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London Jack, mostly known as White Fang was a notorious captain known for leading the White Fang Pirates. He was considered one of the deadliest pirates until he and his crew went missing one day. He is also the father of London Dane, London Roscoe, and London Charmian. He is also the husband of a longleg werewolf named Collie.


White Fang was known for his massive height, exactly at 21' 4". He typically is known for his rough look of a pirate; Only wearing worn shorts and a ripped jacket. He is known for walking around barefoot, as he thinks boots slow him down. He has an eyepatch on his right eye, thanks to a battle he had with Shishio. He also wears a necklace of a Fang he once lost in a battle against an opponent. But like a shark, that tooth grew back,and White Fang kept it as a necklace for a reminder of that fight.

As is, he's a very tall wolf mink. He has dark grey fur, but becomes white when he is in sulong form. His eyes are dark red among the furry look.


White Fang in his Sulong Form

The sulong form is a power that the minks only have access to; And it can only occur during a full moon. But his sulong form is where the mink is the most notorious for and brings the hearts of men, women, and children fear this wolf. His sulong form doubles his original size, making him tall as 42' 8". His grey fur turns a perfect white and his red eyes become an even bloodier red within transformation. His fangs grow even sharper and longer when he grows into sulong. His skin becomes stronger than solid steel some say. This very demonic look and fierceness has received him the title of White Fang.


Beside his usual attire and his terrifying sulong form, he is known for carrying weapons. Mainly it is his signature blades he donned Benevolence and Malevolence. These two blades is the weapon(s) Fang is most known for. Whenever he ain't in sulong, these blades have met many marines that stood in his way. The blades are both extremely long for them to be considered only "knives" but they are held like so when White Fang wields them.


Fang is a free-spirited individual who is considered one of the top dogs of the pirate scene. A man who has lived through a lot in his life, including slavery and capture into impel down, his high willpower and stubbornness has kept him going through. With goals all over his life, dreamt of being a pirate ever since he started becoming a slave, and especially after destroying a whole village in his first ever sulong.

Fang has a very outgoing personality towards his crew with a very obvious alpha presence. He is the Alpha and Captain of the crew he likes to call his "wolfpack", with his wife Collie being the alpha female also leading the group. As the alpha, he is the one who will settle disputes, make alliances, and put people in their place. The crew heavily respects him as the leader and will always be on his side whenever they are needed by him.

Only towards his wolfpack he calls it,he is majorly protective of them as he is the alpha. Since he loves each of his crew members dearly as a family, he is willing to put himself in front of all the crew, allowing himself to suffer first.

Fang is also a wolf who is confident in himself and others as he works. The man has abilities that are ranked higher above than any other of his position. As he trained and fought and defeated countless opponents, his confidence has risen and risen until he met his match against Edo Shishio in what was a long grueling fight that was heard to have lasted for days. Though in Impel Down, his confidence has been seen as he was seen smiling and laughing sometimes in the sixth level instead of tears and despair like the other convicts at Impel Down.

This can be called either a advantage or disadvantage for Fang, but Fang is a wolf who will stand on his own ideals and beliefs and will never move a single inch away from them. His stubbornness and determination has been tested time and time again, but the man will always never quit in a fight until his opponent won't stand anymore. Even when Fang was on the ground, Fang has crawled and crawled until he was in reach of the opponent and kept fighting.

Fang is known for being a major major food eater. He is feared whenever he enters a restaurant or bar because he has been known to not only eat 1 restaurant's whole stash, but 3 restaurant food stashes in a single island. This is a wolf who has arguably one of the highest appetites compared to the likes of known rookies such as Thăng Long D. Yang and Elio Leonardo.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Strength and Durability

With Fang's large size, his strength and durability is far superior to both humans and minks. Fang has been known for punching and breaking through mountains in his superior strength back before he was arrested. Fang's skin is also bulletproof and hard to cut into as his fur is hard to cut through while his skin is as strong as the mountains itself.


As Fang has no devil fruit, Fang still has the ability to swim. And he has definitely used this skill to his advantage. He has become a quick swimmer as much as he is strong. Many would compare him to have the speed of a great white shark sea king due to his size and speed. He himself has even swam across the calm belt after training himself in months, which is his biggest swimming feat besides swimming in the waters of the New World.


This is one of the prized attributes about Fang, This is where The White Fang came from with his nickname. The white fur, the bloody red eyes, and the size of a giant makes Fang a very intimidating presence. Fang's strength and speed is majorly increased, and with intense training, Fang was able to make this a maintainable fighting style as he wasn't able to control it without the proper training.


Another attribute Fang has made it prized is his ability to use electro, which is a natural ability given to minks that allows them to channel electricity through themselves and emit it into attacks. Now Fang was born with an unnatural amount of electro in him that he'd unleash when he was only a pup before falling into slavery. Fang has eventually trained himself to unleash his electro in different ways, mainly in his attacks and constructing his electro into weapon constructs. His electro combined with his haki and sulong makes Fang a devastating monster.


Reijisutairu is a technique Fang found a year or two before his untimely arrest and imprisonment. Reijisutairu is also known as "Rage Style" and is a form where one uses their anger, and translates it to power. Fang was only able to find this technique after having a triggered reaction that was rage-inducing. After raging for a while, Fang sat down and wondered why he was getting angry and powerful. Fang then had a dream while sleeping with another wolf that spoke to him. This wolf was the entity of his anger, and this wolf was causing chaos in his dreams. And in the dreams Fang had to chase the wolf himself and tame it before it caused anymore destruction in his mind. When he tamed it, he was then allowed to harness power from the creature which signified the rage inside him.

Thus for about a year or two, Fang has trained to use reijisutairu into his arsenal. Causing him to cause more destruction in his punches and flurries. He found that there are different points to his rage: Anger, Rage, Fury, and Wrath. Before he was imprisoned, he was able to only unlock the first two points. After a lot of mental training with his spirit animal of anger, he was able to unlock the final 2 points and unleash them after he escaped.

Busoshoku Haki

Introduced to Busoshoku haki when he first joined his captain's, Tsuki B. Isamu,crew. Busoshoku Haki is Fang's main form of haki, where he is able to coat himself in a black embodiment where ever he coats himself. He is also able to imbue anything he touches with busoshoku and make it harder to destroy. Fang mainly uses hardening a lot for himself as he would attack full frontally so him hardening himself has been beneficial to him along using electro and sulong. Now he also has imbued his knives with haki and make them able to cut through many things thanks to them being hard.

Advanced Busoshoku

Introduced to this when him and his captain fought a marine by the name of Haruma Kuebiko. Fang trains himself in the mountains for two years after that fight to earn this skill. When he earns the technique, he earns the technique known as Internal Destruction which destroys objects from the inside out. Fang used this ability the first hole to create a giant hole in a mountain. After finding this ability, he uses Internal Destruction as part of his main arsenal, making a very strong form out of it.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Also introduced to Fang when he was a pirate apprentice to Isamu; Fang also has the ability of using kenbunshoku haki, which allows him to have a "sixth sense" to sense different emotions, presences, strengths of his opponents and allies. Fang has used his kenbunshoku enough that he can sense presences from other islands he's in. He also has been able to avoid attacks with kenbunshoku and figure where he should attack next.

There is a technique he created, a couple battles later, where he's able to mix his naturally acclimated sense of smell (as a canine) with kenbunshoku haki. With this technique, he's able to hunt down and smell marines from miles away across the sea. He has had used this as a forewarning technique sometimes as he'll detect hints of a smell of a marine. Or to find a certain person, give him a remnant of what they last touched in his area, and he could follow that smell forever! Following it as he'd swim through the seas to get it to the island that has that certain individual. This has made Fang a bloodhound in a way to find certain individuals, or be served as a warning that Fang should leave an area soon.

Advanced Kenbunshoku

Introduced to Fang when meeting Amazonian Vipe Lycodia; and during his time in prison, the White Fang unlocked advanced kenbunshoku haki. And his technique is a different form of future sight. It's future sight from the senses of hearing and smell rather than the sense of sight.

To use this technique, Fang requires deep concentration; And while he is using it, he goes blind to his eyesight. On the other side, Fang gains heightened smell and hearing that he would be able to have premonitions of the future despite blind. It demonstrates a way of the canine’s “gut feeling” of a sixth sense (Where canines can detect earthquakes, storms, illnesses, seizures, or women in labor), as Fang would be able to smell and hear the future despite not being able to “see” the future.

