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Lycus is the assassin of the Requiem Pirates and is one of the trusted members of the crew whom Dorian entrusts on missions.


Lycus is a tall skinny man with pale skin, light blonde hair and magenta eyes. His attire consists of a white flowing top, black pants that almost goes past his knees, a bandana styled in a fashion to almost where it resembles rabbit ears and is barefoot. When out on missions, he often wears a bunny mask to conceal his identity which often throws his opponents off when he fights them.

Personality and Relationships

True to his name, Lycus is a stern, serious and calm individual who doesn't think twice before carrying out a task that is assigned to him. He is judgmental on those he meets and isn't afraid of opponents he comes in contact with.

Powers and Abilities

As a vampire, Lycus has super human strength and speed, able to outpace his opponents and swiftly take them out without hesitation.