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Lock Hair Pirates - The Journey Begins!
Date Started: April 17th, 2021

Date Finished: , 2021

Setting: Loguetown, East Blue; Alkebulan(Flashback)
Characters Involved:

Lock Hair Pirates

Wrath Pirates



Synopsis: January 28th 1522: After waking up from another nightmare about his traumatizing escape 10 years ago from Alkebulan to Loguetown in the East Blue, Calam decides it's time to start his journey to save his family. His foster parents Daddy Jean and Auntie Dawn Mear finally reveal the full truth of how he ended up in Loguetown and the whereabouts of his split family. The trio start repairing an old ship Daddy Jean used to sail the seas, before he settled in Loguetown. Almost finished with repairing the ship, it is destroyed by Chou Soran, a swordsman gaining more and more notoriety in the East Blue and Kurosaki Eve an unknown girl. Calam manages to de-escalate the situation by solving their problem and convinces them them that the three must team up to handle the bigger threat, incoming Marines Captain Red Julius and Lieutenant Surg E. On.

Will Calam survive this encounter, and possibly set sea with two companions to meet many more?

Majin Khi

Chapter 1: The Grand Escape! Strauss D. Marcus Flees!

(Flashback Start)

"Come on, let's go...there's no time to waste!" Strauss D. Marcus would bark at his young son Calam. He was extremely anxious due to knowing the repercussions of his current actions. He looked over to his wife as she ran towards him with bags packed with days worth of survival based supplies. Marcus and Carlae had been planning their escape from Alkebulan for some time now, and it was finally time to execute it. Marcus walked to the front door, watching it automatically slide into a space in the doorway.

"The coast is clear." He whispered signaling everyone to sprint to the their meteocar. The four doors on the vehicle would begin to open vertically, the family flooding into the back and front seats, like their were a giant wave. Marcus would place his left wrist onto the wheel of the car activating it, as the car began to hover, purple energy rings emitting from two engines on the bottom and a purple flame from the single propeller. He would then look at his wife Carlae and his small child Calam in the back, proceeding to look forward and place his foot on the gas revving away.

Shortly arriving in the gate to the Jungle District, all four passengers would exit the vehicle as it slowly lowered to the ground.

"Let's go, let's go." Marcus would rush his wife and child towards the gate, when suddenly "BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!" Their vehicle has burst into blue and violet flames, knocking the four onto the ground.

"What the hell?" Marcus would say sweeping debris off himself. "Are you three okay?"

"Hee-HEEE-hee-HEE-Heeeeeee!!" A voice behind the flames would emit in a staccato fashion

"So I see he sent his lap dog.... Laraib." Marcus would mock, grinding his teeth as he backed up covering his family like a human-blanket.

"Why do you insist on running Marcus? You can't escape from one can Hee-HEEE-hee-HEE-Heeeeeee!!" Lareib's shadow now visible through the growing fire.

Marcus would have a disgusted look on his face, cautiously backing his family closer into the gate. He would turn his head whispering to Carlae.."Pass me the meteo rifle.....hurry!"

"Okay relax, I have to find it first!!" She would snap back quietly.

"You've had your fun now it's time for you to COME HOME!!!!" Laraib would save jumping over the fire, revealing himself to be a humanoid hyena hybrid of some sorts. He would sprint towards them, sounds similar to whoops spewing out his mouth louder and louder as he jumped into the air beginning to bounce on the four, but Marcus and Carlae would turn around purple energy beams firing from their meteo riles. Laraib would get knocked back into the flaming car causing another explosion.

"The gate Marcus!" Carlae would yell moving Calam out of the way. Carlae and Marcus would fire the meteo rifle beam into the large gate melting a hole into it big enough for the four to crawl through.

"Go Calam GOO!" Marcus projected, and he began to shoot incoming Wrath Pirate soldiers holding their own meteo rifles and pistols. Purple beam bolts of energy filled the air like a laser light show, small explosions creating charred areas around the complex. Marcus would tap tap his wrist watch and a purple energy barrier would appear. He would raise his left arm deflecting the incoming beam bolts from the ever-growing crowd of soldiers arriving to the Jungle District Gate.

"SET YOUR RIFLES TO STUN YOU FOOLS, WE WANT THEM ALIVE!!" Laraib would groan as he slowly rose from the debris of the second car explosion. "If any of you, EVEN ACCIDENTLY KILL ONE OF THEM I'LL HAVE YOUR HEAD ON A METEORIUM PLATTER!!" He'd yell shaking his body like a dog who was trying to dry himself.

Marcus, Carlae and Calam successfully entered into the Alkebulan Jungle, sprinting towards the thick undergrowth. Each family member would dive into the undergrowth submerging themselves completely.