A downside to this technique is that it does require him full concentration (as observation does require when in use), and it also “blinds” him for a moment. But, with his time served in Impel Down, he has been able to deeply concentrate and create this technique that serves him perfectly. Which led him to “smell” and “hear” his escape.

Haoshoku Haki

Unlocked at age 18, when his captain Isamu was killed by Haruma Kuebiko and he lashed out back; The White Fang has had the conqueror's will known as Haoshoku haki ever since. Since his training on the mountains, the White Fang has used it in many of his major battles, including the formal admiral Ieyasu, warlord Tatsuya Ryushiki, pre-yonko Donk E. Kong, and even in his battle against Edo Shishio. With this rare form of haki, Fang is considered one of the Supreme Rulers of the world

Haoshoku haki allows Fang to exert his willpower over creatures and other people. He can exert his willpower through dominating ones will to intimidate them, causing the opponent to be scared and run away in an instant. Fang can also exert his haoshoku haki where it can incapacitate his enemies by overpowering the will of theirs, thus knocking them unconscious. And, if Fang exerts enough willpower, the White Fang can destroy inanimate objects and structures with his will.


Fang is known to carry two giant jim bowie knives that are donned Benevolence and Malevolence. The knives come from the island of Albion and were 2 national treasures of Albion. While not skilled with a sword, Fang uses these blades when he battles swordsmen that tend to not want to get too close to him. If he wants them to be, he can chain the large knives together and have the blades be swung around by his long chain.


Humble beginnings

White Fang grew up in the Winter New World island known as Yukon. A winter wonderland that is known for 6 wolf mink tribes. And each of the 6 tribes would fight for the position of Monarchy of the land. His mother was the princess of Yukon named Kiche and the only child of the King and Queen of Yukon. According to the Yukon Constitution they created,there was to be a tournament that would have to be held if the sole child of the monarchs was a girl. The tournament would determine who would be the future wife of Kiche and the future king of Yukon.

So the tournament happened. Many warriors from each of the five tribes were brought to fight and die for the love of the girl. Many were royal recommendations from advisors of each tribe. Others were warriors that were in love with the princess. And there were some that were peasants thinking they had a chance against the other warriors. One of the warriors was donned Greyback. He was from the tribe known as the Tala tribe. The other tribes are Gola,Chilaili,Genessee,Unega,and Yas tribes. Greyback was a warrior that entered because of royal recommendation.

And boy did Greyback do a job. He nearly slayed all of the competition. Greybeard went through some personal issues on that fight,as he knew some of the opponents were his friends. But it didn't stop him from completing the mission. He won the tournament and was given the future position of King and royal husband of Kiche.

Just later after the parents of Kiche past and Kiche and Greyback become the new monarchs. White Fang was born as Tonka according to the Yukon tribes. Where he was the youngest of the litter of six wolf mink puppies. He would be a very feisty little mink and was very happy to live among the luxuries of the queen and king of Yukon.

Marine Attack and Famine

Everything was great for the island of Yukon and the Monarch family,until when White Fang was 4.

Yukon ended up being chosen as a battlefield between the marines and the Brickbeard Pirates. The Brickbeard Pirates were causing a disturbance to the marines that the marines decided to chase the pirates to the island of Yukon. The Brickbeard Pirates would end up trying to hide in the island,hoping the marines would end their chase for them. But the marines didn't stop the search. They even surrounded the island with battleships that way if they see the Brickbeard pirates escaping,they would shoot on sight.

With the ships surrounding the island, the marines also didn't allow any ships to enter or exit the island,as they were fearful of the Brickbeard Pirates escaping in a random ship also. This thus had cut off the supplies that the citizens of Yukon were buying. This started to anger some of the citizens of Yukon,as the marines were using the island and weren't listening to the people.

Then one day, the marines got tired of waiting for the Brickbeard Pirates to show their faces,and they also grew tired of the people complaining to them. A captain decided to raid the island and look for the Brickbeard Pirates by force. He unleashed all of his troops as well as the other battleships unloading their marines.

That day was fateful as the marines were attacking,the Yukon armed forces defended their homes as to protect themselves from the marines, but it was inevitable that they would be slaughtered and lose to them. Houses were set on fire, blood was spilled everywhere. Fang's dad was killed in the battle by a marine while Fang and his siblings and mother were hiding in the castle of the royal home.

It wasn't until 2 months that the Brickbeard Pirates were found by the marines and were captured. The marines then left shortly after the capture, but left Yukon in shambles and rubble. The merchant ships didn't even return after the marine battle because it was so demolished. This would lead to a long famine that would suffer the island for many years.

The surviving of the royal Yukon family before the famine was Fang,his mother,and Fang's 5 siblings. As mother Kiche tried to feed and keep every pup of hers alive, only Fang would survive the gruelling 4 years of famine with his mother. When Fang turned 8,him and his mother were taken by slave hunters. Fang himself did try to defend him and his mother Kiche from the hunters,until his mother told him to stop and had to convince him the being a slave was anywhere better than living in an island of famine.


Unfortunately, Fang and his mother were separated from each other during the selling of each other. Fang was bought by a human man named Gray Beaver,aka Grays. Fang's mother was taken to a different human man that would separate Fang and her and would heavily abuse his mother. This separation would be devastating to Fang,as he was all alone as a slave. But Grays,his master,would somewhat guide him.

Grays was a man with a well soul. He was strict,but fair to Fang. Unlike most slave owners,he doesn't like the slave system he participates in. But he joins as to find people who would be working for him,and train them so that they can prepare themselves for the free world. Grays was also a martial artist that would teach Fang about haki. Grays saw a certain glare in Fang's eyes that feared Grays,so Grays himself would train the boy of his temper.

Anger Issues

About a year after Fang was bought by Grays. Fang proved himself useful to Grays,which Grays started to show favor for Fang. Grays started to give Fang more tasks to do,and even gave Fang his own little place to live in the house along with Grays.

No one really liked that Grays was taking favor on Fang,especially another wolf mink named Lip-Lip. Lip was known for being a prattling wolf mink that would speak endlessly and suck at fighting. Lip wouldn't keep his mouth shut and kept on talking to the other slaves about turning and killing Fang himself. Lip even started to annoy Fang every day from then on since Fang was given his own room.

One day,Lip moves his lips once too much. Fang was working on moving hay bales from the barn. Lip was also assigned to help out Fang. Grays was aware of Lip talking trash about Fang,and hoped the two would get along by working together,so he assigned Fang and Lip this assignment. Lip,awhile moving some of the hay bales,threw a bale at Fang. It hit Fang in the head,and Lip was laughing at Fang as well as the rest of the slaves that saw it. Lip was then making fun of Fang,and was explaining to Fang how jealous of everyone else is. And that it would be unfortunate that something happened to Fang.

This is when a slave jumped out of a pile of hay and tried to kill Fang with a pitchfork. Fang was hit by the pitchfork in the abdomen and fell to the ground. Lip-Lip and the others laughed some more,thinking that Fang was dead and they can celebrate. But suddenly Fang got up from the large wound on his side and threw the pitchfork right at the slave that threw it at him. The pitchfork hits the human slave and beheads the human. Lip Lip was then punched and beaten by Fang. But the other slaves were going at Fang. But Fang's anger couldn't be tamed. Fang killed many of the other slaves that night. Fang wasn't stopped until Grays took out Fang with haki that Fang was stopped.

Grays was obviously upset that Fang killed a lot of his slaves,but also understood that he was also at fault for showing favoritism to Fang,and the other slaves were jealous and ended up dying from their jealousy and from Fang's anger. Grays ended up having Fang taken out of the comfort of his own room and forced Fang to live in the barns. But Grays also decided to not buy another slave until he has tamed Fang of the anger.

Fang's first training

A few months have passed since the incident. Grays has then decided to take action and try to solve Fang's anger issue. Grays decided to train Fang in haki. Grays trained himself in haki as a way to focus on oneself and enhance himself. Turns out Grays even had become a very formidable opponent with his training. Grays thought Fang being trained in haki will keeped Fang focused on his mind instead of his feelings.

