gracious wise smile.

"Oui, I will see to zat," Maëlys nodded in reply.

"Well well Mr. Show off," Rodion scoffed as he landed on the ground next to Vlad, "think you can outshow me?"

Vladimir was able to see, scan, observe their general area. "hm...tje island is rather large, I need to focus on anything rather suspicious." Vladimir thought to himself as his sense were observing the surrounding area. "Also...Ro is super loud geez."

"Alright Rodion and Vladimir, let's not waste any more time." Iceberg states as he then goes down to the bottom of the ship, to his stable and grabs his giant white horse that could handle his big size.

And out of the cargo door comes out the Vice Admiral in his great white horse! The crowd suddenly shifting their mood to cheering as they saw the Vice Admiral on the horse. The horse neighing as it saw the crowd, but was quickly calmed by Iceberg's expertise on horse-riding. He then takes the horse to gallop to the front of the marine ship so he can look at all of his marines that have been deployed off of the ship.

"Attention!" Iceberg shouts to his marines as the marines suddenly run around to get in line. The soldiers layer into 8 lines of 50 men in each line, making 400 soldiers on the march. "Present...arms!" Iceberg then shouts from his horse as the marines show their rifles in an organized formation, "Shoulder...arms!" He then commands as each place their rifle on their right shoulder, "Drummers!" He shouts as the drummer boy group starts playing a marching beat, "Fifers!" He shouts as some soldiers played the fife, "FORWARD! MARCH!" He then shouts as then the soldiers march along to the fife and drum and march right toward the direction of where the initial conflict of Spike Churner occured.

"We'll be meeting Jeff Stewart on the road." Iceberg then says to Vlad and Rodion, "Keep doing what you've been doing Vlad, and Rodion, stay in formation!"

"While I can't get a full view of the entire island, the make up for the next few miles won't be all that far." Vladimir declared as he slowly emerged from the floor and cracked his neck. "We can take this route straight forward and should arrive to the end of the map I drew in my head pretty quickly."

"Heh, sounds like a plan to me," Rodion smirked as he cracked his neck and knuckles, "might as well get going!" Without saying another word, Rodion used Geppo to get a head start in the direction Vlad instructed.

"Well there they go." Rockhorn says watching Iceberg, Rodion, and Vladimir leave their eyesight with the sounds of fife and drums with them, "I guess we're going to be patrolling this little town fox." He said looking at the town around them.

"Yeah. Seems like to be quite the business they're running here. People are just living their daily lives. Vice Admiral Echo did say that the milk here is good...before reminding me to focus on the task at hand. I'd really like to try the milk though..." said Casper with a sigh.

Rockhorn's stomach growls, "I'm hungry! Let's go to a restaurant Vice Admiral!" He looks down at Maelys, "Can't patrol the town on an empty stomach."

"Make it quick," Maëlys sharply replied, "don't want to forget our mission at hand here."

"Alright! Let's go fox!" Rockhorn picks up Casper onto his shoulders and they walk to the town and start looking for a restaurant, "We'll make sure you get your milk buddy!"

"Whoa! O-Okay!" shouted Casper as he suddenly hung on. "Did he heard my light talking? Fermi can but that's because of his fox ears and often uses Electro to enhance his hearing...Does Rockhorn have something similar?" Casper thought to himself.

Justice comes in Different Flavors

Casper and Rockhorn were seen walking around town, with Casper still on Rockhorn's shoulders. There were a few glares given to them, since it was unorthodox to see non-humans wearing the jackets of justice. Maelys was keeping up and staying behind the Commodore and the Captain.

"Alright Foxy! Where shall we go?" Rockhorn asks Casper.

"Uh...Maybe that place that is called Udders? I think that will sound like a good place to drink milk." Casper said as he was looking over at the direction of the restaurant.

Rockhorn looks over at the direction of the restaurant and gives it a long look, before looking back at Casper. The restaurant Casper was looking at was a standard looking diner, but it had a pinup of a female cow humink with giant "udders" on the side. It looked more of a local adult restaurant than it did an ordinary restaurant.

"You have an innocent mind fox." Rockhorn thought, but then shrugs, "Sounds Good Foxy! Let's Go!" He then dashes right for the restaurant of Udders, "Keep up Vice Admiral!" He shouted as Maelys was behind them still.

"Pourquoi does this always happen to moi," Maëlys asked to herself as she caught up to Rockhorn and Casper.

