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Age 40
Name Luther Arianda
Nicknames Steam Kettle
Birth Date
Origin Hanamizu village
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Cook, Pirate
Affiliation Pretender Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10 69,000
Devil Fruit Weez Weez no Mi (Sound made by a kettle)

The cook of the pretender pirates and the only one who is actually aware of the dangers they will face. One of the survivors of the Great Blood Pirates Massacre.


Luther met the Great Tyrant Graham when working for a merchant ship. It is here that he was nearly killed by him but after showing his great cooking skills was accepted as the new cook of the crew. After some years on the crew he became great friends with all of it but just as the frienship was getting at it's best, nearly all the crew was assasinated by the Great Blood Pirates leaving alone with Martin Pestico, and Graham's kid: Alexander Graham.

Present Story

He helped the others in defeating some bandits at Ana Jaques' house and after that, returned to the ship to find some bandages for Ana. He was later surprised to see her inclusion in the crew and was happy to have a new member. He seems to treat her as her own daughter since she is good at cooking and reminds him a lot of her.


He ate the Weez Weez no Mi and is now a steam man. Contrary to some believes, this is actually a Logia fruit which makes him immune to all physical attacks. He is also able to float above water since he is a gas making him be actually like a ghost.