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Louise Elizabeth is a Vice Admiral for the Marines and is famously known for her career of chasing Esposito Dante before he rose to the power of Yonko. She is also the consumer of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model:Kirin, turning her into a Kirin Human. She strives to become an Admiral a she hopes to reach closer to her hero, the current fleet admiral, Heiwa.


Elizabeth is a tall woman with a curvy figure. Her breasts are noticeably large. Also, she has very long hair,(usually reaching the back of her knees) which she ties at the very end. She has amethyst purple colored hair and eyes to match it. She also has creamy soft fair skin.


Elizabeth wears a few different outfits, her main one on the job consists of a dark purple button down long sleeve. She also wears black skirt under with complimenting leggings beneath that. Most notably, Elizabeth wa granted special permission to wear a black version of the Marine 'Justice' Coat. It is meant to represent the mourning she's going through after taking an innocent life by accident.


Elizabeth is a very empathetic woman, usually more than able to understand the feelings her subordinates which helps her be an even better leader. This is made even clearer after she consumed her devil fruit as it allows her to 'read the hearts of others'. This is why most who serve under her feel safe and even look up to her as a hero.

.Elizabeth is also proud of her fighting capabilities usually down right mocking her foes. Elizabeth is a very independent woman who lives with her passion for her job and what it represents. She takes her position as a Vice Admiral very serious and will happily put her life on the line to get the mission done. Elizabeth is known for living and abiding by Moral/Virtuous Justice. She treats others as they deserve, based on their choices and actions. This is why she does struggle when dealing with Dante, as despite being and incredible pirate, he also cares deeply for those of his territories.

It should be noted that despite the great pride she has in the Marines and what her rank represents within it, Elizabeth wears a black version of the Marine 'Justice' coat and was given permission to do so. She wears it to represent the pain and remorse she feels for those who are hurt in between battles with Marines and Pirates. Because of her strength and dedication she openly made this a requirement if they wished to keep her within the Marines.

Battle Prowess

Physical Abilities

Elizabeth is more than capable of fighting the likes of the Libertà Pirates top members such as Megumi and Elio Kai. Both of whom are incredibly powerful and have a frightening presence on the battlefield. She's also had plenty of encounters with Esposito Dante himself multiple occasions and could keep up with him on an even playing field until he and his crew disappeared for three years. She's displayed enough strength and speed to cut down five pirate ships in half within the time it took her to draw and seal her sword.

Devil Fruit

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model:Kirin: Elizabeth posses the power of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model:Kirin, making her into a Kirin human. The major strength that his fruit allows are that it allows Elizabeth to turn into a full Kirin or a Kirin-Human Hybrid. She has used this devil fruit with an extreme level of proficiency as she can even freely choose which body parts of her to shift such as just her legs to greatly enhance her speed and leg strength. A single kick of hers is more than capable of sending one of Dante's Angeli e Demoni through three buildings.

This Devil Fruit also gave Elizabeth an ability that she refers to as 'reading the hearts of others'. It was thought that it was just her haki but instead it was an ability born of her fruit and enhanced haki coming together. It allows her to detect lies from others and even allows her to sense out anyone who has ever killed someone. The Marines see this ability as vital when interrogation work needs to be done, which helped her climb the ranks quickly.