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The (or La) Libertà Pirates, is an extremely powerful and infamous pirate crew ruling in the New World, led by one of the YonkoEsposito Dante and are in command of many islands that allied under them. They are based in Eterna Island, with their captain ruling it as its king.

Jolly Roger

The jolly flag the crew flies is one not usually met with fear because of it's appearance. It contains a skull with angel wings, crosses, stars and devil horns. So much detail went into the original jolly roger as the crew wished to properly display 'Dante' and his goals.

Crew Members

Libertà Pirates
Shirou Amakusa Profile Pic.png
Esposito Dante
La Guida
Mukuro Rokudo Profile Pic.png
Elio Kai
Quattro Regni
NoPicAvailable.png Z Spark square.png Veldora's Face.png Miyamoto Musashi Profile Pic.png
Z. Spark
Kenzo Stark
Angeli e Demoni
Gerard Valkyrie Profile Pic.png Spirit D. Tengu Face.png Peroroncino Profile Pic.jpg Ulbert Profile Pic.jpg
Spirit D. Tengu
Dark Elf Profile Pic.jpg Eren yeager Profile Pic.jpg Velverosa2.jpg Outakemaru LP.jpg
"Cold Soul"
Eisenheart Yōren
I Filosofi
Spartacus Face Pic.jpg Jin taejin.jpg Warui face Pic.jpg NoPicAvailable.png
Spartacus Yoi Warui ?
Sfere Celesti
Black Winged Dragon Profile Pic.jpg Kisame Hoshigaki Profile Pic.png Tourner LP.jpeg Toro Face Pic.jpg
"Il Sole"
Nube Cielo
Tourner Toro
Livelli Purgatorio
Vasilia LP.jpeg Esposito Rex LP.jpeg Esposito Fiero LP.jpeg Esposito Giovanni LP.jpg
Vasilia Esposito Rex Esposito Fiero Esposito Giorno
Beau E. Yule LP.jpg Luc E. Homura LP.jpg NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png
Beau E. Yule Luc E. Homura ? ?
Neferpitou Profile Pic.png Akaza Profile Pic.jpg Leonardo da Vinci Profile Pic.jpg Kyojuro Rengoku Profile Pic.jpg
"Rotted Flesh"
Lucia Tierra
Foreigner.Katsushika.Hokusai.full.2335219 1 01.jpg Esposito Bella LP.jpg Esposito Oriana 1.jpg White S. Antonio Face Pic.jpg
Ātisuto Naoko Esposito Bella Esposito Oriana White S. Antonio
Mitsuri Kanroji Profile Pic.jpg Solomon Profile Pic.jpg Kagakusha Curie Face Pic 1.jpg Angrboda Hebe Face Pic.png
Emiyo Alvis Cato Kagakusha Curie Angrboda Hebe
Enzo Face Pic.jpg NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png
Enzo ? ? ?
Notable Ships
NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png
? ? ? ?
Subordinate Crews
Mystic Pirates.png Inferno Pirates Jolly Roger.jpg NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png
Mystic Pirates Inferno Pirates ? ?
Allies and Affiliates
NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png NoPicAvailable.png Alonso Elio Profile Pic.jpg
Lucifer Pirates Pleiades Pirates Sunset Pirates Alonso Elio



Like most Yonko-led crews, the Libertà Pirates are a massive pirate organization, organized around a central group of pirates sailing directly under Dante, and various subordinate crews working directly on his orders, allowing the crew to operate as a massive pirate fleet; a roughly tens of thousand-strong army specifically built heavily around the different races from all his territories that have sworn their service organized along simple yet strict hierarchical lines, effectively able to operate as a massive fleet. Dante as the captain is at the top holding complete authority over everyone. Directly below him is rank his second in command (the Gudia or The Guide) along with his top three executive officers (the Tri Regni or the Three Realms) to whom a certain number of second-ranking officers (the Angeli e Demoni) answer.


Crew Structure

Guida & Tre Regni

Ranking highest under Dante himself is his second in command The Gudia (グディア Gudia, literal meaning: The Guide)

below him are the crew's top executives and the next most senior members, the Tre Regni (トレ レグニ tore reguni, literal meaning: the Three Realms). They are the crew's strongest warriors after the captain and Gudia and his closest confidants, sought after and handpicked and personally trained by Dante himself. The three figures holding this rank—???, Stark and Megumi —are informally referred to by their given titles that holds a special standings to the crews operations. ??? is called the Paradiso who handles all of the sea travels, trade and command their own fleet of battleships during combat. Stark is called the Purgatorio who is tasked with commanding the crew's vast military might in times of conflict and wars. Megumi is called the l'Inferno who handles crew and territory relations and security.