Rockhorn and Casper make it to the restaurant known as Udders and enter the building. Upon entering, it has that noticeable vibe of a saloon. The soft jazz music that was dominated by a piano played, and the amount of people drinking beer and milk. And not only that, but cow humink girls everywhere! There were cow huminks that were laying on top of men, cow humink girls feeding men, and girls serving men. Yeah this wasn't the normal restaurant Casper was probably thinking.

"Dammm Foxy! You really picked the jackpot!" Rockhorn chuckles as he dropped Casper down.

"W-Whoa! U-Uh yeah I guess I did. But...uh...." Casper said as he looked around with his face glowing bright red from what he is seeing. "W-W-W-What in the world kind of restaurant is this?!?"

"I don't know, but it makes me think of that one weird restaurant with the female birdmen I once ran into." Rockhorn says, "I think they were called like "Hooters" or something." He then smiled.

"What did I drag myself into," Maëlys thought to herself looking away as her face was showing a slight blush.

Suddenly, the door opens as Masamune, Ryuji, Camellia, and Akihiro enter the shop and they notice all that is transpiring before them.

"W-What the hell is all of this?" Camellia said as she looked around blushing.

"It appears to be some kind of bar. The one that caters to all needs." Ryuji said stoicly as he looked around unfazed by the sigh.

"Masamune you prev! This is why you choose this place huh?!" Akihiro yelled angrily at Masamune who was unfazed by her yelling.

"Look, I know this is bad, but trust me! This place looks like it has good milk! And food if we're lucky! Come on we need to eat!" Masamune said as he was quick to lead his crew to a table.

"Nah you seem extra happy since we got here..." Camellia said with deadpan in her voice.

"Why must I be dragged into this," Maëlys thought to herself still blushing to herself.

Among all the ruckus that occurred within his vicinity, All Mizuchi wanted was a nice meal, having seated in the shadows so no other customer could see him, he was hella annoyed by the ruckus caused by the men in uniforms. His disgust could only be sensed by the waitress who was serving him, but she made no attempt to stop the guests, customers are Gods after all.

"Let's get something to eat first!" Rockhorn says as he was seen running toward the bar table and was about to sit down till he heard someone yelling at him and Casper.

"HEY! We don't serve your kind here!" A bartender was seen pointing at Rockhorn and Casper, "Best you two get out of here before you get bad business with ya."

"But The Rockhorn is a marine!" Rockhorn shouts back, "The Rockhorn carries the jacket, don't that count anything?"

"Doesn't matter, we see you.....Bovines as nothing but cattle for us. I don't even understand why they allow other people into the marine organization. Heck y'all think you're cool, but we won't listen to a marine like you." He then proceeds to spit right on Rockhorn's body.

Rockhorn was seen going red hot as a bull as he was insulted by the man.

"H-Hey! A-Admiral Fermi says that you shouldn't treat us by the way we look! I-I think..." Casper said nervously.

"Pfft, he only has power in this island IF he was present on this island." The bartender snickered. Apparently, it seems the people on this island are discriminate even to the non human marines.

"Will Vice Admiral IcyHot convince ya?" Rockhorn says pointing back to Maelys as the bartender looked at Maelys with an eyebrow.

"I doubt it." The bartender bluntly states.

"C-convince...h-how?!" Maëlys thought blushing beat red.

"What Icyhot? Don't you think you can convince this bastard to serve us!" Rockhorn points to the bartender, "He won't give us food! Or drinks in that matter!"

"Bah! Like some woman is gonna convince me!" The bartender snickers.

Maëlys sighed as she got up then gave the bartender a sharp glare. "First off, watch your tone with me, and second, either you serve us or," before she would finish her sentence the floor beneath her began to turn hot, "you'll have to answer to me..."

The floor was indeed hot as people were now surprised to see some of their boots burn on the floor. People trying to keep their feet off of the ground as the Vice Admiral activated her powers. Some ran away from the diner as their feet were burning. It was a literal game of "The Floor is lava."

"So, what will it be...bastard," Maëlys growled.

"Gah!" Casper screamed as he was floating in the air to avoid getting burned.

"What the?" Masamune said as he looked on the floor that was suddenly burning. "What is this nonsense? Lava?"

"It appears to be coming from that commotion over there." Ryuji pointed as he was stoically unfazed by the burning due to his heat-resistant armored boots.

"Heeey! They're going to get my sake warm because of that! Hey you!" Masamune said as he jumped on the table and pointed his sword toward the three. "Quit ruining the fun like this! I'm trying to drink in peace here!"

"And that's one way to cause even more trouble..." Camellia said who had her feet on the table.

"And we're trying to be served here!" Rockhorn retorts to Masamune.

