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"I can no longer tolerate the World Governments madness, I will no longer serve a government that enslaves its people, thats why I am becoming a Straw Hat! My dream to bring a free world! A TRUE government! IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY AND MY WILL FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, I AM NOW A PIRATE!"-Lock Flint Nick before taken to the tourtre chamble for "Treason"

Lock Flint Nick is a Straw Hat Pirate and a former captain of the Marines. His dream is to free the world from the foul World Government and help bring it into a world and law of reason. His bounty is 26,000,000,000 for "Promoting and prevoking crime" he is known for armed with 6 flintlock pistols, the first 4 being weiled by a mechanical steam driven pack on his back that has 4 robotic arms.


Nick is a Catholic who lived a happy life on a small island with his parents and a priest, he joined the Marines at the age of 18. When he heard a group of ships attack his hometown, the Government lied to him claiming it was pirates (the real attackers were the government who killed them out of mere sadistic amusement of silencing people with terror). Every vile crime against humanity the Government comitted pushed Nick into questioning more and more. Luffy found out that his father tried to help Nick's when the attack was launched, Luffy kept trying to tell him this but Nick refused but after hearing the World Nobles in a phone conversation laughing about Nick being a "idiot" he realised this was true. He set Luffy and the Straw Hats free and was taken to a military trial, where he begged the marines to disobey the government and pleaded to rebel against them. Then he finally saw the only solution, he threw away his badges and medals and declared himself a straw hat pirate and shot his superiors with his mech pack by surprise, the Straw Hats cam back to rescue him, and he serves Luffy as the scout to this day...

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