"OPEN THE GATES!" Laraib would scowl, towards the gate control center who failed to stop four scientist and two children from passing into the jungle. "Kylosian isn't going to be happy with any of us...Hee-HEEE-hee-HEE-Heeeeeee-Haa-haaa-HAAA-." He would giggle in a staccatic tone slowly sounding more and more human as his body transformed from his hybrid form back into a regular human. "Hand me my meteo watch, I have a call to make." Laraib would command looking towards a soldier.

Chapter 2: Through the Jungle! The Family Makes Their Escape!

"Be careful Calam, make sure you look out for poisonous plants." Carlae warned her son, as used the meteo knife to cut through the plants, made of meteroium a powerful metal. Alkebulan has utilized Meteorium, an extraterrestrial material (element, compound, and alloy)only found on Alkebulan, that acts mostly like a metal, and has the ability to absorb kinetic energy within the molecular bonds of the material, temporarily as well as its non-rustable factor, in everything from their clothes to their architecture because of its amazing ability that doesn't allow any absorbed energy does not pass through to the object beneath it, because the metal absorbs the kinetic potential and disperses it among the metallic bonds of the material, holding the energy and releasing it slowly and quietly. Meteorium doesn't just absorb the energy, it increases the strength of the material making it stronger and more damage-resistant, making it an excellent and sought after resource. However, there is a threshold and once the material has absorbed its threshold of energy, if it cannot release this stored energy in a timely fashion, the stored energy would erupt, exposing the wearer of the metal to all of the energy at once.

Meteorium's energy absorption can also be utilized in meteo-weapons. A meteo-weapon is a weapon made of or using meteorium to absorb and release kinetic energy making the weapon more powerful the more it is used. For example, meteo-riles and meteo-pistols are guns that use energy absorption magazines that are charged with kinetic or mechanical energy, then inserted into the gun which fires the energy as a purple beam of energy. Another example being a standard meteo-knife or meteo-blade which are far simpler compared to meteo-riles as you only need to absorb kinetic or mechanical energy through combat to strengthen the weapon until it reaches its threshold, imploding. These properties made meteorium an extremely sought after material until it's history was los along with Alkebulan in the void century.

"I will mama." Calam said as he began to tread more carefully. Eventually the four reached the rocky shore of the Jungle and stared at the beautiful yet terrifying sea surrounding Alkebulan.

"There it is." Marcus said excitingly as he began to the lead the way through the rocks to a boat made and powered by meteorium.

"Not so fast Strauss Clan......Hee-HEEE-hee-HEE-Heeeeeee-Haa-haaa-HAAA." Laraib would laugh as the family was now surrounded by the Wrath Pirates. "Kylosian may be gone on a business trip, but I promise it won't be any easier to escape in his absence Heeeeeee-Haa-haaa-HAAA." He would say continuing to laugh.

"You're just a puppet, when you realize that!" Carlae responded. "We're leaving this Island and I mean tonight."

"Silly girl." He would say as he transformed into his hybrid form, sprinting towards Carlae. "YOU'RE MINE!" He would yell opening his jaws, before being intercepted as Marcus would tackle him. "TO THE SHIP NOW!!" Marcus demanded.

"Alright let's go." Carlae said as she starting knocking down Wrath Pirates in her way with her meteo-knife and pistol.

"You're a traitor had so much potential yet you through it all way because you decided you have morals. Kylosian saved your life and this is how you treat him?? Such insolence!" He would say as he pounced on top of Marcus, trying to bite his throat.

"I am forever grateful to him for saving my life, b-bu-BUT I WILL NEVER SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO WILL WILLINGLY RISK MILLIONS OF LIVES FOR WORLD DOMINATION!" Marcus projected.

"PAPA NO!" Calam would say jumping off the ship and running towards Laraib, who would swipe him away cutting him across his left eye.

"Then you and your brat will die" Laraib responded as he began to to use more force, Marcus using his rifle to keep back the jaws of the hyena hybrid, lifting his legs and kicking Laraib in his stomach to knock back the beast. "Have some of this!" He would say as he reached into his back pocket revealing a meteo-grenade, a weapon that stores kinetic energy and releases it in a shockwave form knocking back everything in its radius and tossing it to Laraib.

"What is this?" Laraib would say catching it. "Wait this is a mete-" Not being able to finish as the grenade exploded releasing a purple shockwave which would send Laraib and a couple soldiers flying back into the jungle brush. "Carlae is the ship ready?" He would yell towards the boat.

"YES COME ON!" Carlae responded scooping up Calam and sprinting towards the ship.

"AHHHHH" Laraib would say as he pounced onto the back of Marcus running towards the ship leaving the shore.

"PAPA!" Calam would yell.

"Marcus!" Carlae would scream in the fear of his husbands life.

"I'll kill him right now if you don't turn that ship around!" Laraib yelled.

