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I've tried so hard to live in the light, but they keep pushing me closer and closer to the darkness as if they want me to become a monster. If that's what the world wants, then that's what I'll live my life to be until my final breath...
— Feuer

Luc E. Feuer, also known as the "Satanic Temptress" is a New World Pirate and captain of the Lucifer Pirates. She obtained her epithet due to her reputation of the number of lives she has massacred, her drop dead beautiful looks and her Devil Fruit powers.

Feuer is the daughter of the ruler of Gelassenheit(now ruler of Wiedergeboren), King Luc E. Krieg, and Queen Beau E. Frieden, the elder twin sister of Licht D. Himmel, and the older sister of Luc E. Gunther, Luc E. Roderyck, Luc E. Ullrich and Luc E. Mathilda and is the granddaughter of Luc E. Valter. Like all members of the Luc Family, she carries the Heart of the Warrior fighting aura.

Throughout her life out in the New World, Feuer made a name for herself by causing carnage with her crew after years of betrayal, hatred, and being turned away. As she continued her journey throughout the New World, she gained notoriety for her destructive path that through it all, Feuer felt that it was her way of getting revenge on those who took everything away from her.

Because of the many acts that she has carried out during the four years her and her crew have sailed the seas, along with the number of casualties in her awake before she became a pirate, Feuer's current bounty sits at Bsymbol.gif600,600,600.


Feuer is a tall beautiful young woman with long fiery red hair reaching her thighs, cyan blue eyes, fair skin with a buxom figure. Her main attire consists of a white short-sleeved, button-down shirt, with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and black lace up boots.

She has a habit of wearing revealing clothing that to most people would find immodest but to Feuer she does not seem to care.

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