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Mag R. Falcon is the spy of the Na Zdrowie Pirates.


Falcon is a slender guy with a bit of muscle. His attire consists of a blue-colored long sleeve shirt and blue jeans and matching colored shoes. He wears blue gloves and has a pair of pink-colored headphones that hang around his neck. Although, when he's a spy and goes into certain areas to collect information, he would wear appropriate cloths that would help him stand out less. He does however gets serious when bad situations arise.


Because of his head injury he can't remember lines for scripts he's suppose to memorize, this caused him to become depressed as he saw his dreams of becoming an actor were over. After joining Krakow's crew his confidence increased exponentially when he became the ship's spy. He has a laid back attitude and doesn't do anything to cause himself or others stress, he wants to make things as easy as possible for himself and his crewmates.

He is the type of person only to help out his crewmates when they're in trouble, he doesn't much care for the problems of others unless they're something extremely serious. He put his and his crewmates needs above others because he feels that it'll be too much of a burden if they fixed too many problems themselves. He also would be the type of person to sleep for twelve hours as he loves being relaxed and not doing too much work.

He does care about his crew but mainly just his crew and doesn't want to get in other people's affairs because he would assume it to be a bother. He will treat strangers with kindness but doesn't try to get to know them unless he sees them as useful to him or his crew. He doesn't like using people but will do it if it means helping him or his crewmates out, he would offer them compensation for using them but that's only if he is able and has the time to pay them back.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Falcon ate the Sai Sai no Mi, also known as the Judge Judge fruit. This grants him the ability of belief inducement, this is a power to manipulate others by making them believe in something, no matter how ridiculous it is. His devil fruit power could also make others hallucinate, making it more believable to whatever the devil fruit user is telling them.

This devil fruit could even convince someone to kill themselves if given enough amount of time, this fact scares the other members of the Na Zdrowie Pirates.


Falcon was an orphan whos parents died of a fatal disease when he was twelve years old, since his parents were close family friends with Perun D. Krakow's family, he was adopted by them and became Perun D. Krakow's step brother. During his childhood he wanted to take acting lessons so he can become an actor, so he spent a good portion of his childhood taking acting classes. He started acting classes prior to his parents death and eventually got back into it after his parents died.

During his early teens, Falcon was out taking a walk with Krakow and talking to him about his future, Krakow offered Falcon to join his pirate crew when he eventually makes one. Falcon declined because he wanted to be an actor and didn't feel like being a fugitive. Krakow was disappointed but accepted Falcon's decision, during their walk, a coconut fell from a tree and hit Falcon on the head, this caused Falcon to fall into a coma, which devastated Krakow and his family.

It took many years until Falcon gained consciousness again, he was amazed of how much older he's become, he was informed that Krakow went out to follow his dream of becoming a pirate years ago. So he decided to follow his own dream and get back into acting but because of his injury, he had trouble remembering script lines. He could remember reading from books or newspapers but couldn't remember his lines from scripts he read, which made directors and other actors look down on him for it.

There was now little to no chance of his acting career becoming a reality, he became depressed as a result but decided to go out to find Krakow and take up his offer from long ago to join his pirate crew. During his journey of trying to find Krakow, he found a devil fruit, he looked up what type of fruit it was and it was a fruit that would cause people to believe whatever he would tell them. He realized this would make his acting abilities phenomenal so he decided to eat it and gain the powers of the Sai Sai no Mi.

Falcon eventually found Krakow and his crew, Krakow was delighted to see Falcon finally regained consciousness. Falcon and Krakow caught each other up on what happened in each other's lives and after finding out about Falcon's new devil fruit ability, Krakow decided that Falcon would be perfect as the ship's spy. Falcon would be someone who would go out and collect information since his devil fruit ability made it easy for people to trust him. Falcon has been a very useful member to the crew and is loyal to Krakow and his crewmates.


  • If set in the real world, he would be from Hungary.
  • His favorite color is blue magenta.
  • His favorite food is chocolate cake.
  • He is the thirteenth member to join the Na Zdrowie Pirates.
  • His step-brother is Perun D. Krakow.
  • Falcon (being from Hungary if set in the real world) and Krakow (being from Poland if set in the real world) being stepbrothers is a reference to the Pole and Hungarian brothers be which is a saying about traditional kinship, brotherhood, and camaraderie between the Poles and Hungarians. Poles and Hungarians have been known to be very close to one another for centuries and view each other as both friends and brothers.
  • He is considered an outcast due to him being an orphan and being rejected as an actor.