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Akira the water demon is the 3rd division commander of The Black Heart Pirates. Akira is a human who left his home behind following a murderous rampage against attacking pirates, where Akira massacred his enemies.



Maka Akiras full appearance

Despite his height, and child-like appearance, Maka is an adult male with a head of messy, light-grey hair, pink pupilless eyes and what seems to be a stitch-like scar running from under his left eye, all the way down his cheek. He wears a grey, sleeveless shirt with short-sleeved mesh armor over which he also wears a green poncho along with a turquoise sash around his waist, paired with a green apron over his pants. He wears a pair of brown boots, and on his back, he carried a staff-like pole weapon with unevenly sized hooks with a green flower on the larger end.


Maka is shown to be carefree and laid back if a bit rude and aloof. He has also shown to enjoy fighting and will even seek out strong opponents just to fight them. He has the habit of judging the warriors he comes across, gauging their strength in a range of 0 to 10 or even from a range of 0 to 100 if the opponent is really worthy. Maka also has a strong desire to defeat Sasaki and become the strongest swordsman. Charlotte Berry has also mentioned that Maka can be a little extreme, as seen when he nearly kills Hachiro during their battle while fighting unarmed. Maka despises weakness and outrightly states that he'll refuse to work for a leader weaker than himself, but he knows that he's not suited for being a leader himself.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

Among all powers one is likely to encounter among the monsters of the New World, excessive physical prowess is easily the most prevalent, and hopeful dreamers can expect to tangle with forces far beyond their understanding, the powers that reside within the muscles of those who yearn for the hidden treasure of One Piece opposes all reason. Akira is no different in this regard, and indeed his physical strength is believed to be exceptional, standing in a league above that of most others, for that is the role he is meant to play and the path he is meant to tread. But this immense strength is tempered with something that is highly unusual among pirates, restraint, for in his capacity his primary role is not to be a force of destruction, but subjugation. Akira's use of his great strength is therefore largely a tool of incapacitation, to make those who would oppose him quietly concede defeat and bend to the requirements imposed upon them by the Commander.

  • Geppō (月歩, Moon Walk): Perhaps one of the most defining traits of Akira is his mastery and innate intuition and ingenuity at utilizing the Rokushiki skill known as Geppo. One talent renowned for its great versatility and the excellent mobility it offers, Akira learned it by simply observing an enemy marine agent utilize it, proving his extraordinary knack for physical techniques and amazing physical fitness. Commonly used to traverse the air, Akira has mastered several variations of it and can utilize it with efficiency and a degree of skill few can boast. By kicking off the air with a single leg at the time, the mink has demonstrated the ability to hover in mid-air, allowing him to survey a battlefield from the above.


Akira possesses mastery over at least one type of Haki, Busoshoku.

  • Busoshoku Haki: Considered to be his greatest and most powerful haki, Akira's usage of Busoshoku Haki is also of proficient mastery. He is capable of coating himself or his weapon with a layer of Haki, thus hardening his body parts and weapons to a near-impenetrable armor. He is also capable of imbuing his entire body with Busoshoku Haki and is able to overpower the Haki of others while clashing with them.

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