"Uhhhhhhh we'll serve you folks then!" The bartender replies in fear as he was trying to keep his feet up from the lava floor but was failing miserably as his shoes were melting onto his feet. "Just don't go causing anymore trouble.....and please stop this lava stuff!!"

Maëlys sighed as her powers depleted causing the floor to go back to normal. "Fine, I'll put you down, but still serve us too or what just happened earlier will happen again," Maëlys replied in an intimidating tone.

"Ok! Ok! We'll serve!" The bartender states as he puts his feet back on the floor, "Any special service needed?" Meaning about the cowgirls serving the three.

"Not for the Rockhorn or Icyhot, but yes for the fox!" Rockhorn says looking at Casper, "We'll make sure you get your milk!"

"Merci," Maëlys replied letting him go.

"How come that sounds way out of context...?" Casper said in a worried tone.

Masamune climbs back down from the table and sighs. "The hell was that all about? Those guys look like Marines. And they say we pirates are rough!" Masamune said as he continued to drink as he pets his electric pet.

"I agree. That power was quite scary however, She made the whole floor boiling." said Camellia as she slowly put her feet back on the ground.

"Though my armor is resistant to those effects, one can see those powers are quite effective." Ryuji commented.

"Heh. Nothing is more effective than my jutsu! I can see what's happening on this entire island at all times! And there are many other interesting guys I tell you that!" Masamune said with excitement.

Back to the marines, the three marines were about to be served their food and drinks as one of the cow huminks came by and started serving. The cow humink that came to serve of course had the large udders, but she looked like she was disinterest in what she was doing and wasn't in the mood for anything.

"'s this....Steak au poirve?.....and this fancy french drink."

"Calvados! It's a Calvado!" The bartender from across the room shouts.

"Ok whatever." The humink states as she served Maelys, "Then there's the milk and tenderloin steak." She serves Casper that, "And finally, the tequila and the quadruple bacon cheese...." The cow humink looks up at Rockhorn and then drops Rockhorn's meal but fortunately Rockhorn was able to catch it.

"Hey! You ok?" Rockhorn asks raising his eyebrow at the cow humink.

"R-r-rocky!" The cow humink would suddenly hug Rockhorn tightly, which surprises Rockhorn greatly.

"H-hey! Who do you think you are?!" Rockhorn states.

"Huh? Do you know that woman with the...uh...nevermind! Do you know her Mr. Rockhorn?" Casper asked.

"Well zis is weird...but DAMN zis steak is tre magnifique," Maëlys thought to herself.

"What? Rocky!? Don't you remember me?" The girl would state, "It's your little sister! Soothsayer!"

Rockhorn was in shock, hearing the name that he hasn't heard in a long time, "....Soothy?...." A flashback comes back to Rockhorn about his past, memories of his family, then memories of slave hunters. Rockhorn immediately comes and hugs his sister with a tight grip and a tear shedded in his eye, "It's been so long...." He then states to his younger sister.

Piracy is on the other Side

Amongst the popularity of the marines arriving, the 5 different pirate crews have docked on the other side of the port, away from the crowds and the marines. And now the pirates are off going to do their thing:

The Witch Doctor Arrives!: Caedmon

Once the Umbra Pirates arrived on the shores of Lactose, Caedmon immediately hopped off of the ship looking around with a sinister smile on his face as he took a long around.

"Seems a bit quaint, though at the same time, we've been to weird islands now and again," Caedmon said to himself.

"Right then, what should we do now that we're here," Gethen asked as he approached Caedmon.

"UUUUUUUGH I WANT TO EAAAAAAT!!!" Walden whined with his hand on his stomach.

"Apparantly Walden wants to eat something," Embla sighed in annoyance.

"No kidding, this idiot is nothing but a walking stomach," Rio scoffed.

"Run that by me again blue bitch?! "Walden growled.

"Hard of hearding," Rio asked pretending to ignore him.

"Think there might be a chef here," Caedmon wondered then began to proceed forward, "should be easy to find one."

"In a place called Lactose, shouldn't be too hard to find one," Hecate commented.

The main town of Lactose, known as Dair-E-Town, was a big town as it was the main town of the island. Most of the buildings were made of brick or wood, and seemed every essential part of a town was there plus extras. As the Umbra Pirates were walking, not many people looked at the crew with attention; As the crew were humans themselves, or well looked human to the civilians.

Now noticeable to Caedmon and Gethen, as they walked along the town, was a bounty poster hanged on the side of a building. The bounty poster had an image of a man in a black top hat that said: "Wanted: Dead Or Alive: The Mad Hatter, Fedora C. John for Bsymbol.gif 140,000,000!"