Fang was trained in the art of both observation and armament haki. Fang was trained hard through sparring with Grays and by lifting heavy objects like tall trees. Grays even made Fang do workouts that kept the body going like 1,000 push-ups or 5 laps around the island. Fang was trained like this for many years until he was 13 years old. Fang at this point was a very muscular wolf mink, but was also beginning to be more familiar in his observation and armament haki. It also seemed that Fang's anger issue was becoming no longer an issue as Fang was more controlling of his emotions. This made Grays satisfied and happy in Fang.

How the name White Fang came to be

When Fang was about 13 years old,he was about to be done as a slave according to Grays. Grays had papers set up that would give Fang a new name and a new life. Grays even had adoption letters that would have Fang be Grays's adopted son along with Grays's actual son,Mit-Sah.

One day,Mit-Sah and Fang decide to go into town together. They went to town to go send the papers in to the town office. Fang would sign the papers and would send the papers over to the office. Fang also had changed his name,as his original name was Tonka,but now his name became London Jack.

Mit-Sah and Fang would celebrate them sending the letters and the nearly official welcoming of Fang to the family. All of this was going good until a fateful event would happen. As Mit-Sah and Fang would walk back home in the town,they were welcomed by Lip Lip and a little band of goons. Lip Lip would attack Fang while the goons were holding Mit-Sah hostage. Lip Lip would then dare Fang to look at the full moon that was among them. Lip Lip himself was in his sulong state beating Fang up. Fang was then seen getting up and looking at the full moon.

This is the part where his epithet was known first.

Fang's transformation doubled his own tall height,nearly making him a giant compared to Lip Lip's sulong form. His form was rich in white fur,while dark,bloody red eyes stared down at Lip Lip. Fang simply knocked Lip out into the sky for miles. The goons that held Mit-Sah were amazed at Fang,but were also scared as they ran away.

Fang then in turn,ran toward the town in a frenzy state and started to destroy the city. The city was gone within minutes,Fang's electro roasted many people,while Fang's teeth met the skin of many citizens. The city ended up ablaze thanks to someone trying to throw fire at Fang,thinking it would stop Fang,but it only made Fang even more madder.

Blood was all over fang as he howled below the moon as he had just eliminated nearly the whole entire town! People saw the image of the pure white fur that had red blood covering it. They also remember the large,White Fangs that Fang had. After Fang had ran into the woods as the local police and marines were running after him. The local citizens didn't know who Fang was in his sulong form,so they had simply given him the nickname,White Fang.

Origin of Piracy

In the morning, Fang wasn't in his sulong anymore and was hiding himself in the forests of the island. He didn't know what he had done over the night, and soon found out what he had done when he finds all the blood covering his furry body. Fang then notices hunters, marines, and police looking for him throughout the island. Fang realized he couldn't stay on the island anymore and decided to stowaway on a ship that was leaving the island real soon.

Fang would hide in a barrel that was just big enough for his large size at the port as a group of random pirates picked up the barrel and placed it into the cellar of the ship. Fang would stay in the barrel in the cellar for a long while before he started becoming hungry. And when Fang got hungry, he ended up eating the whole stash of food hidden in the cellar.

The pirates one day, about a month later, come down and find all of their food supply gone, despite resupplying the other month. They see Fang in the cellar and start taking him down easily. They take him up to the captain of the ship, who was no ordinary captain. The captain was a large white lion mink who went by the name of Tsuki B. Isamu, the captain of the Moonlight Pirates.

Isamu was a stern and notorious pirate in the New World but was in Paradise at the moment to explore more besides the New World. Isamu was known for collecting treasure and taking out marines who stepped in his way. Isamu was a notorious user of his sulong which he'd kill marines and enemies alike with. This caused him to be one of the more notorious pirates in the New World. Isamu saw Fang and was curious why a rather big pup like Fang was hiding in his ship.

Fang was nervous as a scared wolf he was, he naturally then looked up at the night sky and saw the full moon arise. Fang then watched the moon and transformed into his sulong form. Which many of the pirate crew except Captain Isamu himself was scared of the sulong form of Fang. Fang was in a blind rage as he attempted to kill some of the pirates until Isamu took Fang down single-handedly without using sulong at all. Isamu would force Fang unconscious and out of the sulong form.

Fang would be scared of Isamu even more since he easily defeated Fang without using Sulong or haki. But Isamu would only smile and would ask if Fang would want to join the Moonlight Pirates as an apprentice, Isamu saw something that would surpass himself in Fang, and Isamu wanted to train the young wolf mink. And so the young wolf mink falls into a pirate apprenticeship with one of the most notorious pirates in the Grand Line.

Being A Pirate Apprentice

For about 5 years, Fang would serve as the Pirate Apprentice of the Moonlight Pirates. He was taught nearly everything by Isamu about being a pirate. Fang would also be the chore boy and janitor of the crew as he was left often to housekeep the crew's ship. This would leave him out of adventures at times. But Isamu hadn't ignored him, Isamu was slowly teaching Fang to be stronger and better than himself. Soon, Fang was able to control himself easily with his sulong form, though he still had some raging tendencies initially. Fang was then able to control an immense amount of electro in him without physically hurting or tiring himself for a good amount of time.

Despite Fang being left on adventures from the crew, Isamu made sure his Pirate Apprentice did get some experience on the pirating field. There was a time when Isamu took Fang out and they found treasure on Raiju Island and fought marines for the treasure on the island of lightning. Fang and Isamu together took out a sea king that attacked the Moonlight ship in the middle of the night. And the two would go and raid islands and attack the humans that had both impacted their lives negatively.

Evidently, Fang and Isamu have common hatred for the human race. While Fang's homeland was destroyed by humans from the World Government and enslaved him, Isamu's backstory was about similar. Isamu's homeland was attacked by slave hunters that were hired by the celestial dragons to encapture them. Isamu was lucky to escape the island, but his father was enslaved and so was his mother and the celestial dragons would have done horrible things to his mother. Isamu was able to escape the chaos thanks to his aunt and uncle who took him away and sailed away while Isamu's father would distract the slave hunters. Years later, marines randomly killed Isamu's aunt and uncle while Isamu was working on the farm that they owned. This angered Isamu greatly, which Isamu killed the marines that killed his aunt and uncle. After that, Isamu left his farmland and began a pirate career in the Grand Line.

About when Fang was 17, Isamu would take Fang and the crew to a marine base and they completely annihilate every marine in the base. Isamu would raise his pirate flag on the base and declare war on the World Government, representing those that were affected by the World Government negatively.

It wasn't long after a marine by the name of Haruma Kuebiko came to the Moonlight Pirates and attempted to stop the crew with whatever he needed to. Isamu wasn't having it with a marine coming, and Kuebiko wasn't having it to deal with a pirate like Isau. So both parties leap at each other and fight. Kuebiko and Isamu would mainly fight, as Fang would be in the background, watching his captain battle the marine for a long time in the old marine base. It was until after the midnight of a full moon until Kuebiko had an advantage he found and killed Isamu with no issue quickly.

Stunned by the turn of events, Fang got mad and charges at Kuebiko. Hoping to hurt the marine that killed his mentor and father figure that was when his biological father died, he attacks but was immediately pushed back by Kuebiko. Suddenly, the color of the supreme king shows up in Fang after being pushed as a wave of the haki would be pushed. The wave would knock the lower ranking marines unconscious, but leave Kuebiko the lone marine stand. Kuebiko realizes what Fang has revealed, and attacks Fang with quick succession, hoping to kill the mink before he could be any danger in the future.

Fang gets nearly killed by the marine and is left for dead, floating in the water as he was forced out of the marine base. He floats all the way to an island named Gavriil, where he wakes up on the shores of the island.

Training in Gavriil

Gavriil is an island that is located in the Grand Line in the Paradise end. It's an island whose main attraction is the giant rocky mountain that makes the majority of the island, while there are small farms that are at the bottom of the mountains. The island is generally peaceful with very few criminal events besides viking raids that have happened decades ago.

Fang wakes up to the shores of Gavriil where he sees the great mountains ahead of him. He notices the farms lit up and bringing a posse to investigate what came into their shores. Fang notices the torches and forks coming toward him and decides to run for the mountains. The mountains naturally attracted him anyway since that terrain was similar to the one from his home.

