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Maho Maho no Mi
Japanese Name: まほ まほ の み
English Name: Magic Magic Fruit; Trick Trick Fruit
Meaning: Magic
First Appearance:  ???
Type: "Special" Paramecia
Eaten by: Someone in the New Generation Pirates storyline


The Maho Maho no Mi (Magic Magic Fruit, or Viz: Trick Trick Fruit) is a Special Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, manipulate, and eat magic. With the magic, the first ability the user can create different spells depending on whats near in the environment, such as firing out mud in a swamp. The user can also levitate themselves and others, as well as produce a pink mist. The last ability allows the user to augment their own body in any way, whether it be physically or mentally. Any of these spells can be used at once, but it requires concentration to work. They can even eat their magic, giving themselves more stamina. There is a limit on how much spells can be used and if used repeatedly, will result in loss of stamina and even memories if used too much.

Named Techniques

Kazegafuku (English: Wind Blow)

The user conjures wind in their hands and fires it off.

Kousui Oura (English: Perfume Aura)

The user creates their pink mist to move around in that the enemy can't see well in.

Kiken'na Pinku no Furu (English: Dangerous Pink Tremor)

The user levitates earth in a straight line towards the enemy and creates the pink mist, covering a tremor inside the earth line.

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