Caedmon looked at the bounty poster as his eyes widen. He was in denial at first looking at the poster but then he looked at it once more. "Brother," Caedmon wondered.

"Something wrong Caedmon," Gethen asked.

"Gethen, look at the bounty poster, who do you see," Caedmon asked to Gethen.

"It couldn't be," Gethen replied with wide eyes.

"I'm gonna need it for save keeping," Caedmon said as he took down the poster, folding it then placed it into his pocket.

"What if someone found out," Gethen asked looking around.

"I don't give a damn," Caedmon shrugged as he continued on.

The Umbra Pirates keep on walking as they make it past the town and soon were in mostly the outskirts of town. There were some folks riding on horse and buggies or on wagons traveling to and fro from the town. There was a stagecoach on the side, the driver having a sleep as the horses were seen eating the grass. There also was an empty wagon with two horses on the side.

"Huh, looks like something out of a Western wouldn't say," Caedmon wondered.

"Surprised we don't see any cowboys out here spitting up tobacco, puking up beer or shooting random people between the teeth," Gethen commented looking around.

"Is this what you're idea of cowboys are to you," Rio questioned with a hint of curiosity in his voice,

"From my childhood stories as a pup yes," Gethen shrugged, "though if we're true, would think we'd bump into someone who'd find the way to a saloon or something."

"Define saloon," Hecate asked.

"In other words, dancer girls, food, drinks," Walden shrugged in a nonchalant manner.

"I wouldn't mind a drink," Embla sighed to herself.

"Sounds nice but...ok let me tell you something, can't imagine living in a place like this," Caedmon said looking to Gethen then a crazed smiled formed on his face, "Look around you, anything could kill you if not too careful. Everything out there, that is not you, wants to kill you. The Marines, pissed off drunk people, scorned hookers, yes their hookers, I said it. Ohhh and much more! One can simply get killed just by going to the loo! Can you just picture the horror one has to face when they have to use the loo outside? It's a matter of live or death! Don't know what's out there, dangerous animals, cholera! Know what cholera is?"

"The black shit," Walden replied in a ghastly tone.

"The Black Shit," Caedmon nodded as he continued, "and AAAAAAND, if one were to live in the wild west, who knows what's to expect."

"Wow...Caedmon, I didn't expect you to go on some rant there," Gethen said with wide eyes.

"Eh, said what needed to be said," Caedmon shrugged as he continued walking.

They continue walking the trail, farther and farther down the road. Fortunately, they were walking farther from the marines as they were going towards the other side of the island from the marines and the incident. The path had fences on the side of the roads, showing cows grazing the field in peace. Now as they travelled down the road, the road and road got muddier and muddier as they walked. The smell of horse stools and cow manure was getting stronger.

"Ugh...what smells like shit," Walden asked with a disgusted look on his face then looks down as he shouts, "WHAT THE FUCK?! I STEPPED IN SHIT!!!"

"Your fault for walking barefoot dumbass," Rio replied in a deadpan tone.

"Want me to shove some of this in your face along with my fist asshole?!" Walden barked.

"Ewwwwww! My boots!!!" Embla whined, "now they're going to stink!!"

"Anyone seen Gethen around," Hecate asked looking around.

"I brought horses," Gethen replied appearing with five horses with a blank expression on his face.

"Where the FUCK were you?!" Caedmon snapped.

"Went to get horses," Gethen replied, "was able to pick up on the smell of feces quicker, so yep, get on and let's go."

"I hate you sometimes," Caedmon groaned as he went over to his horse then hopped on, "Hiyah!" Suddenly, him and his horse ran off ahead of the others.

"Wait for us!" Embla shouted out as she got onto her horse, "Hut hut hut!" Embla and the others managed to get onto their respective horses following behind Caedmon.

The Umbra Pirates prance on with their horses as they ride the trail. The trail led deeper into the island, more quiet as it went. Despite the amount of cows mooing and grazing, there was an odd sense of bleakness as most farmers were not doing anything. Most were staying inside their barns in fear of the rebellion coming to their area.

"You'd think they would be happy-go-lucky people caring for their animals," Embla pondered.

"Wonder what's causing them not wanting to care for them," Caedmon questioned.

"Wouldn't hurt to ask," Gethen shrugged.

"I mean would we? If we did, then would we get anything from them," Hecate asked.