Fang runs to the mountains and notices how large they were, it was almost as tall as the mountains compared to his homeland. Which he had never climbed those mountains. Fang decides to start climbing up the mountains with his own bare claws and hike it. Fang climbs all the way to the top for what would seem like 2 weeks for how long it took to climb. But as he rose, the harsher the rocks were and the weather was more dense and dangerous. Fang would most of the time claw his way up to the top, leaving towards the end his hands all bloodied from the climb. There were times Fang nearly fell to his death but was able to save himself by chance as if the Gods wanted him alive. This climb was a physical and mental challenge for the eighteen year old Fang as he just lost his beloved captain and felt alone for the first time, but the fact that he kept climbing to the top to get away from people was a testament to his will.

Fang climbs to the top and sees what he had done, he was struck by amazement for his feat. His feat of climbing to the very top of Gavriil made him the first ever to climb to the top, no human being, or anyone of that matter, had dared to climb to the top. He screams out of his anger, the angering howl shaking the island's peaceful stature. He decides to sit down and sob for the first time to then release himself of his mental strain. He cries for his family, his captain, and the fact that he has nowhere to go.

As a moment of tribulation expired, an eagle soared past his head from the mountains as it flew toward the sun. A moment then captured Fang, Fang realizes he must do what he thinks is best for himself and the world. Fang stares at the eagle flying toward the sun and gives his signature smile as he realized he must become a pirate himself. And to the rid the world of the World Government to become the very ruler it needs.

Fang doesn't just realize this fact without also noticing he needs to train. He remembers that one marine that killed his captain had some advanced form of Busoshoku Haki. So Fang trains himself hard as he lives in the mountains of Gavriil for 2 years to earn himself what the marine had. Now the question was: How was he going to earn a skill of advanced busoshoku haki?

Well, Fang tried different exercises. For one he'd harden his body and would take it against the harsh mountain and its weather. Fang would punch the mountains hard everyday till he saw the white knuckle bone out of his thick fur. Then he'd let it heal while dealing with the harsh cold from the top of the mountain while hardening his body in the haki to hopefully keep himself warm. He'd also imbue rocks with haki so he can give out damage to the mountain other than just punching the mountain with his brute strength.

Day by day, the minor punches became minor impacts on the mountain. Soon they became a large dent on the mountain. Then one day, He punched the mountains and the mountainside shattered. Causing an avalanche that would be the first ever devastating avalanche on the island. With that punch, he figured out a way to cause internal damage to the mountain. Fang soon learns this is the technique known as Internal Destruction, an advanced technique of Busoshoku haki.

He tested this once more when he was at the bottom of the mountain. He decided to punch the mountain again, but this time create a massive hole in the mountain. He punches the mountain, and in a series of explosions and violent shakes, there was a tunnel that extended from the initial punch location to the other side of the mountain! Fang smiles as he then known his time was up in this island. He walks away from the mountain, steals a boat while taking out the crew that belonged in it, and sailed away to get his crew. When people realized the tunnel that has "mysteriously" appeared in their land, they named it the Maksim Tunnel as it was a "Great Tunnel" made by the Gods.

Fang vs Kong

It wasn't long before Fang's new skill was put to the test. As Fang went to Namakura Island to recruit members for his crew, there was another mink there to take the island over for himself. The great Donk E. Kong was there as he was tasked from the Redbeard Pirates to take that island over. Fang saw Kong attempting to take over the island and decided to help the island by battling this monkey.

The two had fought a long one, 72 hours of pure fighting from one another. With the last night having a full moon where each of them fought with their sulong monster forms. Fang was able to damage Kong with his new technique of advanced busoshoku haki. Despite the long battle, Kong comes out as the victorious in the battle, leaving Fang a bloody mess. But Kong admits to Fang at the end of the battle that he was the first mink to give him a battle worth fighting ever since his old teacher's defeat. Before leaving Namakura island, Kong tells Fang to find him once again when he's stronger, and then they'll fight again. Kong had seen potential in the wolf mink, and decided to let the potential grow as he left Namakura safe.

Fang recovered on the island, feeling a bit bitter about the defeat. But despite his bitterness, he grew a respect for Kong as a fighter. Nodding to his thoughts, Fang would promise himself to fight Kong when he was stronger.

Fang would actually end up recruiting his doctor there on that island, by the name of Otto K. Chadwick, who was a horse mink who decided to travel there to help the hungry civilians there.

Forming the White Fang Pirates

As Fang travelled in his years as a captain, Fang has earned himself a crew that was mainly filled with minks and non humans, with only 1 human in the crew. Fang's first crew member was indeed the Doctor Chadwick he met after his loss to Kong. Soon, Fang travels to Xola, an island in the new world, and recruits Isamu's son, Tsuki B. Chaka, into the crew along with a bird swordsman named Rambert who came from the island of birdmen. Both Chaka and Rambert were members of Isamu's crew until the death of him. Fang also recruits a young angel named Sariel who had a cardinal zoan fruit. After fighting this gladiator in a battle and winning, Fang recruits the hellfire logia user known as Steelslayer Farkun. Meeting a lone Cyclops giant named Smaug and recruiting him as a blacksmith so he wouldn't be lonely. Also saving a horse mink from pirates, Fang recruits Achilles into the crew. Fang recruits a young rabbit mink named Puffy, who has a love for things taffy or sugary candy. Fang seeing more potential, Fang recruits an elephant mink named Alabama that has a deadly rage along with swordsmanship skills. Fang also gains a strange duo of a survivalist and a sniper named Bear Grylls and Jian Lambo. Coming from Alabasta, Fang recruits the walrus mink named Burbridge Patrick into his crew as a cook. Meeting up with a tribe of fishmen, Fang recruits a whale fishman named Herman Kaleo and an octopus mermaid named Andrina. Fang also recruits a boar mink named Slim Jim. And towards the end of his first stint, Fang recruits a young snow leapord mink named Lei Hu and a young scientist named Maximillion Force. He then recruited the young kitsune mink named Momo that he met when he was still with Isamu.

Meeting Lycodia

When Fang was 21 turning 22, Fang was still having his fun adventures despite causing chaos against marines. Fang ends up in Amazon Lily and meets the Queen there named Vipe Lycodia. With some convincing, Fang and Lycodia worked together and took out Captain Barrels who was holding slaves. Along there in the time, Lycodia grew a crush on Fang, and soon they had a relationship; Fang left Amazon Lily a few months later with Lycodia pregnant with their Child and he promised to come back to her.

Meeting Grinnaway

Not too long after Fang's adventure in Amazon Lily, Fang travels to an island by the name of Port Royal and meets a retired pirate named Grinnaway. Grinnaway was an infamous pirate who served in the Redbeard Pirates, the same crew Kong was in when Fang met him. The two became mainly friends as they both drank beers with each other and had a good time.

One day, Grinnaway was in trouble as he was being taken on by pirates, marines and bounty hunters that ganged up together to take on Grinnaway. Grinnaway was having some trouble taking all of the pirates and bounty hunters on until Fang came in and saved Grinnaway! Fang clawing through the pirates and eating the flesh of the enemy. Fang would also display his strength and impervious skin as bullets flew at the mink and couldn't hurt the White Fang, unable to either penetrate the bulletproof skin or get through the thick mink wolf fur. Grinnaway and Fang together would leave no survivors as each bounty hunter, marines and pirate that was after them that day. And at the end of the day, Grinnaway and Fang would laugh it off and drink again through the Night before Fang would have to leave. Grinnaway keeping Fang in his thoughts.

Wreaking Havoc the 20 Kingdoms

Throughout his reign of terror as a pirate, Fang has been known for raiding islands that were filled with marines, slaves, or islands that are worth to the World Government. In many islands, Fang has became a monster and ate the flesh of civilians to send a message to the World Government that he was a monster to deal with. But the most infamous of his raids were in the form of the twenty kingdoms. The twenty kingdoms are the kingdoms that allied and formed the World Government. Though the original royal families have passed or left for Mary Geoise, Fang raids the twenty kingdoms to do his bidding and send a message to the World Government.


Fang thought it'd be a good idea to start his twenty kingdoms raid with Atohatsu, the island of extravegant art, professional artists, and great sculptures that live there. Fang picked this as his first target just because he thought art museums were boring and he thought he could bring his own art form. Fang and his group then charge at Atohatsu and create the chaos that'd hurt the land for a long while. Fang walks through every art museum and destroys a bunch of valuable arts that the kingdom had for a long time. When the Atohatsu army met him, they met a beast like no other they said as Fang wiped out the army all by himself, ripping and tearing every soul that was facing him. He also ate them as he went about his rampage.

