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Leon Shanes(レオンシェーンズ Shanes Leon) is an Vice Admiral(of Admiral level power). He is a well respected marine all around and is feared as well. Leon is feared as the Dark Prince (ダークプリンス) by pirates big and small. He was also the personal student of Sengoku. He appears in Forces that Turn the World.


Leon is a laid back and sometimes flamboyant man, evident in his style of dress and general attitude, and he is rarely seen without a smile on his lips. In his off time, he can be seen drinking sake in bars and napping. He likes steamed buns that go with sake, but dislikes powdered green tea. Leon also favors eastern culture over western culture.Though Leon tries to talk his way out of a fight, he does insist on fighting when the situation is grave.Despite being the strongest vice-admiral and once apprentice of Sengoku, Leon retains a level of humbleness and isn't overly arrogant about his strength, although once when fighting a elite Shichibukai level pirate, he does comment on how the fight "wouldn't be too easy" even after knowing his opponent's power and fame. Leon also refused to be promoted, believing there are other better suited for the job.

Leon is the best friend of Admiral Sanjo Vista


Shunsui is the second son of the high-ranking noble Shanes family. Despite being of such old and prestigious lineage, he disliked studying and training, and preferred to chase the ladies, although being told by Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku that he was able to see the truth and was wise for his age. Because of this, he was sent against his will to Marineford Marine Academy to become a marine, where he would meet lifelong friends and mentor.


Leon is top class swordsman who wields a high grade katana and wakazashi on normal occasions, but when in a serious battle wields the only duel 12 Supreme Grade Swords

(最上大業物Saijō Ō Wazamono) which resemble black scimitar. He is a incredibly powerful fighter and is feared by some of the strongest pirates in the world.


While hating the concept of having to engage in a fight, Leon is presumably one of the most proficient swordsmen in all of World. He is a highly adaptable combatant as his two swords have allowed him to become ambidextrous, meaning that he is able to switch hands between the two swords. Leon usually swings with more strength in his right hand than his left hand; however, he can easily switch or balance the strength between his two hands, much to the surprise of his opponent. Leon states that he only uses his wakizashi in situations where his katana is too difficult to use. Whenever they had sword duels in their earlier days, Sanjo would almost always lose to Leon.


Leon can use 2 types of haki.


  • Leon's character is heavily influenced by the character Shunsui Kyoraku in Bleach.