Soon they make it to a busy looking farm that was rather active for the lack of activity everywhere else in the fields. There were farm animal minks and minotaurs seen working on wheat fields while cow girls were seen walking in and out of barns. There were guards in black cowboy outfits as they were armed with repeater rifles and other weapons that'll make you think of the wild west. One the side was a large board that had the writings of: "Welcome to Rumpy's Farm!" As the Umbra Pirates were passing by.

"Rumpy's Farm? Wonder what they might have here," Caedmon wondered as he pulled on the reigns stopping his horse, "think we should look around a bit and see what they have."

"Cow minks...everywhere, think some people might get any weird ideas with these minks here," Gethen asked.

"Get your mind outta gutter you perv," Hecate sighed.

"WHO YOU CALLIN' A PERV!" Gethen shouted.

"Least someone has more couth than the rest of us," Walden snickered as he got off his horse.

"Says the man who always run into action without thinking," Rio sneered to himself.

"SAY THAT AGAIN MUTHAFUCKA!" Walden yelled at Rio.

"Hard of hearing," Rio asked with a snide look on his face.

Embla punched Rio and Walden on their heads in annoyance as the two fell onto the ground. "Will you two give it a rest already?! Ugh," Embla scoffed in annoyance.

"Make sure not to annoy her when she's moody," Gethen stated.

"Noted," Caedmon nodded.

The Umbra Pirates attempt to enter Rumpy's Farm as they walked toward the wooden gates. Like mentioned earlier, there are guards in black outfits, wearing black shirts,boots,pants, and their cowboy hats were black. They all had repeaters or carbines carried on them beside their revolvers. Some had shotguns on their arms, while others had a winchester rifle on their shoulders. The guards see the Umbra Pirates walk toward the gate, and the guards proceed to stop the Umbra Pirates before they enter.

"Halt! You are not allowed into the property without telling us your business." A guard states to the pirates.

"If it ain't business with Mr. Rumpy, best you leave!" Another guard responds.

"We're just here to look around," Caedmon replied, "maybe wanted to speak to him regarding somewhere to go for delicious food perhaps?"

"Food, really," Rio sighed.

"We can't allow you in if you don't have official business." The guard states as he pulls the lever action on his rifle, activating the load on the rifle. Soon the other guards cock and load their guns before aiming at the Umbra Crew.

"This ain't good," Gethen stated in a bland tone.

"What do we do now," Embla asked Caedmon.

"Think we should head back before we start any conflict," Hecate asked.

"Not until we get our answer," Caedmon replied in a serious tone.

"Aaaaaaand our captain is gonna be a hard-head," Walden asked.

"Seems like it," Rio sighed.

"Hold your fire!" A comically lanky man was seen raising his arm up to the group. The man was lanky and tall, he wore a monocle and had a suit on with a fancy stovepipe tall hat. One defining feature though was that his butt was very large! Like a large "Rump", guess that is why the place was known as "Rumpy's farm."

"Why are some random bandits want to talk to me?" The man would ask.

"We were just here to ask if you know any places that have a good restaurant by chance," Caedmon asked.

"Or at least a way out of the area, we kinda got lost," Embla said.

Diamond Ace: Mal

Swordsman wants milk!: Musashi

Walking down a path Musashi held his hands behind his head looking up at the clear blue sky. "Though I'm super hungry, probably should've listened to Hestia when she offered to make lunch before we left the ship. Next time I should listen." Musashi then looked over to notice Vento Caelus reading a book while Aoi Mizu was walking while sleeping.

"Hm?" Caelus looked up from his book, turning his head, looking far off to the right. "If I remember correctly, there should be something to eat down that way." He declares, remembering the image of island map they had in them.

"You do realize we could be on enemy territory right? I mean with your newest bounty we could be hunted or tricked by Marines or bounty hunters. Though, it won't matter too much, people who do that are always so boring." Mizu added as he held his swords Scabbard rather loosely.

The crew continues on as they walk in a path that wasn't exactly the path the marines took, but it was a path nearby that path. The path was mostly made of clay and dirt as they walked on it, there were also patches of mud as they travelled. The place that Caelus mention was a place known as the Boar's Nest. It was a diner that is located outside of the town. Unbeknownst to them the Boar's Nest is closed as it is close to the action, and also the fact that it's closed is because it's an entrance to an underworld city below the ground known as the PigPen, and they wouldn't want curious marines to find it.

It takes a few moments but the Roshigumi Pirates made it to the front of the Boar's Nest, where they see that the restaurant was closed indeed. Though there were most likely employees working inside to keep it tidy despite now allowing customers into the diner.