"I have no choice, I can't loose him....I must at least make sure our children have a future!" Carlae thought to herself as she turned and started pushing buttons on the control panel for the boat.

"Activate Auto-Pilot and Turbo Boosters?" A voice from the control panel's computer would beep.

"Calam, don't you ever forget how important you are to me and your father and how much we love you.This is my dream, that'll you and your sister Milan both return to Alkebulan and save us from this tyrant! "We managed to get Milan from this Island, and now Calam will follow in his older sisters footsteps.." She thought before speaking again. "Make me proud Calam.... I LOVE YOU!!! She said pulling him in tight for possibly the last hug they would ever share, proceeding to shove them into the control room and walking out as she locked the door.

"MAMA, PAPA NOOO!" Calam would yell banging on the door as both real and tears made of slime ran down his face.

"I love you always." Carlae yelled as she jumped off the boat and began swimming towards shore, the boat Calam was on activated its turbo boosters and began soaring off at a high speed away from Alkebulan.

Days later he would appear in a calm sea....

"Were am I, the waters are so calm compared to Alkebulan's untameable waters." Calam would state.

Suddenly a huge Dog-like Sea King would appear with its jaws open wide, crashing into the ship causing Calam to fall into the ocean."KKKKKRRRRRAAAASSSSHHHHHH!!!"

(Flashback End)

Chapter 3: A Nightmare Once Again! Strauss D. Calam Declares The Start of His Journey!

Calam, now 16 years old would suddenly rise from his bed with cold sweats. He would look over to his left noticing a glass of water, reaching for it and began to drink. "That's the tenth time I've had that nightmare. I can't take this anymore, I won't put this off's my destiny to save Alkebulan from Kylosian and reunite my family. My journey starts now!" He thought to himself hopping out of bed.

"Good morning Daddy Jean and Auntie Dawn Mear." Calam would say now completely dressed, his appearance of black dreadlocked hair, round dark-brown eyes, and a slim muscular build. His outfit made of short dark-blue trousers with cuffs, sandals, a black unbuttoned shirt with pink and grey flowers on it, and also has a necklace with a meteorium gem attached to it, which he got from his father. Calam also has a scar vertically across his left eye which he received from Laraib during his escape from Alkebulan 10 years ago.

"Good morning, would you like some breakfast?" Auntie Dawn Mear, an elderly woman wearing a burgundy sweater, tan pants and sandals with a flower designed hair pin replied.

"I'll answer for both of us, YES!" Daddy Jean a plump and bald man, with tanned skin, glasses a loose green shirt with black trousers and boots, answered.

"Alright then have a seat Calam, breakfast will be ready shortly." Auntie Dawn Mear replied.

Calam would walk over to the dining table, pulling out a chair and having a seat across from Daddy Jean. He would clear his throat before he spoke. "So guys, I think I'm finally ready to leave and start my journey....I had the nightmare again." Calam explained as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

"I see. Then we support you Calam-boy, we'll complete the construction on the ship after breakfast." Daddy Jean replied, confident in Calam's abilities,

"You've trained for the past nine years to master those Slime-Slime Fruit powers of yours, if you're finally decided that it's time we'll be behind you one-hundred and twenty percent(120%)." Auntie Dawn Mear would say as she began plating the food.

"Thanks a lot guys, I don't know what I would've did without you." Calam says as Dawn Mear begins to set the plates on the table.

"Dig in boys." Auntie Dawn Mear said as she set and began to eat.

A couple of hours later at the Loguetown Port, the trio had already began their work on Daddy Jean's old ship. Calam walked over with nails and he began hammering the mast into place with Daddy Jean's help.

"So how has it been since you sailed the seas with this medium sized boat?" Calam asked Daddy Jean.

“When I found you floating in the sea my friend. You were being carried by a Sea King, it’s literally a miracle that it hadn’t devoured you yet.” Daddy Jean sighed. “That was the day I decided my days as a fisherman were finished…I had found a bigger cause.”

“Then he proceeded to gloat on how he kicked a Sea King’s ass for months!” Auntie Dawn Mear added.

“HAHAHAHA! She’s not wrong you know, it was a tough fight too, but you know-“ Daddy Jean began to flex before he continued talking. “I’m a strong old man huh? HAHAHAHAHA!”

Calam would smile as he brought more wood planks onto the boat to fix the yard area. “Looks like we’re almost finished, let’s take a break shall we?” Calam asked.

”I think we deserve that lunch that Dawn Mear cooked right about now.” Daddy Jean agreed as he stepped off the boat Calam following, both men walking over to a small table Dawn Mear had set up.

“I love Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna sandwiches, I guess it’s because their so rare. Where you catch this Daddy Jean?” Calam asked before devouring several sandwiches like he had been starved.

”Oh I didn’t catch it, I lucked out in the market HAHAHA!!” Daddy jean explained, before the three burst out into laughter.