In terms of combat ability, the Tre Rengi have proven themselves very powerful, as each one of them was considered undefeated warriors with fearsome reputation in the grand line long before even joining the crew until they came met Dante. Now several years later their skills have only improved after challenging Dante to countless rematches

Angeli e Demoni

The Angeli e Demoni (アンジェリ イ デモニ Anjeri i Demoni) are a special group andone of the higher ranking titles the crew has that is considered to be the strongest members of the crew being directly below the top rank and the Captain himself. Currently, the group consists of only six people.

The Angeli e Demoni stand out significantly in the crew, given their strength, and are closest to the Dante besides the Tre Rengi; Dante himself holds them in high regard. In fact, being directly below the Tre Rengi in the hierarchy, the Angeli e Demoni are specified as next in line to become a Tre Rengi should a current one die despite the fact that is very difficult to reach. Many of the members were all formerly active as captains of their own respective crews, while others were ex-royalty of different nations serving under Dante.

The six are well-reputed for their strength;

It consists of those who are highly dedicated to Dante and his cause weather they were people he recruited, those who sought him out, or even ex pirates captains of their own crew.

It should also be mentioned that each member of this rank strips themselves of their names and ask Dante for a new one. As of now each known member of this rank is in possession of a powerful mythical Zoan type devil fruit.

Sfere Celesti

The Sfere Celesti (スフェア セレスティ Sufea Seresuti) are one of the positions of the crew that make up the full military might of the Libertà Pirates. Members of this position are those known for their command their own fleet of vessels. They are known for their leadership and tactical skills for them to command their own fleet of battleships. Their specialty is not on land or head on combat, but instead in naval battles, strategic formations and navigation.

Celesti form the advanced navigators/captains of the crew. They are all excellent navigators, acting as leaders of ships for the crew. In large cases also see as scouts, they find new islands that could require Dante's help, they also gain Intel, acting as spies as well.

Livelli Purgatorio

The Livelli Purgatorio (リブリ パーガトリオ Riburi Paagatorio)


The Peccati (ペッカティ Pekkati) are the crew's second-grade officers and the position that holds the most members within ranks of the crew. They are responsible for leading the smaller groups of foot soldiers when need be. They are some of the younger and newer member's of the crew as powerful people who join the crew may attain this rank over a short time span. They are the ones that can act as Dante's representatives in a kingdom he has within his territory. Such as Lucy who's his representative in Zou, and so are usually the ones to address smaller-scale issues happening nearby. They can use their position to alert their superiors of potential threats and dangerous situations beyond their capabilities. Due to their combat skills, abilities, and experience, they also serve as officer agents under the command of other positions such as serving onboard the Sfere Celesti's various fleet's or as Starks security enforcers

Their strength seems to vary from individual to individual and depend on whom they are fighting. They are strong officers whose experience and battle performance are forces to be reckoned with as each member have obtained bounties of over Bsymbol.gif60,000,000. Most of the several members are powerful fighters with Devil Fruit powers, high combat skills, and/or considerable tactical knowledge.

Crew Strength



While the Libertà Pirates do not shown any interests in taking control of territories like the other big name crews, they have managed to become friends and allies with the native's of several island nations of the territories and islands that were once dying out due to the acts of kidnapping and slavery as well as "Heavenly Tribute" many countries had to pay to the World Government that nearly ruined their way of life as well as islands that were attacked and raided by pirates and bandits alike along with other threats that are now under crew's protection. All territories under the Libertà Pirates' protection offer them their resources and goods as well as their service and loyalty, along with a fair amount of tribute money that the islands are able to afford while still maintaining their income, If for some reason an island is unable to pay their tribute, crew members are sent to investigate the cause and their tribute will be on pause until their able to pay again.

These territories and islands include:



If you guys like the art used for the jolly roger, here's the link to the original, go check them out. Just give it a good ol copy and paste

The format of the crew was inspired heavily from Dante's Divine Comedy

  • Guida & Tre Regni: Guida translates to Guide in Italian (inspired from Virgil, Dante's guide in the afterlife) while Tre Regni means 'Three Realms" which are Paradiso, Purgatorio, and Inferno (Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. The three realms Dante's Divine Comedy takes place in)
  • Angeli e Demoni or Angels and Demons which were the figures Dante and Virgil came accross in the Comedy
  • Sfere Celesti translates to 'Heavenly Spheres' in Italian. It connects back to Dante's journey while in Paradise
  • Livelli Purgatorio which translates to 'Levels of Purgatory' which were the trials Dante went through in Purgatory
  • Peccati or 'sins' in Italian which were the method the Inferno was split into