At the end of the terror Fang brought in Atohatsu, the whole army of Atohatsu was destroyed, with the top officers been assassinated as well by the swordsman Rambert. It was inevitable, but the collateral damage caused in this seige was costly. Fang leaves Atohatsu with a large sum of money and a lot of art he'd eventually have someone in his crew sell for even more money. The money would then be stashed in a secret spot, as Fang intended the money, whenever they attacked anything related to the World Government, to be geared toward the reconstruction of Yukon.


About 6 weeks after the attack on Atohatsu, it was seen that Fang attacks the Kingdom of Alabasta. Now since it was recent, most kingdoms that were affiliated to the World Government nearby were on their guard about Fang's last attack. And Fang gave Alabasta a warning through a letter that had a wolf's fang in it. Fang thought warning them could have them organize their army and give him a more challenge, which Fang wanted after the lousy resistance from Atohatsu, Fang thought.

Fang and the crew faced a larger army of soldiers at the shores that took Fang longer to get through, but Fang almost did the same to outfight the Alabasta army and get into the cities and cause more destruction! Fang, again, rips and tears through over a thousand soldiers and takes them out. Fang does see a young soldier that was petrified of him as Fang took the kid up his claws, but decides to spare the life of the soldier as he had a feeling this kid was major to someone in the future.

Fang leaves Alabasta with ruins destroyed, stolen loot, and more bodies of soldiers having to be buried. People were started to become concerned as if this pirate was uncontrollable, which by definition he was, but they truly started to fear this wolf mink that was laying waste to the government. His attack on Atohatsu and Alabasta happened when Fang was 20 years old, after his fight against Kong and when he was slowly forming his crew.


Some time later, after his adventures in Amazon Lily and meeting Grinnaway, Fang venture off into the New World after feeling ready to take on so. Fang then discovers the island of Albion. Fang and his crew then plots the Attack on Albion for a while before taking action. They then attack Albion and strike with cannons galore as it rained cannons and fire the whole time with it. Albion was a tougher place to fight as the island was filled with skilled swordsmen from all different cultures from samurai to knights. Fang, for the most part, tried to avoid them till he was able to find a weapon to defend himself. Fang then suddenly comes across two jim bowie knives that he loved the design and uses them. There, he was able to fight swordsmen with his knives despite his inexperience with blades.

After some while, Fang decides to hop off of the island feeling he's done enough damage. Fang was able to cause destruction in multiple cities of Albion, wrecking buildings, breaking blades, leaving dead bodies that he ate. But the island of Albion was able to defend its main kingdom castle from Fang when he felt tired. Fang leaves but plans for more action of what would be thought of an easier time.


He couldn't have been more wrong....

A couple months later, Fang planned out an event to officially crumble a twenty kingdom; Of the kingdoms which he picked Dressrosa. And so then, Fang attacks the island of Dressrosa and headed straight for the main castle. Fang had to face one of the warlords back then known as Tatsuya Ryushiki. There, a grueling battle between the White Fang and the dragon happened throughout the most of the day. The White Fang heavily underestimated his opponent in his own brash thinking, and quickly learned there was no quick and easy victory when taking down a twenty kingdom. So despite his crew was able to create destruction in the island as well, as both Fang's and Ryushiki's crew fought against each other for the island. Fang decides to turn tail and flee out of respect knowing that this wasn't a victory. Though despite the loss against Ryushiki, this battle gave Fang more recognition as he fought one of the World Government's top associates.

Fang vs Gutrot

About 33 years ago, when Fang was 24, Fang was sailing in the New World as he came across a pirate fleet that belonged to the infamous Hank Gutrot. The pirate fleet was looking around to raid a ship that travelled near him. Gutrot threatened to take on the lone 2 ships of Skoll and Hati, the two ships that belong to Fang. Then battle broke out as cannonfire came out from Fang's side, and soon there was a exchange of cannonballs. Fang would grab cannonballs and throw them back as his crewmates like Rambert would slice them, Sariel blowing them back with dials, Farkun would fire hellfire at the ships.

Before long, Fang was on Gutrot's main ship as they faced off between Gutrot's blade and Fang's knives. Fang would show who had the upper hand before taking down the pirate due to more raw power than the pirate. Fang, being merciful, gives Gutrot a warning before carving an x on Gutrot's cheek with his claws.

Openly Challenging Marines

Ever since Fang started messing with the World Government and their intentions. Fang has mocked them repeatedly and challenged any who dared to fight him and face him. There are many simple marines that have cockily faced him, but ended up losing grievously and/or lost their life in attempt to defeat Fang for the marines and pride.

Shimazu Asami

34 years ago, Asami crosses paths with the White Fang and challenges him to a duel. Fang happily accepts her challenge, not caring if the challenger was a marine, pirate, or anyone. So the two duel for a moment, with Asami showing her swordsmanship to Fang. Fang takes care of this battle quickly, showing her defeat with only his electro and the very blades he wields. Soon, Fang beats down Asami to near death with his bare hands. He leaves her alone after a thought, knowing she wasn't really a marine and she was a woman (Fang gives respect to women). So Fang leaves Asami to her ship and leaves her with a warning of her not facing anyone that outclasses herself.


Not too long after, a marine by the name of Captain Sage comes by and challenges Fang for a duel. Fang, seeing the marine, accepts the challenge. The marine captain gave every attempt to defeat the White Fang, but Fang's body proved hard to pierce. Fang ends up pounding the kid till Captain Sage was no more and dead. Fang would rip the body of Sage in two after a battle that lasted about fifteen minutes.

The body of Captain Sage was given back to the former admiral a the time, Ieyasu. Turns out, Asami was Ieyasu's wife; And Sage was his top student he trained. Being both disturbed and greatly angered by what the White Fang did, Ieyasu went out and left marineford one day to challenge the White Fang himself.

Fang vs Ieyasu

33 years ago, the Admiral Ieyasu himself immediately answers the death of his top student with challenging the White Fang to a duel. The White Fang accepts the challenge from the admiral, despite his crew disagreeing that he shouldn't be taking this fight.

This battle proved to have been one of the toughest battles he faced, the admiral himself was able to resist his conquering will like how Kong and Ryushiki were able to before, which made it for an interesting battle. The marine's way with swords outparalled his skills with his knives and his brawling tactics. Fang even fought Ieyasu in his sulong form, but still the Admiral wasn't intimidated nor stepped back. The two fight for two days until Ieyasu did indeed defeat him in battle and was in for the kill. The only thing that prevented Fang's death was his luck, and the fact Farkun set a third of the island on fire; right in the middle of a town. Ieyasu's motivation instead switched to saving the island's townsfolk as the rest of Fang's crew picked up Fang and took him far away from the island and the admiral altogether.

Getting Angry and Captured by Slave Hunters, Again

32 years ago, Fang's crew still somewhat forced Fang into a little bit of hiding as Fang had the admiral against him and the marines looking for him all the time. They hid in the Prodence Kingdom of the New World, and attempted to hide him while some of the crew tried to help out in the local island, Sariel and Andrina becoming a librarians while some of the others hunted criminals in the island. Fang was forced in a cage stuck. Despite his want to break out, he allowed his friends to have a "normal" lifestyle till he got bored.

When he did get bored, he bended the bars of the cage and took himself outside to see the glory of the Prodence Kingdom! The White Fang was then seen running around in the local bars, drinking beer and other strong alcoholics, he was seen wrestling the drunken fools that dared to fight him. He was having a jolly time while his crew was seen looking for him after finding out he left his cage. Fang's crew then decides to split up and find the White Fang that had to be within the island.

Turns out, Fang's crew wasn't the only people looking for him. The slave hunter, that actually took the White Fang and his mom captive when Fang was a pup, was searching for his former prize. The Slave hunter was Ovlov von Anatoly, and he also brought Kagakusha Agrat with him to hunt down the White Fang. Anatoly was tipped off by someone in the underworld that it was reported Fang and his crew was seen in the Prodence Kingdom. Anatoly, with some thought, invited Agrat to help him take down the White Fang, and try to suppress him back into the slave trade and not have him be a menace to the world anymore. Agrat agreed, and the two devised a plan and trap that'd take down the White Fang.

