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The Mahou Mahou no Mi (Kanji: 魔法, Hiragana: まほう), known as the Magic-Magic Fruit, is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which causes the consumer to become a Sorcery Man upon consumption.


The Mahou Mahou no Mi allows the user to manifest certain actions using a medium e.g. ink. The abilities can be cast without this medium, however the medium speeds up the process and depending on the medium, strengthens the casting.

The way in which actions are cast is by drawing kanji while aiming to manifest the ability. For example, if the kanji for fire was drawn on the palm of the user, a burst of fire will be released wherever the medium is sent. The fruit acts on its own and deciphers the kanji in its own way, which makes this a difficult fruit to withhold. The more kanji written, the more specific and controllable the cast is.

This ability exceeds in mid to long-ranged combat, as it has offensive and defensive capabilities. Furthermore, some casts have long-term effects on the user.


Other than the common Devil Fruit weaknesses, this fruit possesses huge weaknesses - the time taken to draw the kanji, the amount of space there is to draw the kanji, and the presence of a medium. In order for the user to deal highly sufficient damage, they need a long chain of kanji which will not only take up time, it will also take up space if using a medium. Also, the absence of a medium can make the fruit unstable e.g. if the kanji for fire was drawn in the air with no medium, a burst of uncontrollable fire would appear and may deal collateral damage. Imbuing the medium with Haki allows for the user to control the abilities with more ease.


The techniques used by this fruit are not ascertained. There are more situational, and the user will use whatever casting they need in order to gain an advantage in battle.

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