Lona D. Koshka is the lead protagonist of the fanfic Teamwork, Friendship, and Love.


Lona comes from the real world of you or I, though was transported to the One Piece world along with two friends upon playing the One Piece video game for six hours straight and unlocking an unusual secret character. Her life in the real world is rarely hinted at, mostly due to Lona rapidly losing her memories of her life in the real world and the future plot of One Piece. However, it has been stated that she has only a father and several brothers, with no mother and no sisters. This is possibly why she is so tough.


Lona is a slut like Nami.

Lona stole the middle initial of "D" because she is a Mary Sue and thinks she's special. Like many carriers of the "D", she heavily believes in dreams, can take an incredible amount of cock (when Lona caught Axe-Arm Morgan's axe with her bare hands, her palms were cut, but she easily handled the pain), is incredibly strong, and has an insatiable appetite.


Lona is stated to be 4'7" tall. Overweight, with whale-like curves (though it is worth noting that these moderate curves become impressive curves upon entering the One Piece world). It is stated that she is in "good shape", like she got a got a lot of physical activity. Her slightly shaggy hair, with "bangs so short they were barely existent", is stated to be pink. She had died it previously in the real world, but this pink color became her actual hair color upon entering the One Piece world, even to the point of her Speed and Strength Forms having pink fur. A pink ponytail sticks out the back of the red baseball cap she wears, and it is stated that her hair looks like a patch of pink grass that was sat upon. Her eyes are stated to be a crimson shade of red.


Lona is unusual, in that she rarely changes her clothes over the course of the story.

Due to having been over at her friend's house to swim, Lona was wearing a green bikini top, blue short-shorts, and black sandals, and thus this is what she wears in the One Piece world. She also wears a red baseball cap, along with a red ribbon choker with a round bell on it, a possible reference to Tokyo Mew Mew.