While the White Fang was having fun one night after a great day of drinking and wrestling, Fang decides to go home and back to the place to sleep. But while walking back, Fang sees the very body of his mother, Kiche, walking by with a smile on her face. Fang, dropping instantly the whiskey bottle that he held, ran straight for his mother in happiness to reunite with his mother. Kiche though, while still smiling and not paying any sort of attention to Fang, would run right into the back alleys of the city in the Prodence Kingdom. Fang, wondering why his mother ain't embracing him or noticing him, chases after Kiche into the alley. Fang kept yelling out his mom and kept yelling out questions of where she had been? Why is she here? Why is she running? Fang then comes out of a corner of an alley to a surprise....

His mother that he was chasing, wasn't there anymore. Instead was this fairly tall, maniacal, ghoulish female that was Agrat. She stood with a laughter and a toothy smile as a cage, once again, came on top of the White Fang! Fang, confused and angered, wanted to know what the heck is going on. That's when he turns around and sees the slave hunter that took him and his mom away, Anatoly.

Anatoly then explains to the White Fang that they had come to take him away, and get rid of the most annoying mutt to the World once and for all, as they had some customers already putting bids up to buy the White Fang as a profitable slave. They have been tracking down the White Fang for a while since his encounter with the Admiral Ieyasu, and they finally were able to track him down in the Prodence Kingdom. First though, the two went to Fang's mother's slavehold (which Anatoly had a ledger of where each of his sold slaves have went to), and killed her as a punishment to Fang. They even showed Fang the furs of his mother in a coat that was made before.

Fang, with the flashbacks of memories coming over him, the thought now that everyone in his family were dead. His brothers, his sisters, his father, and his mother now, were dead. The thought and goal to find his mother and free him, was doomed. Thus, then a changed occured, but it was not the full moon's sulong change. It was a change as he "blacked out" and went into a blind rage! An aura came around him as he tore right out of his cage! He tries to leap out and hurt the slave hunters, but the slave hunters were smarter to get out of the way and allow the White Fang to cause massive destruction to the Prodence Kingdom!

Fang's crew suddenly hears the destruction and commotion caused and immediately went to the direction of Fang. Only to see smaller slave hunters after them, so the White Fang Pirates had to battle the underlings of Agrat and Anatoly. Which was rather easy for the crew to do, but it took enough time that they were distracted.

As Fang's crew were fighting off the slave hunters, Anatoly and Agrat chased after the furious Fang as he was toppling buildings and eating people as well. It took the brains of both of them as they had to really get him set for a trap. The eventually were able to gas him out with sleeping gas that'd end his blind rage.

As Fang fell to sleep, he then dreamed of a White Wolf, locked in a cage. And it'd talk to Fang with anger, as the wolf was his spiritual embodiment of anger that dwelled and was finally released on that night. Fang, would then be talking to this wolf in his dreams as the slave hunters took the White Fang off of the Prodence Kingdom and into a slave ship. There he was going to be shipped out to a slave traders' island where many were going to buy the White Fang and use him for their selfish needs.

Meeting Collie

Seems luck always is with those like Fang, as a storm would actually shipwreck the very ship he was trapped in. As he was in a giant cage amidst in the storm, he prays and awakens his rage once again that gave him great power. For a while since he was taken, he had been doing nothing but meditating and dreaming with the wolf. He soon learned he can gain great power as he slowly starts taming his mental inner beast. So, after calling upon his Rage Style, and with his conquering will, he forces the ship to crash in the middle of the sea during the big storm. Fang himself would faint after using the rage style long since he didn't have a good grip with it yet.

Lady Luck would beach the White Fang on the island known as Drusilla, an island filled with 3 females for every 1 male, as well as an island filled with different beasts, monsters, and pirates that try to pillage the island. The White Fang would be welcomed by a man named Scott, a longleg who wore kilts and fought with a claymore. He took Fang into his house and fed the infamous mink. Fang felt a bit of home, as this was one of the very few moments someone, outside of his crew, gave him kindness of feeding him and providing a roof over Fang's head.

Fang was willing to pay back for the kindness, as even he didn't know where his crew was at (they were searching for him as he was in the island). Fang was introduced to Scott's daughter, Collie, when she was a young longleg. Scott did say that all Fang owed for Scott assisting to save his life, was to help out the harvest in his farm for the next 2 months. Fang agreed to help out whenever he could in that aspect then.

Fang, for the next two months, would indeed take care of any lifting needed and assistance for anything for the harvest. He'd guard the farm from monsters while Scott and Collie would work on the farm. Fang would eventually be taking down a lot of monsters that tried to attack the farm from giant bears, herds of wolves, to lesser vampires or barbaric ghouls or a pack of werewolves. Fang took down the monsters with help from lessons from his swordsman, Rambert, who took study in monster hunting.

Between the months, Collie and Fang grew to be more fond of each other. Despite Fang's purpose there, he and Collie would sometimes goof off onto the sides of the hills. Collie didn't have many friends, being a farmer's daughter and rarely heading to the city unless it is required. The two chat and grew a bond amidst the two months.

One day, there was talk in the island of this serial killer that was killing certain women and taking children away from the families. And it was the near the end of the island's harvest, which somewhat concerned the citizens. Scott tells Fang to protect him and his daughter that night of the news they heard, fearing yet hoping that the killer wouldn't come to their farm.

That night, the killer did indeed come to the farm. The White Fang was meditating in the middle of the fields as he grew bored in the night. And the killer snuck into the house unnoticed, until Fang detected it with his observation haki. Fang quickly went into the house as it tried to kill Scott while he was asleep. But Collie detected the killer coming and tried to stop it, only to get scratched and heavily wounded by the creature. Until Fang grabbed the monster and threw it outside! Soon, Fang finds that it's a werewolf as he fought it and beat the monster to death, and realize the potential danger Collie is in now. Collie convinces Fang to not worry about it, she'll manage and it'll heal. Fang made sure to watch Collie anytime then when they were together.

After the two months, Fang was able to go. But Collie wanted to join Fang in the adventures. Fang was reluctant to go, and so was Scott as to allow his daughter to go out to sea. Collie soon convinced both of them she can contain herself just fine, and so Collie follows Fang on the island until the White Fang Pirates found them and they continued their adventures.

Fang vs Shishio and arrest

For another 2 years, Fang creates more chaos and gains more recognition as a pirate. The White Fang was making alliances as well as territory and gaining influence within the New World, as well as challenging marines and fighting them to defeat them and show them away to the World Government to say how much better he is.

Until one day, an up and coming Vice Admiral that was known as Edo Shishio assigned himself to take down the infamous White Fang. The Vice Admiral came to the White Fang and challenged the beast. The White Fang smiles and accepts the challenge with open arms. Soon, they battle right in the middle of the island and face off for a long battle.

This was the longest battle Fang had ever participated in his life, as he heavily underestimated the drunken swordsman. With every bite Fang forced into Shishio, the swordsman would have a strong swipe back. The battle would last for 3 long weeks, with the marines and pirates watching from their ships to see the splitting of the heavens as their hakis clashed. There even was one night of a full moon, which proved nothing as Shishio was still able to battle Fang in the infamous sulong form. Shishio, as the battle progressed each week, showed Shishio had the upper hand. By the end of the battle, the whole island was destroyed with all of the destruction they caused.

One morning of their battle, Fang fell to his knees; bloodied and with an eye missing from Shishio's sword. Fang stayed knelt there smiling, knowing this is his end. Shishio, with a strange form of respect, instead of killing him, arrests the White Fang as they both were bloodied.

Collie though, wasn't allowing Fang to be arrested alone. Collie had been following her captain everywhere, and was willing to follow the White Fang to the eternal prison known as Impel Down. And so, Fang and Collie, both faced their trial at Enies Lobby, and were sent together to the bottom level of Impel Down, the unknown level 6.

Training and Rebirth

For 30 long years, the White Fang and his so called wife now, Collie, stayed in the long cold eternal prison known as Impel Down. They stayed in the sixth level, a level unknown to many of the public. And as time passed, his notoriety seemed to have faded. Only those who knew of him remembered him, but the public eye forgotten him completely. Only tales and children stories were heard of that even referenced to him. There was a children's story that derived from fang, "Don't go out into the night, or else the White Fang will take your teeth in quick sleight!". There were also tales told in bars saying of a "White Wolf" that conquered the night terrorizing folk.

Despite being forgotten by the majority of the public, Fang kept himself busy in the prison. In the cell, he didn't know if he were to escape or not ever, but he did use the time to meditate. Meditate in the martial arts technique he founded, reijisutairu. Sleeping, meditating, and talking to the fabled wolf in his head, finding ways to make his technique more potent. He also was working on honing in his kenbunshoku haki, remembering Lycodia using an advanced version of Kenbunshoku, Fang thought to meditate and train for that as well.

It took him a while while in the dark prison, but the White Fang was able to unlock his own advanced kenbunshoku haki. For once he unlocked it, he was blind, but was able to smell and hear visions of the future. The White Fang was even able to smell and hear his escape, hearing names of a "kind king" that'd be the main cause of his escape. When the White Fang heard of his escape, he laughed so loud, the guards down there ran away.

That was another thing, despite being forgotten by the public and him being in the prison for 30 years, has not broken the wolf mink's will. He still kept his smile and laughed his hind off while in the prison; he'd probably have even drunk still if the guards provided ale or mead for him. It was told his laugh could’ve been eerily heard through the halls of the sixth level if a high-ranking officer was needed down there.

5 years into the imprisonment, Collie got pregnant with Fang's children. She then given birth to a set of triplets while in prison. Not long, the guards would take the babies out of their parent's grasp and set them up for adoption. Fang got smart and marked his children with his own claw. He claws a fang sign into the babies' back shoulder blade. In one of the children, Fang even puts a secret note into the baby's cloth. The babies were sent to the SAS Storks whom took the babies to their homeland and held them up for adoption. The baby with the note, ended up being given to Sariel, whom sent the baby to the island of Chau Kingdom, and the baby known as London Dane, grew to be one of the finest knights of Chau. Another baby was bought by the Grimm Brothers, and London Roscoe became a top student of the Grimm Family dojo. The third child was adopted, but was immediately abandoned in the Drum Kingdom; Which was soon then raised by the wolves that lived in the Drum Kingdom; And Charmy became the alpha female of the wolfpack before being found by a crew and was convinced to join them.


During the beginning of the War with Kong, in the roleplay Through the Gates of Hell!, he was introduced still in prison. The yonko, Esposito Dante, planned out an escape for two of the Inglorious Bastards, Elio Leonardo and Thăng Long D. Yang. The yonko wasn't the only one, as Fang's old master, Gray Beaver, as well as a mercenary Udela Fujiko and assassin Ichabod Crane, planned out an escape plan for Fang with the pirate that owed Fang a favor, Grinnaway.

Fortunately, as they went through their plan, their escape plan was masked by the Impel Down breakout that Dante planned with his crew mates. So they were able to get to the sixth level of Impel Down, after being escorted by the Vice Warden. The group then finds the cell of Fang and Collie and releases them. Finally, in 30 years of imprisonment, Fang stepped out of his cell for the first time.

Before they left, Fang and his small group caused some more chaos as they released and recruited prisoners for Fang's crew. Fang recollected Maximillion Force, a former crewmate of his until he was imprisoned, and the madman became a force to be reckoned with before imprisoned into Impel Down as well. He as well recruited a boomerang expert, Fred Flintstone; A vampire Adrasteia; a megalodon shark fishman Thresher, and an experimented person known as Gustave.

Fang as well found the infamous pirate that was there in his fateful day, Brickbeard. The pirate, in a weakened and low state, begged for mercy from the Wolf Mink. With anger still within his soul, Fang takes the head of Brickbeard and removes it from the body of Brickbeard. And with some form of revenge taken cared of as well as some recruiting: The White Fang, Grinnaway, Collie, and the rest left Impel Down in an octopus balloon before restarting the White Fang terror.

The Current Chapter

The White Fang slowly recovers his old crew he had before he was imprisoned, if they were still available and not involved in their own adventures. Fang found Rambert being one of the most renowned monster hunter swordsmen out there, especially as one of the elders of the Halstein Corp. Sariel ended up being a friend and uniter, helping the Satanic Temptress on reuniting the six clans that were once together. Fang found Farkun as a high class gladiator that mainly lived in his homeland of Flavia.

Fang once then found his homeland of Yukon, and promised his people he'll rebuild it despite what they have suffered. So during the war, Fang regained Yukon and Collie's land of Drusilla. He also finds his family of triplets awhile; Dane he found after him battling Vice Admiral Angrboda Nitroni, and Fang himself sparring with the father of Nitro as a warm up and welcome back to the current world. He finds Roscoe before setting off back to Yukon, and his crewmate Force found Charmy who was by herself. He then took the kids to train him for himself.

Awhile, Fang also hired some help in the underworld, Angrboda Hebe, who reversed his age to the prime age of 21, with still his young body equipped with his greater control of his haki and electro. He then trained his children with what he can give them before releasing them again.

Fang soon gained more islands besides Drusilla and Yukon, soon the White Fang earns the trust of Vulpixia, an island that was hurt from slave hunters attempting to hunt the vulpinians. Fang also earned the neighbor of Yukon, Fimbulvetr an island of vikings of many races. And slowly, the White Fang starts rebuilding his crew and his empire.

In Worthy of the Gods, the White Fang gains the island of Asgard and allies with the Asgardians after meeting them so many years ago before he was imprisoned. After meeting his old friend Wodan and talking to the king, Lopt challenges the White Fang and they battle for Asgard. Fang once again proves why he was feared and respected over thirty years ago, and how he'll soon be relevant to the rule.

After some close research and some obstacles, the White Fang earns the island of Elysium after a tough battle with Vice Admirals Alarie Maëlys and Zero D. Echo as well as Rear Admirals Temari and Rouge Clothilde in Heaven's On Fire. With Elysium, the White Fang has access to nuclear technology, and a moving island that can act as another ship and port when he makes his larger fleet of ships.

After some convincing, the White Fang gains the island of Nirvana after marrying their queen Prisha Ruhi and promising protection if the island desired it. The island of Nirvana is a pirate paradise, so Fang has access to a recreational resort if he needs it.

The White Fang also gains the barbarians of Minos, the homeland of the Minotaurs. The minotaurs challenged Fang to a battle, which they wagered their alliance. So, the White Fang and the king of Minos, Tauri S. Fearlesshorn, face off in an incredible fight that gave the minotaurs what they want. It wasn't long until the White Fang won the battle and won the minotaur's allegiance as promised. Despite his win against them, the White Fang promised to not be a harsh emperor over them, and promises to one day have him in his final battle against the World Government, which aroused and excited the minotaurs.

The White Fang also continues to gain the trust of the Elves of Alfheimr, the homeland of the elves. The elves' and the humans' relationship have been strained thanks to the World Government, with the two races showing distrust of each other more and more as the World Government tries to frame the elves as selfish. The White Fang allies with the King and Queen of Alfheimr to protect them from the World Government.

He continues on, to ever increase his empire and his reign's reach more and more. While still openly challenging the marines till they give him the ultimate respect of being considered one of the most feared pirates of the whole world. He is currently sitting as one of the Seven Princes, the title given to those who could be the future yonko if one were to fall, especially since the death of Donk E. Kong.



Trivia (SBS)

Random Trivia

  • If Fang was from a place in the real world, he'd be from the Yukon Territory of Canada.
  • Fang's favorite music would be country, rock and rap, and his favorite music artists would be Toby Keith, Disturbed, Alien Weaponry, The Hu, DMX and others.
  • Fang's favorite choice of food is definitely cheeseburgers, or any meat in general.
  • Fang's associated flower is a white lupine.
  • Fang won't admit it, but he's a ticklish wolf (just ask his wives who found out)
  • If he was from My Hero Academia, he'd have All Might's Quirk.
  • Fang's Live Action Actor would be Hugh Jackman
  • Fang enjoys to grill when he can.
  • If there was a canon fruit he'd eat, he'd take the Gura Gura no Mi.
  • Fang would drive a black Kenworth W900 or a Monster Truck if he chose a vehicle from the Real World.
  • Fang's favorite pasta dish is lasagna.
  • Fang's favorite crew member is his wife Collie.
  • Fang's WWE Theme would be Stone Cold Steve Austin's, but would also be Roman Reigns's Head of the Table theme when he becomes yonko.
  • Fang's laughing style is FAR HAR HAR!
  • Fang's sleep schedule is from Midnight until 7:30 AM.
  • Fang has beer, food, puppies, family (his crew and blood), and stone cold stunning marines going through his head mainly.
  • Fang chews on ice.
  • If Fang was in DnD, he'd be in the Barbarian Class.
  • If born a girl, his name would've been Beauty.
  • Fang's canon character influence is Shanks as they both don't have a devil fruit, but are very strong without it.
  • A Pirate Fang gets along the most is his other wife, Vipe Lycodia. While a pirate he gets along the least would be Lopt.
  • If Fang could exist in other animes, it'd be My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, or Baki.
  • His favorite dog would be the Siberian Husky, the closest dog breed to a wolf.
  • If Fang was real, his favorite beers to drink would either be Budweiser, Coors, or Miller Lite.
  • If Fang was a fishman, he'd be a Great White Shark Fishman.
  • Fang can russian dance, bowl a perfect score, balance stacked beer bottles on his nose, and has many other talents!
  • Fang's pokemon type would be Electric.
  • Fang's favorite season would be winter.
  • Fang's associated color and number would be the color white and the number 3.
  • Fang's least favorite food would be any vegetable that doesn't belong on a cheeseburger.
  • If Fang was in Jojo's Bizarre's Adventures, his stand would be Harder, Bigger, Faster, Stronger.
  • Fang's pokemon team would consist of Pikachu, Incineroar, Lycanroc, Arceus, Lucario, and Raichu.
  • Fang's theme song besides a WWE theme one would be The Animal by Disturbed.
  • If there was a character in Dragonball to compare to Fang, it'd be Broly or Jiren.
  • If Fang existed in a video game universe, it'd be the Batman: Arkham Universe.
  • Fang's current rival is Edo Shishio.
  • Fang's power level should be equivalent to Whitebeard.
  • Fang's preferred method of killing is eating his enemy while in sulong.
  • Fang's "Ideal Cheeseburger" would be a well done double cheeseburger (square or round patties) with sesame seed buns, yellow american cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes on the burger, and all of this with mayo and ketchup in the mix. Oh and have a can of beer and some large curly fries or waffle fries on the side.
  • Fang prefers fighting more over eating.
  • Fang's planet that represents him is Mars.
  • If Fang had a superpower from Marvel or DC, it'd be Wolverine's claws from the X-Men.
  • Fang is afraid of spiders, but it's a condition him and his crew are trying to fix.
  • If Fang had the options to 3 devil fruits, it'd be the Gura Gura no Mi, Hie Hie no Mi, and Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyobi no Kitsune.
  • Fang's prefered death would be dying in his sleep naturally.

Trivia from the author

What Legacy do you want Fang to leave?: Ok, this is a good question. I think the legacy I want Fang to leave is the fact that his life has created nothing but a major headache for the World Government, and that his Family of blood and followers will continue his spirit and create more of a headache than he was. You can say that then the heart and soul of Fang will stay in the world forever as long as there are followers and kin of Fang,

What made you create Fang: So to be quite honest, this was one the very first ideas I have came up with since I have started here in the One Piece Fanon Canon. I just never knew when to debut him and such until I my first yonko candidate was rejected in the middle of summer. Wasn't long after that I created Fang and had a long term storyline created for him. This man I created was a yonko candidate way before the other yonko candidates were created. I hope to see that he wins this as I have built a passion for writing this character out as well as my main rookie John.

What was the idea behind the creation of his concept?: So when I was little, I loved reading books about dogs and puppies. As I got older, more or less about 11 or 12, my favorite dog books were "Old Yeller" by Fred Gipson, "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner, and "The White Fang" by Jack London. The White Fang, by far, is one of my favorite books to date still as I read it every now and then. So I decided to make him into a pirate, while loosely mimicking his background story from the book and apply it here to make it a more captivating story for the audience here.

Why the name London Jack and White Fang?: So London Jack is his name, which is based off of the author of the book, The White Fang by Jack London. I basically wanted to give an honor to the author who written a well done book by naming the pirate after him. Plus it sounded badass at the end of it.

What is his main goal?: To overthrow the World Government by becoming the World's Alpha as he likes to call it.

Do you want fang to gain kong's greatest creature title? - Honestly, it ain't the first thing I plan for him to have, but I wouldn't mind if he did get the strongest creature title. Besides it'd just show how much of a physical beast the man really is.

A character who you want fang to fight? - One that isn't inevitable or already planned out? Idk really.....maybe Forseti? or Daisuke while I am thinking. There are so many possibilities out there that I am open to them.

What is the thing you are the most proud of when you made Fang? - I am proud of the fact that I was able to plan him out without a devil fruit at this point. I know especially now people have tempted me to make a devil fruit for him (especially the gura gura), but me being stubborn I have been able to have him be a physical powerhouse with only natural abilities (haki/electro/etc) and his martial arts style. Even though Fang is underrated because he doesn't have a devil fruit in the matter, I hope his rise to yonko make people realize that there should be a "shanks" that becomes the cream of the crop.

Summarize him in 3 words: Stone Cold Stunning!

Fang's Views on the FC

Views on the Yonko: Welp this will go into four different views: How he views Kong: A mink he greatly respects, even though he did fight and lose to Kong before he was in Impel Down. Fang was hoping to fight Kong one more time to show how much he has grown but he has lost that opportunity due to Kong's death in Skyfall. Someone he'd definitely want a beer with lol

How he views Dante: The man who "assisted" in his escape. Fang only hears of him more and more throughout the Grand Line, only to find out that this was the kid who would have taken that last yonko spot Fang was rapidly getting closer to until his defeat against Shishio. This yonko curiouses Fang as he might have a beer with the yonko and a nice chat.

How he views Bloodbeard: Bloodbeard being a former Redbeard Pirate like Kong, Fang respects those that are of the tale of Redbeard. It is a possibility Fang and Bloodbeard have met before, but for now let's say Fang would have a beer with Bloodbeard, but keeping a good respective distance from the yonko.

How he views Eldritch: Fang doesn't hear often about this yonko, he only has heard of his name and face in bounty posters and newspapers. Only for this to be soon changed as hopefully soon, Fang and Eldritch will face off for the future of Sphinx! But Fang would have a beer with this guy if he could.

Views on the Admirals: Going off of the three known admirals:

Fermi: As all marines he's faced off, he doesn't really respect these folks. These two have just fought earlier, and it was proven even Fermi provides good enough trouble for the pirate, just like how Fermi was a trouble for Kong. But one thing for certain, Fang can't deny the strength Fermi has. And I believe there'll be a second round between these two for sure.

Shishio: The man who was the sole cause of him going to Impel Down. Be sure to know that Fang is going to be seeking for Round 2 against this Admiral, as Fang might be looking to regain the bloodlust battle they had between each other.

Chiyoko: Fang isn't familiar with this admiral as he never encountered her before, but he might in the future as the rogue admiral is with the United Federation. Soooo if any marine is the most likely he'll have a beer with, this ex marine would be the one.

Views on the Rokushokō: Well to be quite honest, he'd want to have a beer with all of them lol. Except for Lopt as he basically betrayed Fang in Asgard.

Views on the Inglorious Bastards: Well I am definitely sure Fang is proud of all of these up and coming pirates delivering ass whoopins to the World Government. But there are a few that interest him the most. Those that most interest him are Dane (of course it's his son lolol), Karui (She's the granddaughter of his former captain), Jack (Well a crazy clown definitely would have his attention, as well as his beta Force is working undercover for that crew), and Yang (Cause two minks like them two? That'll be the day when they meet lololol)

Views on the The Five Heavenly Beasts: Well he hasn't meet any of these folks at all, but I'm sure he wants to fight all of these Vice Admirals and show them why he was a force to be reckoned with then, and why he is one, and why he will be one for as long as he lives.

Views on the One Piece: He believes it to be real despite how childish the story sounds like. He hopes to find it after accomplishing his goal of becoming the world's ruler.

Views on the World Nobles: He DESPISES them.

Opinions on the buster call on ohara: Well he escaped around the same time as that happened, so he couldn't really focus on that at the moment. But I'm sure he soon realized what sin the marines have created.